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Chapter 65-Don't talk to Strangers

It was Saturday morning and there was no school so Chrissie decided to help out around the house. She made the beds, started the laundry, took out the trash and served breakfast made by herself on her toy oven for her parents, a blueberry muffin for her mother and a plasma fruit muffin for her father. 

She wasn't allowed to use the espresso machine yet or she would have made some lattes for them also.  She hoped that juice would be a good substitute for coffee.

Chrissie:  Good Morning Mother and might I say you are looking lovely this fine morning.  I made some breakfast for you; it is already set out in the dining room.

Starr:  Thank you so much for the lovely breakfast but the answer is still NO.

Chrissie:  Oh come on now, not even a little puppy?  You're a wolf and wouldn't you like another canine in the house?

Starr: I know what canines do to furniture which is why I'm never home on a full moon. We have already discussed this and when you are old enough to take on the responsibility we will talk about it at that time.

Chrissie: But I'm old enough now!  Please Mom, please.

Starr:  The answer is still no.

Chrissie knew that she should not argue with her mother anymore as it would most likely end up with her being grounded.  They were supposed to go to the park with Brooks and Alvaro today so the last thing she wanted to do was spoil that.  She would probably have better luck with her father anyway; usually she could get anything she wanted from him.  She runs over to her father and gave him the biggest hug she could.

Chrissie:  I made you breakfast Daddy because I love you so much.

Nick:  Thank you so much pumpkin and I'm sure I'm going to love it.

Chrissie:  Daddy can I please get a pet of my own.  Pretty please with sugar on top.

Nick:  I'm sorry but your mother and I have discussed this and we think it would be better if you waited until you were older.

Chrissie:  But that is going to be so long, I want one now!

Starr:  OK enough about the pet as that subject is now closed.  Go upstairs and get ready as we have to leave early to pick up Brooks at Grandpa Wolfie's house.  The Kincaid’s will meet us at the park.

After Chrissie runs up to her room Starr and Nick look at each other and laugh.  The day Chrissie has been looking forward to was closer than she knew.  A puppy by the name of Cheech was on his way over to Chrissie and they were saving it as a surprise.  

Nick's niece Grace Solo had a few puppies in the house as Ancha had just given birth to a litter of puppies sired by Vor.  Starr remembered what a good dog Vor was so they asked if they could adopt one of the puppies for Chrissie.  Grace and Jonas happily agreed to send her one but they had to wait for the puppy to be old enough to leave his mother.  Starr and Nick couldn't wait to see the look of on her face when they surprised her with the news.

Later on that same day:

Spring had just sprung and all of Aurora Skies seemed to be enjoying that first warm day of spring at the festival.  It was a perfect day for a family picnic and the Slayers and Kincaid’s who had now become the best of friends were going to take advantage of this beautiful spring day.  Starr never dreamed she would ever have a female friend, but Candace reached out to her during her darkest hours when she needed a friend the most. A picnic lunch was prepared and set out by the parents while the kids went off to play.

The boys decided to play tag but Chrissie didn't feel like chasing after them so she decided to pick some flowers.  

A man by the name of Cecil was watching her and he approached her as soon as she was out of the parents view.   He told her that he couldn't find his kitten and that he needed help to find him. Her parents always warned her not to talk to any strangers but he didn't look like a bad person to her.   He told her how worried he was and she thought about how frightened and alone the poor little kitty was so she decided to help with the search.

There wasn't any lost kitten as Cecil was hired gun was paid to lure Chrissie away.  His intention was not to kidnap Chrissie but to use a magic potion on her.  What the potion did he hadn't a clue and he didn't care.  In his type of work he knew enough not to ask any questions all he needed to do was get the job done and not to be seen.  The fact the she was a little girl didn't matter to him at all, that was not his concern.  The only thing he cared about was getting paid for a job well done.  His plan was to bring her to the other end of the park where he could use the potion and than disappear.

 Lunch was ready so Starr called to the children to come and eat.  The boys came running over quickly as they were famished, but Chrissie was nowhere to be seen. When the boys were questioned they said she went to pick some flowers and they hadn't seen her after that.  Starr and Nick couldn't find Chrissie anywhere so they started to search for their daughter as Candace made a phone call to the police department. Candace stayed with the boys as Spencer went off to help in the search for the little girl.

 All three split up so they both could search in different areas, and Starr was frantic with worry. Starr didn't really take her eyes off of Chrissie that long and she felt as if this was her worst nightmare come true.   She seen her daughter with some strange person and her sixth sense told her that Chrissie was in trouble. 

Cecil lifted his arm to toss the potion at her but he was not fast enough. 


Starr was  to reach her in time and push Chrissie out of the line of fire as she found herself right in it.  She fell to the ground unconscious while Chrissie started to cry and tried to wake her mother up.  

When Cecil realized the potion did not hit the intended target he knew this was trouble. His specific instructions were the child and no one else should fall under the spell of the potion though he had no idea why.  If his employers found out about the mistake he was good as dead so he took off like a bat out of hell.  Cecil had no idea that someone was watching the whole incident and he was not getting away that easily.

Spencer who was assisting with the search found both Starr and Chrissie.  He seen Starr on the floor and ran over to give her some medical attention.  Starr's vital signs were fine and from what he could tell here there was nothing medically wrong with her.  He really needed to get her to a hospital to run some test but he knew right away magic was involved.  Spencer picked up his phone and called for an ambulance, but his second call was to Dylan. He asked him to contact the witch's council in hopes to determine the spell Starr fell under as she may have started out the day as a wolf but his sixth sense told him that she was now a human.

The Next Day:

Starr was released from the hospital as there was nothing medically wrong with her besides being extremely weak from some kind of black magic.  Dylan did indeed call Mathilda and she went to see Starr to see if she could determine what kind of spell she fell under.  Mathilda knew immediately that this was a transformation potion that would cure a werewolf of the curse. However it would be fatal to a child especially a vampire child. 

Mathilda explained that she could cast a spell on Starr that would allow her to become a wolf again but the curse needed to be passed back to her within 48 hours.  Starr was born a wolf and wanted to remain one but just as she was ready to pick up the phone to call Grandpa Wolfie, Spencer showed up with some unexpected news.  They took many tests at the hospital and one of them was a pregnancy test which Starr tested positive for.  As she was excited for news of the baby, Mathilda had no choice but to give bad news.  In Starr's condition she would not be able to receive the curse from her Grandfather and the 48 hour period would pass, so Starr would never be able to be a wolf again.

Caleb and Sandi put an APB on the perpetrator who seemed to disappear into thin air. Their efforts to find Cecil were in vain as he was already dead and his body was disposed of.  Cecil's employer was very upset that he botched up the whole plan and he paid for his mistake with his life.  

As Dahlia received the word she was not upset as anticipated.  Maybe her ungrateful daughter would not feel the loss of her granddaughter now as desired, but with her own daughter Starr being turned into a human this was just as effective.   Sandi would outlive her own child and experience the same pain she did when Denny was murdered.  Dahlia moved back to Moonlight Falls satisfied now that thirst for revenge was quenched,  but she never expected little Chrissie would be the one to change all that.  

During the next few months the Slayer family became bigger.  Aunt Hope and Uncle Caleb brought home Cheech and delivered him to an overjoyed Chrissie.  The two became fast friends and were inseparable.

The Slayers were blessed with another little vampire girl, Taylor Abigail Slayer was born. 

Chrissie was the one who brought up the subject they were all thinking of, she wished that her mother would live forever just like the whole family would.

And soon after Chrissie's wish was granted and Dahlia was livid when she found out.

To be continued.......

Author's Note-I have a few people to thank for in this chapter so decided to go in order of appearance.

I would like to thank Jazen for use of the picture of Ancha with the adorable little puppies and for the Chrissie's puppy Cheech.  Here is a link to her blog where you can read her awesome story.

I would like to thank Vuneca for Candace who really has become Starr's friend in my game.  Here is a link to her blog where you can read her awesome story.

I would like to thank Sweetnightingale for use of Mathilda.  Here is a link to her blog where you can read her awesome stories and here is a link to her you tube channel where you can see the best LPs

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Chapter 1-Meadow Glen

Meadow Glen would seem like a beautiful place to live for almost anyone.  It had a big city area with plenty of bright lights, but when you crossed over the bridge there was beautiful mountain ranges, green meadows and farm lands.  This place had the best of both worlds and truly was a paradise. Well it would be a paradise for almost anyone but not Katherine Wood.

 To Katherine this place was an exile or a prison as she was sent to Meadow Glen for her own protection.  She made the mistake of making a deal with Denny, her mob boss cousin and now she truly regrets it.  She had no idea that Denny would try to kill Starr and if luck was not on Starr's side he would have succeeded. If her Grandparents didn't have a job for her to do here, she would have stayed in Aurora Skies.  If Denny carried out his threat on her she would have deserved it.

The mission her Grandparents had for her was similar to their own and her first job was to follow in Grandma Holly's footsteps.  She needed to become an author and publish at least 10 books to educate the people in this universe to save the earth.  She desperately wanted a chance to make amends for all of the damage that she caused the family and she could not think of a better way than to devote her life to their mission.  Grandma Holly did leave her some big shoes to fill and she was not sure she would ever be able to.

 If she was going to stay here she needed to find a permanent residence as she couldn't afford to keep paying for a hotel.  This was a new world to her and the amount of currency she had was limited so she had to budget her spending.  Living in the city was more glamorous but expensive.  She was never a flashy person to begin with she started looking in the country instead.  She found a cozy little house for rent perfect for just one person. The house had one bedroom, a kitchen/living room combo a small office.  The rent was reasonable and the area seemed to be very quiet, which she would need if she planned to write all those books. 

She needed to find herself an income and thankfully a full moon was on the horizon. She wasn't a member of any pack over here so she had no choice but to go hunting on her own.  Luckily she learned enough from her father to handle the job and she found a few gems along with some precious metals including some gold.  She made enough to feed herself for the month and purchase an old computer.  The next order of business was to start writing some books and submit them to publishing companies.  Hopefully one of them would like her work and actually publish it.

She started to write her first book based upon the material she studied from Holly's books.  She was given this opportunity to redeem herself and she wanted to make sure she did not screw it up. There was no option for failure here as she knew the fate of all the universes depended on it, but she was not a writer and at university she majored in business administration.  How in the world could she of all people ever pull this off?

She finished the book and submitted it to several publishing companies but it was rejected by all, as was her second and third books.  Every time she received a letter her hopes faded and faded until she hadn't the will to continue.  She was given a job and was not able to do it, a failure and a disappointment to her family again.  She was not even in her own universe and she missed her father desperately.   The reality of the fact that she would never see him or her mother again set in.  

 She started to watch the television all night while eating ice cream out of the carton. She went through several cartons of ice cream a week as she could only find comfort in food but that was until she found out were the local bars were, which she frequented often.  The nectar seemed to make her forget her troubles and she usually found a bartender willing to listen to her sad story.  This was a temporary comfort, but these days she took her comforts where she could find them.

One night as she was spilling her guts about how Starr treated her and how Spencer rejected her; the bartender was not the only one who was listening.  Jeremy Norwood who was also new in town and was trying to find himself a pack was sitting right next to her. He had seen her there before and already over heard this story more times than he cared to.  He could tell from looking at her that she led a privileged life and didn't know how lucky she actually was.  To him it looked like any problems she had was caused by herself and no one else.  As she got to the part when she found her cousin in bed with her crush yet again, he had no problem telling her so.

Jeremy:  Well why didn't you move out?

Katherine:  Excuse me but I was not talking to you.

Jeremy: Maybe you weren't but I heard you tell this story to anyone who would listen, so sweetheart tell me why didn't you move out?

Katherine: My name is not sweetheart it's Katherine and none of this is any of your business.

Jeremy:  You are right it’s not my business, Kathy, but it seems to be the business of anyone who works behind the bar in this place.  I guess you are lifelong friends with all the bartenders here?  

Katherine:  My name is Katherine, not Kathy.  They work here you don't.

Jeremy:  For the past 6 weeks you have been coming in here with the same story and no one wants to tell you the truth for fear of offending a customer.  I, on the other hand do not work here and I do not have any problem telling you that all your problems are you own fault.  You could have moved away from those two and there would have been no problems at all.

Katherine:  I didn't have the money to pay for an apartment, so I had no choice but to stay.

Jeremy:  Did you ever hear of part time jobs?  Plenty of us had no other choice but to work while in school.  You also had another choice of making other friends, you should have met someone who would have returned your feelings instead of pining over someone who didn't.  You had plenty of choices, you just made the wrong ones.

Katherine:  You don't know anything about me and I haven't a clue who you are and why are you saying this.

Jeremy:  My name is Jeremy Norwood and if you don't want people to know about your business maybe you should keep your big mouth shut from now on.

Katherine:  Well Jeremy mind your own damn business from now on and it’s been displeasure to make your acquaintance.

Jeremy:  Sure will Kathy as I am sure you will avoid me from now on and I won't have to listen to your tale of woe anymore.  I will give you some advice, if you don't like your life change it.  You are in control of your own universe so stop crying and do something about it.

Katherine went home that night angry as all hell.  Just who did this guy think he was and where did he get off speaking to her in such a manner?  As angry as she was at him she hated to admit he did have a point.  If she would have handled Starr and Spencer differently and moved on when she should have, she might not be in this situation today.  They moved on with their lives while her thirst for revenge almost killed Starr and completely ruined her life.  This was the moment she decided to try again and she sat down to write another book.  

Copying her Grandmother's style was not working for her so instead she decided to write a romance novel and the young heroine who was studying to be an environmental engineer was caught in a love triangle between her cousin and the man they both loved.  In the end neither girl got the boy as he moved on and married someone else as did the cousin.  The young heroine moved away to start her life elsewhere on her own and in the last chapter she met a handsome young man in a bar who changed her life without even knowing it.  Her message to save the environment might have been subliminal but it was there.   She needed to get the book in print to establish herself as an author and if a book on facts couldn't work, maybe this would.

She again submitted the book to a number of publishing houses hoping that this time it would be different and someone would publish the book.  While waiting for an answer and decided the best thing to do is start working on another one.  Whether or not it was published she made a promise to her grandparents that she would publish at least 10 books and if she failed it would not be from lack of trying.  

She sat at the computer and she tried to concentrate but her new neighbor always had the television or stereo playing loud at all hours of the day or night.  It was getting rather annoying and she needed to ask this person to have a little more consideration and lower the volume a little.  She walked up to the house and knocked on the door.  Immediately her sixth sense kicked in and she knew that her new neighbor was a wolf like herself, but she couldn't believe her eyes when he opened the door.

Jeremy:  Why hello Kathy.  What brings you to my humble abode?  

To be continued......

Author's Note- I would like to thank Jazen for Jeremy Norwood.  If you would like to read her awesome stories, here is a link to her blog.

I am following two challenges here that I have put together, from Going Solo there will be unique ltw for all generations and no ltw or careers will be repeated and the children will carry one trait from the mother and one from the father. 

The second challenge is the I’m a Lover challenge and Katherine will need to do the following in this generation:

·        Join the writer career
·        Write a romance book
·        Create a best seller
·        Date one person through the young adult stage
·        Marry as an adult (Must be the same person dated as a young adult)
·        Have two kids as an adult  (must happen after marriage)
·        Write at least 10 romance stories
·        Have a date night every week
·        Stay with spouse until death do us part.

So far she has joined the writer career and she has written a romance novel.

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Chapter 64-Mommy Dearest

When Sandi received the good news about her daughter's nuptials she insisted that the newlyweds spend a couple of extra days in Vegas.  She offered to take care of Chrissie and told them to enjoy their honeymoon.  Both of Starr's parents were surprised but delighted by the news as they both couldn't think of a better husband for their their daughter.   Sandi would have preferred if they planned a traditional wedding as she hated missing out on the wedding ceremony but they were not going to miss out on a celebration.  The McIntyre's decided to plan a surprise party for the day that the newlyweds arrived home.  Sandi invited all the Landgraabs and Woods and she asked Hope to contact Nick's family and extend the invitation.

Meanwhile at Aurora Skies State Penitentiary:

Wolfie and Abby were following the advice of their lawyers and they went to visit Gretchen in prison. The courts would most likely rule in favor of the Landgraabs becoming legal guardians to the children if their mother gave her permission. Gretchen was Denny's partner in crime and his loyal wife but they hoped that she would agree that this arrangement was the best for the children.

When Gretchen was first arrested she thought her in-laws who would now be in charge of the family would come to her defense and send her legal representation, but that was not the case they hung her out to dry.  She knew that her in-laws only tolerated her and her human son because of Denny but both had made it clear that they had no use for her. They flat out refused to help Denny obtain the blessing of the Fae for her which worked out for the best in the end.  She was sentenced to life in prison so an extended life would be of no use to her now.

When the Landgraabs visited she knew that Denny would be turning in his grave if she granted their request so easily, however she didn't want to see her children living with her in-laws if they could be living in style.  Pip and Dahlia would mistreat Carson for the sin of being born human and would encourage her little baby to go into a life of crime. Already her first two were living in juvie and she didn't want any of her children to possibly end up like her in prison or worse like their father.

The Langraabs were insanely wealthy and they didn't seem as bad as Denny made them out to be.  Wolfie assured her that his lawyers would work out a deal for Cody and Wayne to possibly send them to military school instead of juvie and the two little ones would have the best of everything.  He already set up huge trust funds for all four children and promised that they would become part of a big and loving family.  She knew she wasn't the best mother and there wasn't much she could do for her children in prison but this she could do.  

She did have another reason, as this would also be the best way to stick it to the Goodfellows.  Pip took over all the illegal businesses but he had no claim to the legit holdings including Denny's shares in Landgraab industries.  Those were willed to her and her children and she wasn't giving her in-laws any chance to get their grubby hands on them.

When Wolfie got home he had a little talk with Carson and explained to him about his mother wanted him to live here with them because they promised to take good care of him and his brother.  Carson was indeed upset about his mother but was grateful with his Grandfather said he would take them to visit her as much as he wanted.  At a young age this little boy has learned to deal with the loss of his father and now his mother. He missed his family but he felt at home with the Grandparents he just met and most of all he trusted them to take care of him and Brooks.

A Week Later at Sandi and Dylan's

Everyone has been invited and all are awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds, neither Starr or Nick knew about the party so it’s sure to be a surprise.  There is a knock on the door and Sandi thinks it’s strange, everyone who is invited is here and Starr would just walk right in as she still had her keys.  

As Sandi opens the door she is shocked to see who is on the other side. This was a face she hoped to never to see again in her life. This was the woman who wrapped her in a blanket as a baby and had her husband abandon her on her father's porch just after a few hours after she was born.  If there was anyone she could claim to have pure hatred for, it was this woman standing in front of her.

Sandi: You are not welcome in my home, please leave.

Dahlia: Is that any way to talk to your mother?

Sandi:  My Mother's name is Abigail Landgraab, you are nothing to me.

Dahlia: Listen Missy I gave birth to you and I see your father has done a terrible job teaching you respect.   Your brother was just murdered in your father's house and you are having a party while his body is not even cold yet.

Sandi: My brother kidnapped my husband and almost killed half of my family so I'm not shedding any tears over his death.  I'm just sorry it wasn't me who pulled the trigger. The world is a much better place without him, now please leave before I call you out for the bitch you really are.

Dylan: You heard my wife I suggest that you leave.

Dahlia:  Very well I will be on my way as soon as Wolfie hands Brooks over to me as I will be bringing him back to Moonlight Falls.

Wolfie: Dahlia, I have petitioned the court for guardianship of the children after the way you raised Denny to be a cold blooded killer there is no way on earth Carson or Brooks is going anywhere with you.  I am still their biological Grandfather and they will stay with me.

Dahlia: You can keep Carson, we are not interested in the human child but Brooks is a fairy and according to the law of the Fae he will be raised with us.

Wolfie:  Well Dahlia I see you haven't changed not one bit and history is repeating itself. The same thing you did with my children you are doing to my grandchildren.  I should have never let you get away with it the first time and I'm not giving you a second chance with my Grandsons.

Wolfie: The children are staying here with us!  BOTH of them!

Dahlia: I will just have to call the police than, Brooks is coming with me.

Caleb:  I am the police; I know that the Landgraab family has filed papers with the family court and have been granted temporary custody, as of right now the children stay with them.  If you have papers from the court saying otherwise, I would like to see them.

Dahlia:  We will be filing papers with the family court.

Caleb:  Until than its best for you to leave and stay away from the children and this house. There is a question I would like to ask you, one that I prefer to ask my own mother but I can't so I will ask you. How can anyone abandon a child without a second thought and still live with themselves? 

Sandi:  Ok enough!  All of this is upsetting my Granddaughter.  Now Mommy Dearest, you are going to listen to me!  Leave this house at once and don't you ever come back or I swear you will see the she wolf you created in action.  You are a heartless bitch and someday you will burn in hell for everything you have done to this family.  If you think you any court will ever grant you custody of those children or any children after my testimony, you are insane.

Starr and Nick arrive just in time to see the last of the fireworks.

Starr:  Mom, who to hell is this?

Sandi: No one Starr she is just leaving.

Dahlia:  This little one here, she is your granddaughter?  What a pretty little thing.  You better watch her closely.  It would be a shame if something happened to her.

Starr: Now listen here bitch, I don't know who you are but if you do anything to my daughter it will be the last thing you do.

Wolfie:  Now you see Dahlia that is how a real mother acts.  Please leave the house and I will see you in court.

After she leaves the party goes on as planned.  Dahlia's surprise visit might have dampened the mood for a moment but in the end the entire family celebrated and wished the newlyweds all the happiness in the world.

In the next few months the Goodfellows petition for custody was denied as a surprise witness showed up by the request of Jules.   Fawn Goodfellow who was at one time married to Jules agreed to testify in a hearing after she heard that her parents were looking for custody.  

She explained to the court how her adopted parents always favored her brother and neglected and abused her.  The treatment she received was so horrible that she rushed into a marriage just to escape them.  The marriage was a mistake but somehow Jules and Fawn remained friends.

The next few years Starr and Nick settled into family life and they grew into a loving and close family.

Time flew by and it was time for Chrissie to have another birthday to celebrate. She grew into a beautiful little girl who loves animals

Generation #6 Heavy Sleeper, Loves the Heat, Animal Lover

Holly gave Chrissie a special gift, it was a doll who Holly told her who had magical powers,

and someday he would send her a guardian angel to help her when she needed one the most.  

To be continued.....