Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chapter 76-Bae Watch

As Chrissie's second trimester began the morning sickness started to wear off.  The nausea began to subside and no longer did smell of food make her stomach queasy.  Her sleeping patterns returned to normal and she had more energy than she had ever had before in her entire life.

She used all this new found energy to prepare for the baby's arrival.  She read and reread every book on pregnancy, child birth and baby care she could find. When she was finished with each book she handed all of them to Mickey and she strongly suggested that he read them also.  Mickey didn't mind as he did have a desire to read the same books.  Shopping was the next order of business as she planned to only have the best for their baby.  She spent hours in flipping through catalogs, browsing the internet and visiting the department stores.  She was ready to purchase everything until Starr suggested that Chrissie register instead.  Starr decided to throw a surprise baby shower for Chrissie and she would probably get everything she needed as gifts.

Sometime during the second trimester Chrissie thought she felt hunger pangs but when it happened again and again she realized that it was much more. At first it felt like little bubbles popping and the feeling grew stronger and stronger. Her little boy was moving around and making his presence known. She called her husband over and placed his hand on her belly. Their child certainly was an active one as it didn’t take long for Mickey to feel the baby’s movement under the palm of his hand. It was a very special moment for the both of them as this little miracle would be the start of their little family.

Everything changed as soon as the third trimester hit. Backaches, swollen feet, and constant heartburn replaced the sudden burst of energy from the second trimester. Chrissie was more tired now more than ever and she had to pee more times than she could count. Mickey tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible but that was almost impossible as Chrissie was uncharacteristically irritable and moody.  The best thing that Mickey could do was to be as supportive as possible. He accompanied her to everyone of her doctor’s appointments, assured her that she was beautiful when she thought she was fat, gave her back and feet massages when she ached and provided a sympathetic ear when she needed to complain.

Towards the end of her pregnancy they decided to prepare for the labor by signing up for childbirth classes. As first time parents neither knew what to expect and the information given did reduce some of their fears. Chrissie practiced her breathing exercises almost everyday with Mickey as her coach.

As Chrissie due date neared the whole house was on high alert. They went to the hospital one night but they were sent home the next morning. Chrissie had experienced false labor which were only Braxton Hicks contractions

Two days later, Chrissie was walking to the bathroom to pee for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.  She felt a sudden gush of water from in between her legs and then she noticed that she was standing in a massive puddle. Her water broke and she screamed for her husband. This time it was for real and she knew she was definitely in labor.

Mickey’s first reaction was to panic but he knew that wouldn’t do them any good. He walked over to his wife put his arm around her and spoke in a calm voice. He assured her that everything would be fine as he took her hand and drove her to the hospital. Once he was able to calm her down, he wished that someone could do the same for him but he tried not to show it.

Being the first baby the labor lasted quite a long time but after ten hours of labor a healthy baby boy was delivered. The baby had blue eyes like both of his parents and eventhough it was still early to know for sure they knew he had to be an imaginary friend like his father. He wouldn't have the ability to transform into toy form for a while but one thing they were sure of he wasn't a vampire.

They decided to honor the man who brought them together by naming their first son after him so the full name on the birth certificate was Ronald Baylor Seaworth.  They had already decided to call him Bae for short.

As Chrissie laid him down in the crib she started to worry. Bae was a little tiny person who was totally dependent on her and she wanted to make sure she did everything perfectly. In the hospital she had the nurses to help her but now she was on her own. Her mother was there but Starr wasn’t there 24/7 as she had a career. Starr was always off to one place or another to take photographs and she wasn’t handling the title of "Grandmother" too well.

Chrissie questioned everything that she did as she wasn’t sure if he was too cold or too warm and she was constantly watching him while he was sleeping just to make sure he was breathing.

Mickey helped with the baby as much as he could but he also had worries although his worries were different than Chrissie’s. The fact that Dimitri was still out there weighed heavily on Mickey's mind.  Dimitri is a powerful vampire which meant Mickey was always at a disadvantage, but he needed to protect his wife and his child from that monster. He talked to Chrissie about being turned but she wanted him to think about it just to be sure. In the past Dimitri manipulated Chrissie into turning vampires so this was always a sensitive subject for her.   She loved her husband for the person he was, but she also loved the idea of him living with her forever.  She asked him to think it through and whatever decision he made she would understand and support.

There were many times when Bae wouldn’t sleep and he would be extremely fussy. He lost all the color in his cheeks, his skin was dry and flaky, it had been a while since he wet his diaper and he started running a fever. The couple had to rush him to the hospital as he was suffering from dehydration. They put Bae on an IV to receive fluids and he was released in two days. When Bae returned home they increased the amount of water they were giving him but yet it happened again and they had to return back to the hospital to put the baby back on an IV.

Starr and Nick seen how worried the couple was and they suggested that a new doctor be brought in to look at the baby. Nick called his brother’s house and asked his sister-in-law Cora if she would come to see the baby. Cora was a pediatrician who specialized in supernatural children and she was top in her field. If anyone would be able to figure out what was wrong with Bae she would.

Chrissie: Thank you for coming down on such short noticed Aunt Cora.

Cora: Don’t worry about the notice as it doesn’t take long for us. This is where I need to be if your little boy is in trouble

Chrissie: I’m always giving him extra bottles of water after nursing him but he is always getting dehydrated and no one can figure out why.

Cora: I’ll do what I can to help. There you are little Bae, let Aunt Cora take a look at you.

Cora knew exactly what was wrong the minute she looked at Bae and she walked over to the bathing table and poured some crystals into the bath water and proceeded to bath Bae. After she was finished she placed Bae back into the crib so she could talk to his parents.

Cora: Mickey I have a question for you and your family medical history. I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting your parents at the wedding. Are they both Imaginary Friends?

Mickey: My mother is an Imaginary Friend but my father is a mermaid

Cora: Well that explains that. Your son is more in need of water on the outside of his body as well as the inside. Salt water to be exact Bae is a mermaid.  His scales will develop within  a year.

Chrissie: A mermaid? I thought he could only be an Imaginary Friend or a Vampire.

Cora: Sometimes it can skip a generation as Bae is indeed a mermaid. My advice is to bathe him often and add special sodium bicarbonate crystals that I will prescribe to his bath water. That should be fine for now but eventually he is going to need to live in a warmer climate closer to the ocean.

Chrissie: We can move to your home Isla Paradiso. I’m sure your parents and your sisters will be happy to have you closer to them again.

Mickey: Chrissie do you know what you are saying? You are a vampire how are you going to handle all the sunlight?

Chrissie: I don’t care about myself it’s Bae I’m worried about. I’ll ask Grandma Holly to make me some of that special sunscreen.

Mickey: I’m worried about both of you and there is the Dimitri problem we have to consider. We are still living with your parents for a reason.

Chrissie: Dimitri will not be a problem if we move to Isla Paradiso.  Remember the sunlight Isla Paradiso is the last place he would look for me and it is also the last place he would go to.

Mickey: I just wish I could be that sure.

Chrissie: This is a decision that we need to make together. You heard my Aunt, Bae is going to need to live near the ocean and right now his health and well being comes before our own. I say the right decision is to move.

Mickey: I still have concerns but I do believe you have a point. I’ll call my parents and let them know we are moving back home.

Mickey did have worries that he still couldn’t shake even though he did agree that Chrissie’s reasoning did make sense. Moving was the right thing to do because if it wasn’t for Dimitri he would have agreed to it without hesitation. His sister was in law enforcement and Chrissie’s grandfather would continue to pay for round the clock security but he still wanted to be able to protect his family himself. He continued to contemplate the decision to be turned and spoke again to his wife who once again wanted him to make the decision on his own.

He did speak to both of his in laws about his decision and Nick promised to help him develop his new abilities if he chooses to be turned but it wasn’t until he talked with Starr that he made the final decision.

As both Chrissie and Nick were born vampires Starr was not so he asked her why she decided to be changed. Her answer was for love of her family. Chrissie had asked that they always be together but it was also for her husband. Starr knew that if anything happened to Nick she would be devastated and she never wanted to leave Nick to feeling that same way. Mickey knew that if he didn’t change at one point or another he would be taken away from Chrissie and he would never rest in peace knowing she would be mourning him.

As an Imaginary Friend he would never be able to be turned so Mickey knew he needed some help. Starr called her father over who cast a spell on Mickey. He was a human temporarily and if Chrissie turned him during this time he would stay a vampire.

Chrissie: Bae is a little fussy tonight and won’t sleep why don’t you change into a toy as that always seems to quiet him down.

Mickey: I can’t

Chrissie: Why not?

Mickey: Because I finally decided, I want you to change me.

Chrissie: Are you absolutely sure. I don’t want you making this decision because of Dimitri.

Mickey: I’m not making this decision because of Dimitri at all. I’m doing this because I promised to be by your side forever and that is exactly what I intend to do.

To be Continued.........

Author's Note: Chrissie's lifetime wish was completed by turning Mickey into a vampire but she still is only level 6 on her career.  This chapter is the last in Aurora Skies as the next time they will be in their own house in Isla Paradiso.  

A little confession Bae was not born a mermaid at all.  He was actually born a vampire but I used Master Controller to change him.  I'm already carrying too many immortals and the last thing I needed was to go on a string of vampires. There is nothing stated in the Going Solo rules saying I cannot manipulate lifestates so I did.  I was going to change him to IF but due to the nature of Bae's upcoming story a mermaid would make more sense. I did have the family connection to explain it so I ran with it.

I would like to thank Jazen for loan of Cora Gruber.  Here are the links to her blogs with her amazing stories on them.