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Chapter 61.2-Here's Johnny

The next day Nick came to see Starr as he needed to talk to her about a new assignment, and than they planned to go to Trevor's birthday party together.  When Nick knocked on the door it was Johnny that answered.

Nick:  I'm sorry I'm looking for Starr, I didn't know she had company.

Johnny:  I'm just the gardener, she is not home and she said she wouldn't be home all day.

This struck Nick as being very strange.  Yes this man was a fairy and they had a way with plants, but Starr never mentioned hiring a gardener before.  And why would he be working in the middle of winter? Nick figured that she would be at at the birthday party and he would ask her than.

Starr was lying unconscious on the floor, her body badly bruised and her face all bloodied.  Johnny wasn't leaving until he had those shares and if she didn't agree, she wouldn't live to tell the tale.  He really roughed her up badly so there was no way he could let her live even if she did cooperate.

Meanwhile at Caleb and Hope's house:

The whole family was invited to Caleb and Hope's house for Trevor's birthday party.  When a certain blue haired time traveler arrived, he placed a photo in Caleb's office which he knew would be found later on by just the right people at just the right time.

Dylan noticed Nick walking in without his daughter and this had him worried because he was under the impression that they would be arriving together.  He hadn't been able to contact Starr all day and he was beginning to get a very bad feeling.

Dylan: I thought Starr would be coming with you, have you seen her?  It's not like her to miss any kind of party.  She always calls every day and I have heard nothing from her at all.

Nick: I just came from her house and I spoke to her gardner who said she wasn't there.  I thought I would see her here.

Dylan:  Starr doesn't have a gardner?

Nick: That is what I thought.

Dylan: I'm going to try and call her again.

Nick turned around and noticed a new photo placed on the desk.  He assumed that Hope took some more pictures of Trevor and he wanted to take a look. The photo was not of Trevor and he knew that neither Hope nor Caleb took that picture.  He seen that photo before, Starr took that photo for the paper.  He recognized the subject immediately, that was the guy who claimed to be the gardner, this was no coincidence something was up.

Nick:  That's him!  The gardener.  He's the snake charmer.  Starr took that picture in Egypt.

Dylan walked over to see who this "gardener" was and that is when he received the shock of his life. That was the face that haunted him for 12 years as he was held captive.  After seeing that he knew he had to find his daughter immediately, he would never be able to live with himself if anything happened to his little girl.


Dylan wasted no time and ran out at the speed of light.  His little girl was in trouble and the one person he ever truly wished dead was with her.  Nick didn't even have time to ask Dylan who Johnny was, but he soon found out when he told Caleb what had just happened.  Both of them immediately took off to Starr's house.

Back at Starr's house:

Starr was still lying on the floor when she started to wake up.

Johnny: Waking up sleeping beauty?  Now have you learned your lesson?  Are you going to cooperate, and agree to sell those shares?

Starr: You aren't listening, I can't sell.......

Johnny: That is unfortunate for you because now we are going to have to do this all over again and I'm not sure you will survive round two.


Starr: Daddy!

Johnny: Oh so we meet again warlock

Starr:  Johnny?  You're Johnny?  No that can't be.

Johnny: Yes bitch, that is exactly who I am.  Now watch warlock while I kill the brat you whined about for 12 years, or maybe I should just kill you first and let her watch.

When angered Dylan found that magic was second nature to him.  He didn't even have to think about it, the spells and curses just came to him.  The last time he had to do this was as a teenager, saving Sandi from a stalker.  Now this time the stakes were higher as Johnny was more dangerous and would indeed carry out those death threats.  For the second time in his life found himself casting another curse upon the same cold blooded snake.

Spirits arise from near and afar
Please save my shinning Starr
All Snakes have blood that is cold
damn this serpent to a tomb of gold.

Fire shot out of his magic wand and he watched as the magical powers he always denied save his daughter life.

After Johnny was hit full force with a blast of fire, he was turned into a statue of gold.  How Dylan did this, he had no clue.  He just thanked the spirits for saving his daughter and promised never to ignore the gift that was bestowed upon him at birth.  That was the day he became a true believer in magic.

Dylan picked his daughter off the floor and held on to her tight as Starr cried on his shoulder.  She kept repeating the same words over and over again.  He could tell she felt guilty about something but it didn't matter to him.  He was just grateful that his daughter was alive and that Johnny would be brought to justice after all this time.

Starr:  I didn't know Daddy, I didn't know.

Dylan:  It's ok sweetie, he is never going to hurt you again.

Starr:  I didn't know.

Dylan:  Let me bring you to the couch, we need to call an ambulance.

Starr: I'm not going to a hospital.

Caleb and Nick arrived right after this and both were shocked at the site they seen.

Caleb: Bro if you could do that and why you didn't do that while he was holding you captive?

Dylan: I haven't a clue how I did that.  I seen Starr in trouble and somehow it came to me out of nowhere.  I guess I ignored my powers way too much.

Nick: You should have killed that bastard, he deserves it.

Caleb: If he survives whatever it is that my brother did to him, he will be going away for a very long time.

Nick: Look what he did to her, we have to get her to a hospital.

Dylan: She doesn't want to go to the hospital and you know how stubborn she can be.

Caleb: Yes I wonder where she gets that from?

Dylan: I was able to convince her to let a doctor examine her here and he is on his way.

Caleb called called Sandi and and they cuffed Johnny, read him his rights and brought him downtown as soon as that crazy curse wore off.  In the meantime Starr took a shower as they waited for the doctor to arrive.

Starr:  Neither of you need to stay here, I'll be fine.  Mom and Uncle Caleb arrested Johnny.  He is going to prison and is not coming back.

Dylan: I'm not going anywhere until a doctor tells me you are fine.

Nick: I agree with your Dad, you shouldn't be alone right now.

It wasn't long before the doctor arrived.  Dylan made sure to call a doctor that he knew he trusted and he knew his daughter would trust too.  Dr Spencer Kincaid ......

who arrived with his wife, Candace.

To be continued.......

Bonus Shots:

Trevor did indeed have a birthday party which I'm posting here:

Sandi and Dylan's twins aged into teenagers also:


Robin turned out to look a lot like Dylan.  He does have the Landgraab blonde hair and Dahlia Goodfellow's brown eyes.

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Chapter 61.1-A Fallen Starr

Whatever job the boss had in mind Johnny knew it had to be important.   The boss never took needless risks and was a master at covering his tracks. The warlock who Johnny held captive lived in Aurora Skies and could identify him, so Johnny knew he had to be careful.  If Johnny was recognized he would be taking the fall for the kidnapping as he knew that testifying against the boss would be suicidal.   Even from prison Denny's reach was long and Johnny knew he had to remain loyal if he wanted to stay alive. The only thing Johnny never expected was to literally be thrown to the wolves.

Denny: You remember my neice, Starr?

Johnny: Who could forget a hot number like that?  You told me to stay away from her.

Denny:  That was then, this is now.  She owns shares of Landgraab Industries and it is vital to my operation to purchase those shares from her.  I would like you to convince her to sell those shares to me and I don't care how you have to do it.  Use whatever method of convincing you need to and don't let the fact that she is my neice stop you.

Johnny:  I'll just have to turn on the ole charm that should get her to agree.

Denny: Don't even think about coming back here empty handed.

Johnny: No worries boss I'll have that bitch eating right out of my hands.  There is no woman alive who can resist my charms and if she does, she will regret it.

Johnny could have just called her but in this case he wanted the element of surprise so all he had to do was arrange a chance meeting.  Finding a way to run into Starr accidentally was easy as pie all the tabloids kept track of the party girl Landgraab heiress.  All he had to do was hang out in one of the dance club around town as she would eventually show up.  However there was a problem the first time he did find her, she was not alone.

She had some vampire with her and they seemed very close.  Well this would not do, there was no way he could romance her with that guy hanging around.  He had to find a way to get her alone, so he decided to bide his time and wait for another opportunity.

A week later Johnny had the opportunity he was waiting for as Starr was out clubbing again but this time no vampire.  Starr and Nick were indeed dating on and off but they were not exclusive.  Starr was not ready to give up her lifestyle yet and Nick had a regular 9 to 5 job so he couldn't go out club hopping as often as she wanted to.   They decided they take things slow as they got to know each other better and by mutual agreement they would date others.

Johnny: Hey there pretty lady?

Starr: Giancarlo, what brings you back to Aurora Skies?

Johnny:  Decided to come home and what a homecoming it is.

Starr:  Welcome home I hope you enjoy your stay.  Now if you will excuse me.....

Johnny: What is the rush pretty lady, we had fun before we can have fun again.

Johnny: Let me buy you a drink?  Maybe a little dancing?

When she met Giancarlo on prom night he seemed like her dream.  A dream that she grew out of after living it out in Egypt.  At the time that dream had her rethinking her life but now she knew what she had with Giancarlo was only a fling.   She still was still tempted by him as she couldn't resist taking another walk on the wild side with guy who came from the other side of the tracks.  Maybe a little dancing and a couple of drinks couldn't hurt but he wasn't getting an invitation into her bedroom tonight.  What she didn't know was woohoo was not an issue tonight, he was after a different prize.

They did indeed have a wonderful time they had a few drinks and indulged in some bubbles, but most of all they danced until the club was ready to close.

Against her better judgement she ignored her sixth sense once again telling her to stay away from this man.  Grandpa Wolfie told her a sixth sense was a gift to all wolves and that it would help her avoid all dangerous situations.  She thought she was fine because if she was in real danger the wolf would come out and she would be able to protect herself.

Johnny: It's getting late pretty lady, maybe I should take you home.

She was a little high, super juiced and in no way, shape or form to drive. Something told her to call a cab, but again she ignored it.

They went back to her house and Johnny decided to go straight for business as soon as possible.  He really did hope she would cooperate because it would be a shame to mess up that sexy ass.

Johnny: I was actually looking for you tonight as a friend asked me to do a favor.  Do you have any shares in your Grandfather's company?  A friend would like to purchase them and he will pay any price that you ask.

Starr:  I'm sorry but my shares are not for sale.  What do you think keeps me in the lifestyle I have grown accustomed to?

What Johnny didn't know was not only did Starr not want to sell her shares, she couldn't without Grandpa Wolfie's approval.  Only Landgraab family heirs knew that Wolfie had to approve all stock sales as Chris' will was designed to keep the Landgraab family in control of 51% of the stock.  There was no way on Earth Grandpa Wolfie would ever give permission.

Starr:  My family stocks are not for sale, end of discussion.

That answer was totally unacceptable to Johnny no woman ever says no to Johnny Devito, not for business or anything else.  He fully intended to get those shares even if he had to kill her to do it.

Johnny: You know what I can make a mean Margarita, how about if we have just have one more before I go home.  I promise you won't regret it.

Johnny asked her to see if she had any lime juice in the kitchen as he started to prepare a special drink just for Starr.  She wasn't cooperating and he knew he needed to use other methods to get her to agree.  Johnny wasn't stupid as he knew werewolves had brute strength, no one could beat them in a fight.  He couldn't take down even a female werewolf and he had to work this one over, unless of course she changed her mind.  He laced the drink with a drug commonly used for date rapes but tonight he was using it to make sure, she didn't turn into a werewolf.

When she came back with the lime juice, he finished making the drinks which she finished in no time.  He knew he it wouldn't be long for the drug to take affect so he kept her talking until she fell right off of the barstool.

Starr tried to get up but her knee's buckled and she was falling down again.  The room was practically spinning and she was nauseous.  She knew she had a lot to drink tonight but not enough to make her this sick, something was wrong and she was beginning to feel faint.  It was than she felt the urge to let the wolf out but she didn't have the strength inside of her to do so.  Now she knew she was in real danger.

Starr:  I think you should leave, I'm starting to feel a bit ill.

Johnny:  I'm going to ask you one more time and you better come up with the right answer this time. Are you going to sell those shares.

Starr: No you don't understand  I...I...I can't?

Johnny: Wrong answer!

To be continued.....

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Prologue-Parallel Dimensions

Magic was something Holly never thought she would ever have to learn and she was having a helluva a time picking it up.  All of it came easy to Rose as she was a natural but right now Holly was so frustrated she was ready to jump into the time portal to visit a time when her daughter was alive. Well she knew that was not possible as Emmett warned her not to use the time portal during the day time.  No one was to know that they were time travelers destined to save the world from self destruction.

When the Woods moved to Aurora Skies, Holly was a novice witch.  She had just received her powers from the last witches council meeting but had not yet developed her skills.  Everyone thought that great grandson Dylan through marriage would help her but he preferred science over magic.

Help was actually on its way.   The witches council would never transfer evil powers to a novice witch without providing a way for her to learn how to control and develop them.  There was only one witch who possessed the knowledge to transfer evil magic to good.  Her powers far exceeded all the witches registered at the witch's council and her name was Mathilda Blankenship.  When she heard these powers were once used to assist organized crime, she knew she was the only one who could help this new witch purify these powers.

She was also given another assignment while in Aurora Skies.  There was a stubborn warlock with an unbelievable amount of powers who simply refuse to use them to their full potential, it was her job to convince him to develop his skills.  Mathilda did not realize that Dylan McIntyre would be a true challenge for her, but he would have to wait.  Her first priority was Holly Wood, the apprentice who was willing to learn.

When Mathilda first met Holly and Emmett she felt that there was something different about them, She was an immortal and could recognize another immortal whenever she met one or in this case two.   An overwhelming feeling took hold of Mathilda when they met and she heard spirits from beyond telling her to teach this witch everything she knew.  She didn't know what the reason was and she knew enough not to question it, but if the spirit world sent her a message it must mean something and she intended to do exactly what they said.

She also received a message from the other side that was meant for Holly.  Not many witches were able to communicate with the spirit world, only the most powerful of witches could.  Holly was a new witch who did not know how to use her powers yet and therefore would not be able to receive the message herself.

Mathilda: I have a message that is meant for you and I need you both to listen carefully.  The spirit world says that you should visit your home and talk to a man named Victor.  There is a problem with a project or a mission that you are working on and it needs both of your immediate attention.

Holly: The caretaker at our home is named Victor and he is the father of my Grandson's wife Abigail.

Emmett:  I really don't believe in this magic thing but there was no way of you knowing about Victor. Thank you so much Mathilda we will go home tomorrow and talk to Victor.

Mathilda:  Holly I will see you when you get back as we need to work on your training ASAP.

Holly:  I will give you a call the minute we get back.

Mathilda:  In the meantime I will work with that stubborn as a mule warlock Dylan.

Holly:  Good Luck with that.

Holly and Emmett set up the time portal at dawn as the prepared to travel back to their home in the year 4014.  At first they thought it would be wonderful to return home until they stepped out of the time portal and saw the sight that awaited them.  Everything according to the timeline of their mission was in place including the family crisis that was just about to befall on their two Granddaughters.  There was obviously something set asunder in the space time continuum that they must of overlooked to cause this catastrophe.  They rushed to their home to find out if Victor had any information that would help them.

Victor: Thank Heavens you are home.  You really need to set up a way I can communicate with both of you while in the past.

Holly: What on Earth happened here?

Victor:  Everything was fine here and gradually little changes resulted in this.  I really don't understand any of this.

Emmett: Let me take a look to see if I can determine the cause of this catastrophe.

Victor: How is our granddaughter coping with the situation?

Holly: It's just about to start, Starr doesn't know what is headed her way yet.  And just how do you know about that?

Victor:  I have access to all your information and I know as much as you do.  I don't know if I could hold the same self control you do.  I'm ready to jump into the time portal and nip that one in the bud.

Holly:  You mustn't do that Victor.  We have the situation under control so you need not worry about Starr.  Emmett and I are pointing them in the right direction.  A photograph taken by Starr herself has been placed in just the right place to be found by just the right people at the just right time.  Our granddaughter will be fine, this I promise you.  I'm more worried about Katherine to be honest, when this news comes out she will never be able to live with herself.

Victor: It really is a bad situation for both girls.

Emmett:  I'm afraid we have another bad situation to deal with besides the girls.  Our mission is going to plan but there is a disturbance that occurred in a parallel dimension.

Victor: Parallel dimension?  What do you mean?

Emmett: Well as you may know each universe is set up into four different dimensions that we know of.  There is talk about a fifth dimension although we do not have proof that it exists or will ever exist.  Each dimension has their own worlds which run in line with the others, if something happens to one dimension the others can not survive.  Some kind of catastrophic event happened in the fourth dimension which caused all life forms to cease to exist.  As the lands became barren it caused a rift in the space time continuum as this event was not supposed to take place.  The effects have now caused a ripple effect on the remaining dimensions which is resulting in the destruction of the entire universe.

Holly: What can we do to stop this from happening?

Emmett:  The time portal was designed not only to travel through time but through the dimensions. We need to send someone to the year 2014 in the fourth dimension to find out what caused the disturbance and make sure that all life forms thrive.

Holly: When do we go?

Emmett: My lady you are fully aware that it can not be us.  We already have a full time job with this mission.

Victor:  Than I will go.  After everything you have done for me and my sweet Abigail, I would be more than proud to take on this mission.

Emmett:  You are also fully aware of why it can not be you, especially with that you now have the knowledge of future events.  Victor we really do need to have you here and I have set up a hotline for you to use to reach us in case of any future events similar to this.

Holly:  Than who shall we send?

Emmett:  Well the choice is pure and simple my lady.  This person will actually volunteer as an act of redeeming herself.  Our Granddaughter Katherine.

To Be Continued......

Author's note-I would like to thank Sweetnightingale for the use of Mathilda, she has some awesome Let's Plays here is a link to her you tube channel