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Chapter 31-Honor thy Father

This chapter was originally posted on 5/25/14.

If there was any day that Wolfie needed some good news today was it.  Luckily for him his wife always had a way to put a smile on his face.

When he was a teenager Wolfie must have caused so much worry for so many fathers and they had a legitimate right to be concerned about him dating their daughters.  Now the tables have turned and Wolfie was the father and it was his turn to worry, well everyone knows what they say about payback it sure is a bitch.

Wolfie's first worry was Brandon.  He was making all of their lives a living hell.  Night after Night this boy showed up looking for Sandi and he would not leave until Wolfie had to scare him off their door step.

Every night that boy would run away with the look of fear in his eyes, but he would be back again the next afternoon.  Brandon just didn't understand the word no, but then again his father didn't either.  I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Wolfie's second worry was Dylan.  Dylan was a nice enough kid and Sandi like this one a whole lot. They were always making googly eyes at each other and they looked like two love sick puppies.  It was way too much for Wolfie to take.

Wolfie was thankful that Dylan stepped in that night at the bowling alley and helped his daughter but now they were dating.  This unleashed a whole new set of worries for him.  

It was also hard for him to accept Daddy's little girl had a new man in her life and as much as Wolfie did not want to, he had to.  His little girl was growing up and getting ready to be on her own.

Wolfie still had another worry and this one was the biggie.  Sandi finally told him what her future plans were and he was not happy at all.  He knew he was going to have many sleepless nights ahead of him in the near future.

Sandi:  Daddy I decided to go into the law enforcement field.  I really want to be a police officer like Uncle Jules. 

Wolfie: That is a dangerous job.  You will be putting your life on the line every time you go to work.  

Sandi:  I'm not scared Daddy, I can handle myself.

Wolfie: Like you handled yourself with Brandon.

Sandi: If Dylan hadn't showed up, Brandon would have been on the floor in pain.  I was getting ready to kick him where he lives and then I was going to release the wolf.  Besides you really don't have to worry too much, when I'm a police officer I'll be packing heat.

Wolfie: What are you trying to do give your old man a heart attack?  Packing heat?  A gun?  I really do not like the sound of any of this.

Sandi: I'll have to carry a gun if I want to catch the bad guys and to protect myself.  All police officers are required to.

Wolfie:  its just way too dangerous for you.  Why don't you get a nice job as a lawyer instead.  You can still make sure the bad guys go to jail in that career 

Sandi:  But I don't want to be a mouthpiece for the criminals, I want to get them off the street. This is what I decided to do with my life and I'm going to do it.    You already told me that no one but I should decide my life.  Well I have, I just need you to have a little faith in me.

Wolfie: I do have faith in you and you are right you have the right to choose your own life. There is something you need to understand and that is that I'm your father and I will always worry about you. If anything ever happened to you, it would kill me. 

Sandi: I'll be fine.

Wolfie: Well before you are off to uni, we are all going to take a little vacation.  There is something I think you need to learn before going into this career.

Sandi: Sure Daddy, I'll be happy to go

Wolfie: I'll tell your mother to get ready.

Sandi: Before buying any airline tickets, I think you better go talk to Mom first.  She was a little bit sick this morning and every morning for the last two weeks. I think she might have something to tell you.

Wolfie: What could that be?

Sandi: Talk to her so you two can tell me what I already figured out.

Wolfie went to talk to Abby about Sandi's career plans and the vacation he had in mind.  Abby agreed they should go but she told him so was in no condition to travel.  She just found out she was pregnant and she thought it best if she stayed home to take care of herself and the new baby.  He offered to put the trip off but Abby said that Sandi's safety came first and their time was limited.  Sandi's birthday was just around the corner so it was now or never.

Before leaving Wolfie went on a little shopping trip to the bakery, he filled the refrigerator with Apple Pies and Apple Cobblers.  He knew he would have a coronary if he had to go through the teenage years again with another daughter.

Wolfie arranged for the first flight out and they arrived in China.  He did bring her here to learn something but he was also happy to have a little extra time with her.  He wasn't looking forward to the day she moved out, he was going to miss her.

Sandi:  Let's see, you brought me here to China so I could.....

Wolfie: learn Martial Arts.

Sandi: I didn't think it was to learn how to make egg rolls.

Wolfie:  If you are going to go into such a dangerous career, I just want you to be prepared for everything.  Let’s go to the Martial Arts Academy.

Sandi jumped right into and picked up the skill right away, but Wolfie had another mission to take care of.  He didn't notice any werewolves in China so it was up to him to change that.

Wolfie: Hey Jiang Lee, come over here I have to talk to you.  

Wolfie: Don't fight it.  I'm an Alpha Wolf, this is going to happen.

Mission Complete

Wolfie: Now you're a wolf.  You can thank me later.

For the rest of the trip father and daughter spent some quality time together, studying Martial Arts.

They learned how to meditate and to zenaport.

They even learned a new way to "Practice Fighting"

Wolfie looked at his daughter in amazement.  It seemed like yesterday he was walking the floors and singing songs from Grease to her and now here she stood in front of him a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her.  If there was ever a time he needed Emit's time portal this was it, he wanted to go back to that point in time and do it all over again.  He once thought taking care of Sandi was the hardest thing he ever had to do, but that was until now when he realized he had to let her go.

Sandi: Daddy, I don't know how to thank you for all of this.  You made it clear that you hated my career choice, but you are helping and supporting me anyway.  

Wolfie:  Of course I support you kiddo.  Now I want you to go out there and make me prouder than I already am.

Sandi: I certainly am going to try to.  You’re the best Daddy, I love you.

Wolfie: I love you too but just do me one favor, don't mention anything about packing heat again.

Sandi: Never again.  Guess I better hide it from you when I'm actually carrying a weapon.

Wolfie: Enough already.  Let’s go home, you Mom should be getting ready to have the baby soon.

They got home just in time, Abby went into labor the very next day.

And Wolfie went into panic mode

Wolfie: What should I do?  What should I do?

Abby: How about TAKING ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolfie wasn't even calm enough to drive, Abby had to do that.

I guess all those Apple Pies, Cobblers and anything Apple you can buy didn't work.  They had a little girl and they named her Valerie.  Wolfie was doomed to go through the teenage years with another daughter after all.

But after seeing her and holding her, he didn't mind it one bit.  He was able to do it all again without using Emit's time portal.

Wolfie: Hey there my little pumpkin, your sister loved 70's musicals but I hope you like 60's Sitcoms:

[u]♫There's a girl I know who makes me feel so good
And I wouldn't live without her, even if I could
They call her Valerie, I love my Valerie♫

To be continued......

Bonus Shots:

The Prom rolled around again, I think it comes up every two sim weeks but I had so much trouble with this one.  She was able to ask Dylan to be her date and he did show up but it was snowing and they changed out of their formals into outer wear.  The limo left without either one of them so I clicked on the school and Sandi went by herself and Dylan was in the house, yet I was getting messages about him being at her side the whole  night. 

This last part is what had me laughing because Dylan figured out a way to be in two places at the same time.

While I had the message that this picture was being taken.

Dylan was playing table tennis with Abby.

I was going to try and take some pictures of them dancing at the wedding venue and make it look like the Prom, but Dylan already aged up so not possible now.

Why in the world did HE Faint seeing her turn into a werewolf!  Abby does that but I never seen him do that before.  One thing for sure is Sandi won't ever do that, she has the Brave trait.

Chapter 30-Every Breath You Take

This chapter was originally posted on 5/21/09

There were not many freshmen who can say they went to the Prom but Sandi would be able to.  Her last name is Landgraab so she was able to spare no expense purchasing a formal dress.  She shopped for days until she found the one she absolutely loved.

Early that morning she went to the salon and had her hair and nails done and even hired a makeup artist to give her the just the right look.  She was dressed perfectly and was ready for the perfect first date.

All of Sandi's excitement for the prom was quickly diminished when Brandon arrived to pick her up.  It really was not the fact that he had not taken the time to dress for the occasion although that did bother her a bit, but more the fact that she sensed something strange about him.  He had conversations with himself most of the night and when he was actually talking with her, he talked about THEIR future together.  She was only 14 and was not thinking about her future with anyone especially Brandon.  By the time the night was over all of Sandi's careful preparations were for not as her inner beast released itself.  It wasn't a full moon and she was not angry, it was more for protection than anything else.

As any worried father, Wolfie walked the floors and waited for his daughter to return home, but he knew immediately something was wrong.

Wolfie:  Hey Kiddo, why the long face and why did the wolf come out?  You're supposed to be happy right now, do you want to talk about it?

Sandi: Oh Daddy it was awful.  The Prom looked like it was fun for the others but not for me. It was Brandon.

Wolfie:  He didn't hurt you because if he did, so help me I'll ..........

Sandi: No Daddy nothing like that. He has my life already planned out for me, he was talking marriage and was choosing names for our children and grandchildren.  I told him I was too young to think about marriage but he just kept it up all night and  wouldn't stop.  The way he talked really scared me.  I don't think I ever want to see him again.

Wolfie:  You don't have to see him again or think about marriage.  You have your whole life ahead of you and no one but you should decide it.  Promise me if he or anyone else ever hurts you in any way, you will tell me or your mother.

Sandi: I promise.

Wolfie: One day a boy will come along and you will know he is the right one.  I promise you that boy won't scare you like this one did.  He might scare me, but he won't scare you.  Now why don't you give your Dad a big hug and get some sleep Kiddo.

Sandi:  Dad, I'm too big to be your Kiddo.

Wolfie: I don't care how big you get, you will always be my Kiddo.

On the school bus, Sandi noticed that now Brandon decided to wear a tux, after the Prom was over.  He asked her to sit next to him and she decided to do so only to tell him that she did not want to see him again. 

Sandi: Now you dressed up?

Brandon: How about going to the movies tonight babe?

Sandi: Brandon, I'm sorry I'm going to be busy tonight.

Brandon: Too busy for your boyfriend.

Sandi: You are not my boyfriend.

Brandon: Oh yeah right we are going to be married so I'm your fiancé.

Sandi:  NO we are NOT getting married!  I think its best we just be friends.

Brandon: Oh you don't mean that.  Of course we are getting married after you graduate.

Sandi: Yes that is exactly what I mean, we are not getting married.  We are not doing anything together.  

Brandon: You don't have to play hard to get with me, I know you love me babe.

Sandi: I don't love you, I don't want anything to do with you.  My second thought we shouldn't even be friends and it’s not me, IT'S YOU!

Sandi had no idea that her problems were just beginning.  Brandon followed her off the school bus and everywhere she went.

While she skated,

Played games,

Practiced Soccer,

And she couldn't even get herself a snow cone without him following her.  She knew he was following her and she thought it best to ignore him.  She hoped he would eventually get bored with this and move on however that was not the case.  No matter what she did he was watching her.

The Witches Counsel meeting at the Red Velvet Lounge:

Rose was getting up in age and was looking for a witch to help her run the witches counsel and eventually take over her duties when she could no longer do so.  A vote was held and Rose could not think of a witch more qualified for the position than Eleanor Wasimton.

Rose: I'm very pleased with the results of the election, I have confidence that you will do an excellent job keeping these witches and warlocks in line.

Eleanor:  My father is military and he taught me everything I know.  They will all be walking a fine line with me in charge.

Rose: Our first order of business is to register two warlocks in town that just became teenagers.

Rose: The first one is my son Ronny, I already have that set in motion but he should talk with you also.

Rose: The second is Dylan McIntyre, a young man who relocated here from Riverview.  His adopted mother brought him and her other son here because they would fit in better with the supernaturals.

Eleanor: Why not talk to both brothers at the same time?

Rose: The two are brothers by adoption and only Dylan is a warlock, the other boy is a vampire which is out of our jurisdiction.

Rose and Eleanor go to talk to the boys when Eleanor is approached by an elder Jareth Alto.

Jareth: Hey there baby, I'm a doctor so why don't we go to play gynecologist! 

Eleanor: If this is your approach, I'd rather see your departure. 

Rose: Oh Jareth you never learn, do you?

Eleanor: Who is this idiot?

Rose: Just some Lunar Lakes trash that followed me to Moonlight Falls.

Jareth: Hiya Rose.  You must be jealous, you know you still have a chance for some of this.  

Rose: hasn’t this gotten old for you yet? I know this is got old for me a long time ago.

Rose takes out her magic wand and starts her incantation

Rose: No is a word not understood
A lesson should do him some good
Add some heat to the game plan
Set a fire on this moronic man

Jareth: That is it Rose, you finally blew your last chance for some woohoo with the love doctor. 

Rose: Oh poor me, whatever will I do now?

Jareth: Yes you blew it big time babe, there is younger talent in town.  Come here my steaming cup of hot chocolate, let the love doctor give you a physical.

Eleanor: Is he for real?

Jareth: Oh I'm for real babe, let me give you a little preview to the main attraction.

Eleanor: What the.......  Oh No you do not touch me and get away with it.

Eleanor takes out her wand and takes her turn at Jareth.

Eleanor: Waving and Twirling my magic wand
I call to the spirits from way beyond
Assist me with my handy work
And toadify this ugly jerk!

Eleanor: Come on Rose let’s get back to business.

Rose: Nice work!  I knew you were perfect for this job.

That same night at the bowling alley:

Wolfie always told Sandi when she went out with a group of friends to stay in the group but tonight she decided to go home later than the rest.  She had not seen Brandon and she assumed he moved on. She was wrong and he was beginning to annoy her.

Sandi: Brandon, I want you to stop following me.  I don't want to be your girlfriend and I never will.  Go find someone who does.

Brandon: but you do want to be my girlfriend, you just don't know it yet.  I want to be around when you do.

Sandi:  that is never going to happen Brandon.  LEAVE ME ALONE!

Brandon: Calm down babe!  Everything is going to be ok, I already went to see a travel agent for our honeymoon.  Monte Vista for a full week and a big bed in our hotel room for plenty of woohoo.

Sandi:  Woohoo with you?  I think I'm going to be sick.

Brandon: Yes that is a side effect of being pregnant, which will happen often I want at least 10 kids with you.  We are going to have a big family.


Brandon:  I'm Crazy for you Babe.  Come give me some sugar.


The next thing to two hear is the voice of Dylan McIntyre

Dylan: I believe the lady said NO!

Spirits assist me with a request
Help save an angel in distress
Wrong vs. right, right vs. Wrong
Feel the heat than run along.

Dylan: This is the only hot time you are having tonight!

Brandon: What are you doing?  I was just trying to kiss my girl.  Why don't you go and mind your own business.

Dylan: I was downstairs and I heard everything.  She said NO and you should have listened.

Brandon: She didn't mean it, she wanted me to kiss her.

Dylan: I heard as clear as a bell, she said NO!  I guess you need another lesson.

Dylan: Not enough you want more
I know how to settle a score
Long and winding is the road
You shall walk as a toad

Dylan: Now leave before I really get mad.

Brandon ran out after that last spell but he was not giving up on Sandi.  She was his as far as he was concerned and no warlock was going to change that.

Dylan: Are you ok Miss?

Sandi: I'm perfectly fine now that you're here.

Dylan: If it’s alright with you, can I walk you home.

Sandi: I would like that very much.

The Alto House:

Jareth: Looks like you had a bad night too son.  We have to stay away from those witches.  They just don't understand our sex appeal.

Brandon: No Dad I'm in love with a werewolf named Sandi

Jareth: Sandi?  Landgraab?  Son stay away from that family, they will only cause you trouble.

Brandon: No can do Dad!  That she wolf is a fox.

To be continued

I would like to thank LittleMinxUndr for the loan of Eleanor Wasimton.  If you have not read her story, please go and check it out, you will love it!