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Chapter 62.3-Don Denny's Demise

Denny arrived at Wolfie's house with the intentions of giving his father a choice that he thought would be fairly simple.  His father could grant Valerie permission to sell her shares or a silver bullet in the head, the choice was his.  No matter which choice Wolfie made, Denny would walk out of there satisfied.

Jules watched as Denny entered Wolfie's house as 24 hour surveillance had been set up on him.   Caleb, Sandi or Jules knew every single move that Denny made and they were waiting patiently for him to slip up.  

Jules called Caleb and Sandi and told them to get there ASAP.

Denny:  I think we have some unfinished business to discuss, it would be wise if you reconsidered your decision and gave my sister permission to sell her shares.

Wolfie: I have already made my decision so we have nothing further to discuss on the matter.

Denny:  I think we still do, "Dad"   I'm accustomed to getting my way and I do not like when people make it difficult.  When this happens I have no other choice but to deal with the problem myself.  We can make a friendly deal or we can use other methods that might be a little messy but necessary.

Wolfie: When you say "other methods" do you mean the same method you used with Starr?  What a man you are beating on a girl after you make sure she cannot defend herself.  Oh wait a minute you didn't even do that, you had one of your goons do it for you.  No I'm not making a deal with you and if you feel the need to deal with the problem, bring it on!  Be a man and try to do it yourself this time.

Denny:  I intend to deal with the problem myself, but do you really think I'm that stupid that I would even try to overpower you? You're not only a werewolf but leader of the pack, an alpha wolf.   I know you would over power me in a heartbeat. That is why I brought this and yes it’s loaded with silver bullets. Now you either give your permission to Valerie or I place one of these babies in your head, and I will not stop there.  When your lovely wife and little Eddie arrive home I have one for each of them too.

Jules was listening to the whole exchange but when he seen Denny draw the gun he knew he couldn't wait any longer for backup.  Wolfie was in trouble and he had no choice but to go in and handle this on his own.  Caleb and Sandi were on their way and would be there in the matter of minutes.

Jules: POLICE!  Drop the gun Denny!

Denny pays no attention to Jules as he has been waiting for this moment for a very long time.  He looked at his father with pure hatred and he pulled the trigger.  Jules ran at lightning speed to knock Wolfie out of the line of fire and ended up taking the bullet himself.

Wolfie:  NO JULES!  NO!

When Sandi arrives in the room next and sees that Jules has been shot. She tries to radio that an officer is down but reaches for her gun instead.  

Wolfie:  Get out Sandi he has silver bullets loaded.

Denny: Oh how fatherly of you, always picking the wolf girl over me.  Well it looks as if I can take care of both of you now.

Denny picks up his gun and aims it at his sister as Sandi aims her gun in Denny's direction.  While Wolfie is pleading for Sandi's life a gunshot is heard.  

Caleb was right behind Sandi and the minute he seen Denny pointing that gun in Sandi's direction, he shot to kill without a second thought.

Caleb: Police.  Drop your weapon.  Oh I guess I was supposed to say that before I shot the bastard.

Wolfie: I was under the impression that you did.  

Sandi: So was I.

Wolfie: Sometimes even the good guys have to work outside of the law, especially if the ends justify the means.  He would have killed both of us if you didn't.

Caleb checked Denny but Sandi already knew her twin was dead.  They never really did have that psychic twin thing everyone talks about but she always did find him and she did sense that he was gone.

Jules was wearing a bullet proof vest specifically designed to protect werewolves from silver bullets. He was only knocked out by the force of the bullet and was perfectly fine.

Later that day:

A search warrant for Denny's house was issued and they had enough evidence to arrest his wife Gretchen who was his partner in crime.

As Sandi searched the house she came across a nursery and she found a baby in the crib and a very scared little red headed boy who was named Carson.

Sandi:  I know that you are scared but I am you Aunt Sandi, your Dad's twin and you are going to be safe.

Carson:  Why are the police taking my Mommy away?  Why isn't my Daddy here?

Sandi:  Your Mom is going to be fine but she is going to be away for a little while, we will talk about your Dad later.  I am going to bring you to Grandpa's house so your family will take good care of you and your brother.  I just need to ask you a couple of questions. What is the baby's name and where are your older sister and brother?

Carson:  His name is Brooks and Cody and Wayne are away at school.  Dad said they had to go there because they couldn't do anything right and needed to learn.  I can't go to learn the stuff Daddy wants to teach because I don't have wings.  He is going to teach Brooks someday.

Sandi:  What is the name of the school?

Carson:  Mom and Dad called it Juvie.

Sandi didn't know what else to do but bring the children over to her father's house, no matter what crimes the parents committed these children were family and they were innocent. 

Wolfie and Abby decided to petition the court for guardianship of all four.  Cody and Wayne would have to stay at juvenile hall until their Young Adult birthdays but they still needed a guardian.  Carson and Brooks needed a good home to grow up in and Wolfie decided that he would be the one to provide that as he should have done with Denny when he was a child.

Meanwhile back in Moonlight Falls:

Pip and Dahlia learn the news about Denny's death and are not pleased with Wolfie and Sandi's involvement. 

Dahlia made plans to leave for Aurora Skies immediately.  It was time for a mother and daughter reunion.

To be continued.....

Bonus Shots

Denny and Gretchen's children 3 are fairies and Carson the only human.

Cody Goodfellow

Wayne Goodfellow

Carson Goodfellow

Brooks Goodfellow

All were named by the game.

I'll never understand why my sims continually think of the pool at the same time.

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Chapter 62.2-Better Late than Never

Nick received word from his father that he would be in town the next day for Trevor's birthday along with the rest of the family.  Starr's family would be at the party too and he saw this as a chance to kill two birds with one stone.  They needed to make the announcement about the baby and with both families gathered in one place this was the perfect opportunity.  The only problem was that Starr was still avoiding her parents, and it was about time that ended.  All he had to do was convince her to attend the party with him, and both could be taken care of at the same time.

When he asked Starr to attend the party with him she flat out refused.  He understood that in the beginning she needed time, but enough time has passed to heal her wounds. The Starr that he fell in love with was a fighter and she still was except when it came to facing her parents. He knew Sandi and Dylan loved her as they always tried to reach out to their daughter, but she was so stubborn she wouldn't take their calls.

Nick:  I want you to come with me to Trevor's birthday party, my father will be there and I really want you to meet him.

Starr:  I don't think it’s a good idea; I'm not ready to face my parents yet.

Nick: You can't keep yourself hidden from your family forever.

Starr:  You don't understand it's not that easy.

Nick: It is that easy because you know they are going to forgive you which is exactly the reason you don't want to see them.  You don't want to be forgiven, as you have not forgiven yourself yet.  Don't you think its time to finally put this to rest?

This is very important to me as my father is flying in and I want him to meet the woman who I love and the mother of my child.  I'll stay by your side the entire time; please will you do this for me?

Starr was stubborn and wouldn't even consider going to the party, but she kept thinking of the look on Nick's face and she knew she let him down.  He was the one person she never disappointed until today.  Nick stood by her during the darkest period of her life and he never let her down not even once.  He asked so little from her and yet here she was stepping right back into her old ways. 

She decided that she was not going to be that person again and she was never going to disappoint Nick, her parents or her child.  It was time for her to face her music and leave all of this behind her.  She got up and left for the party.  Yes she would be late, but its better late than never.

Meanwhile at Caleb and Hope's:

Forever the workaholic, Caleb was discussing the kidnapping case with Sandi and Jules. After hearing about Katherine's dealings with Denny, he had a gut feeling which made him investigate a little further. The fairy that kidnapped his brother had white wings according to witnesses but one witness Cora Borealis, heard the voice of the fairy, and could not identify Johnny's voice. 

Caleb went to visit Cora and played a recording of Denny's voice which she identified immediately.  He now knew who the kidnapper really was but didn't want to get Cora involved.  They already had to put Katherine in hiding, there was no way he would risk the safety of an innocent civilian.  

The three decided to set up 24 hour surveillance on Denny but that would have to wait as family was already arriving.

Davis and Cora flew in from Barnacle Bay but this time they did not come alone.

Hope's Grandfather also came in for the birthday party and Trevor met his Great Grandfather for the first time.    

Later that evening there was a big birthday party and both sides of Trevors family arrived to see him blow out the candles.  

Presents were always expected when his grandparents came to visit and they never disappointed him.  It might have been a little box but he knew it had to be something really good.  The box only had keys in it........

keys to his new car.  Hope and Caleb complained yet again about the spoiling but it all fell on deaf ears.  Davis wanted his Grandson to have the absolute best and Trevor was loving every minute of it.

The biggest surprise of the evening was just about to happen.

Nick decided it was not a very good idea to make this announcement to Starr's family without her being present.  However he did want to take his father aside so he could give him the news in person. 

As he told his father the good news, much to everyone surprise including Nick's, Starr walked through the door.    

Sandi and Dylan immediately ran to the daughter who they had been worried about for months.  They knew she needed time to deal with the traumatic experience on her own, but the longed for this day to come.

Sandi:  Starr are you ok?  Let me look at you sweetie.

Dylan:  You had us very worried.

Starr:   Mom, Dad I'm so sorry

Dylan:  There is nothing to be sorry for.  You mother and I love you and you could never do anything that would change that.

Sandi:  Starr are you?

Dylan:  Its not.......

Starr:   No Daddy its not.  The baby is Nick's.  We have been seeing each other for quite some time now and he has moved in with me.  If it wasn't for Nick's support I don't know how I would have survived these past few months.

Dylan:  Well Angel I guess we are going to be Grandparents.

For the rest of the night the family spent the time celebrating and preparing for some happy days ahead of them.  Tyrone and Lenora's wedding was being planned and there was a new baby on the way.  

Nick: I know how hard this was for you and it really means so much to me that you did show up.  Thank you.

Starr:  I had to.  I don't want to be that selfish person anymore.  I want to be better for you, the baby and most of all for myself.

Nick:  You already are.

For the next few months, Starr and Nick took Lamaze classes and redecorated the nursery. Everything in pink as the ultrasound revealed that the baby was a girl.  Nick was already referring to her as his little princess and nothing was too good for his little girl. Names was something they debated on but as usual Starr got her way as she wanted the baby to be named after her Grandfather Wolfie, whose first name was Christopher and her mother. Chrysanthemum Sandra Slayer would be her name but Nick suggested they call her Chrissie for short.

All the classes they attended seemed not to do any good as Nick freaked out when Starr went into labor.  Somehow he managed to get her to the hospital and.....

 A little vampire was born.

To be continued.......

Author's note-I would like to thank Jazen for Davis and Cora Gruber and Boyd Slayer.  To read more about her story, please use this link:  Just Simming Along

I would like to thank HollyHocksfluff for Cora Borealis.  To read more about her story please use
this link:  Finding Our Place in the Stars

Please forgive the change of clothes in the party on some of the characters as the game kept crashing on me.