A Race Against Time: A Going Solo Story

This is my attempt at the Going Solo Challenge created by Vuneca.

My story is called A Race Against Time and its about two sims who live in the year 4014 who are trying to save the world from total destruction.  They use a time portal to travel back into the past in an attempt to educate the sims of the past to protect the environment in an attempt to save the world.

I am using no cheats but I am using mods (Story Progression and Master Controller) and this is my first attempt to write a story.

Family Tree

Generation #1-Holly Wood  LTW-Professional Author and Career is writing

Chapter 1-A Mission Accepted
Chapter 2-My Green Heaven
Chapter 3-Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am
Chapter 4-Look who's talking
Chapter 5-I beg your pardon
Chapter 6-I never promised you a Rose Garden
Chapter 7-Rose in Bloom
Chapter 8-The Ghost of Christmas Future
Chapter 9-Nothing is as it seems

Generation #2-Rose Wood Landgraab-LTW is Gold digger and Career is Alchemist

Chapter 10-Moonlight Falls
Chapter 11-The Honeymoon is Over
Chapter 12-A Message from Beyond
Chapter 13-Let 'em eat cake
Chapter 14.1-Teen Wolfie
Chapter 14.2-And Justice for All
Chapter 14.3-A Dish Best Served Cold

Generation #3-Wolfie Landgraab-LTW is Leader of the Pack and Career is Rock Star

Chapter 15.1-Back from the future 
Chapter 15.2-The Ladies Man
Chapter 16-Embracing the Wolf
Chapter 17-Whoa Baby!
Chapter 18.1-You Play, You Pay
Chapter 18.2 Abigail Cardona
Chapter 18.3 Mrs. Brown you have a lovely daughter
Chapter 19-Oh Sandi Baby
Chapter 20-Kiss the Girl
Chapter 21.1-Platonic No More
Chapter 21.2-Thats MY DAUGHTER!
Chapter 22.1-Family update
Chapter 22.2-The truth shall set you free
Chapter 23-Confessions and Confrontations
Chapter 24-The Aftermath
Chapter 25-Who's your Baby Mama?
Chapter 26.1-Makeover Madness
Chapter 26.2-A Hard Day's Night
Chapter 26.3-Knight Rider
Chapter 26.4-She said.......Yes!
Chapter 27-Ask Holly
Chapter 28-I think we are not in Moonlight Falls anymore
Chapter 29-Goin to the Chapel, Gonna get Ma-a-arried!

Generation #4-Sandi Landgraab McIntyre-LTW is Pervasive Private Eye and Career is Private Investigator

Chapter 30-Every Breath You Take
Chapter 31-Honor Thy Father
Chapter 32-A Blast from the Past
Chapter 33-Three's Company
Chapter 34-The Simlight Zone
Chapter 35-University Days
Chapter 36-Hitting a curve
Chapter 37-The Worst Kept Secret
Chapter 38-You Can Do Magic
Chapter 39-Wedding Bell Blues
Chapter 40-Our Little Starr
Chapter 41-Postpartum Depression
Chapter 42-Jackal and Bat Investigations
Chapter 43-Getting to know you
Chapter 44-Return to Lunar Lakes
Chapter 45-Captivity
Chapter 45.1-Gotcha
Chapter 45.2-Oh Brother!
Chapter 45.3-The Fairy Godfather
Chapter 45.4-Reunited
Chapter 46-Bewitched

Generation #5 Starr McIntyre Slayer  LTW-World Class Gallery and Career is Photographer

Chapter 47-Aurora Skies
Chapter 48-Girls just want to have fun
Chapter 49-Twins Speak
Chapter 50-Jail Bait
Chapter 51-The Prodigal Returns
Chapter 52-Cousins Once Removed
Chapter 53-Friends with Benefits
Chapter 54-Orange is the New Black
Chapter 55.1-Meet the Parents
Chapter 55.2-Caleb and Hope's Wedding pt 1
Chapter 55.3-Caleb and Hope's wedding pt 2
Chapter 56-A Snake in the Grass
Chapter 57-Forbidden Fruit
Chapter 58-Baby Boom
Chapter 59-Family Ties
Chapter 60-Bad Boys
Chapter 61.1-A Fallen Starr
Chapter 61.2-Here's Johnny
Chapter 61.3-Confessions and Soul Searching
Chapter 62.1-Legends Never Die
Chapter 62.2-Better Late Than Never
Chapter 62.3-Don Denny's Demise
Chapter 63-Viva Las Vegas

Generation #6-Chrissie Slayer Seaworth LTW-Turn the town and Career is Education.

Chapter 64-Mommy Dearest
Chapter 65-Don't Talk to Strangers
Chapter 66-Looking for Love in all the wrong places
Chapter 67-Rise and Shine
Chapter 68-Don't Mess With Starr
Chapter 69-Snow Day
Chapter 70-Its a Heartache
Chapter 71-I Object!
Chapter 72-It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn
Chapter 73-White Lace and Promises
Chapter 74-The Gift of Life
Chapter 75-Parenting 101
Chapter 76-Bae Watch
Chapter 77-Isla Paradiso

Generation #7-Bae Seaworth LTW-Grand Explorer and Career is Oceanography (Custom Content Career)

Chapter 78-Promises are made to be Broken
Chapter 79-Whose Fault is it Anyway?
Chapter 80-I've Just Seen Paradise
Chapter 81-Nice Guys Finish Last
Chapter 82-Get Your Motor Runnin'


  1. My how far we've come since the start! Looking great.

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