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Chapter 72-It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Dark times had indeed fallen upon the Landgraab family, but no one really knew how bad things were about to get.  Wolfie thought his biggest problem was that his daughter Ebony had the nerve to go behind his back and change her name so she could throw herself at not ONE but TWO men on that TV show that everyone in his family just had to appear on.   He did call up to tell the producers exactly who Ebony Cardona was but that was a big mistake as his wife Abby gave him the silent treatment and locked the bedroom door until he agreed to welcome his new son in law into the family.  Reluctantly he no choice but to agree to be "nice".

Wolfie met the young man and explained that anyone who hurt his daughter would have to answer to him, but it wasn't long before Wolfie seen that the warning was not necessary.  Loren seemed to be a nice young man who was a helluva a lot better than the other bozos she ever brought home.  Abby said that the two were in love but a hopeless romantic like his wife would say something like that.  Wolfie didn't believe it until he recognized it for himself.  Loren was in love with his daughter and he could tell just from looking at Ebony she was happy.  That is all Wolfie ever wanted for his daughter was to be happy and he could tell she was in good hands. 

If Ebony had been the biggest problem, Wolfie would have been happy but however that was not the case.  This was the end of the happy times after this everything went downhill. There were more stressing problems that were on Wolfie's mind which seemed to be hitting the family all at once.  Finding out that his daughter in law Lenora was alive was news that the whole family should have been celebrating at.  He was making plans to go right over and see her for himself when Jules told him and Abby to sit down as there was more to the story. Jules was not only Wolfie's Uncle but he was his best buddy and Wolfie knew from the look on Jules face whatever he was about to say was serious and distressing.

Finding the right words to tell Wolfie and Abby that their daughter Valerie was in police custody and charged with the kidnapping and attempted murder of Lenora Landgraab was the most difficult task Jules had ever had during his many years on the police force.  He volunteered to be the messenger of this awful news as Sandi was having difficulty accepting the fact that her very own sister could commit such a heinous act and Caleb and Heath were filling out all the paper work. They needed to be careful with the handling of this case as nobody wanted to leave any loopholes for either of the kidnappers to get off not even Valerie.

Needless to say that neither one of them took the news well.  Abby broke into tears while and cried for days.  Both of them faced so many ups and downs throughout their marriage but never did she think her own daughter would have so much hate inside of her that she could actually be guilty of kidnapping her brother's wife.  Valerie was her baby girl who she loved so much and she thought she taught her the difference between right and wrong. Abby couldn't understand how she didn't see this change in her own daughter, maybe if she had none of this would have ever happened.

Wolfie was completely numb and would just walk around the house thinking of how his daughter could possibly commit such a crime.  He polished off a couple of bottles but nothing seemed to ease this pain.  The questions of where did he go wrong to have two of his children, Denny and Valerie become harden criminals were constantly on his mind.  He didn't raise Denny but did raise Valerie and he thought he did a good job. Obviously he did something wrong or why else would his daughter carry out such acts against her own family. Tyrone was her brother and Valerie even went to the funeral knowing that Lenora was alive while she enjoyed the pain on her brother's face. Not even the fact that the children were there grieving the loss of their mother affected her.  How in the world could Valerie live with herself after seeing the look on those children's faces?

Even though he was still in pain he needed to go over to his son's house and talk to both Lenora and Tyrone.  As he apologized for the horrible acts Valerie committed against both of them and he took complete responsibility for everything.  Lenora reached out to tell him that he was a good father and she did not hold him responsible for Valerie's actions. Seeing the pain on his face Lenora gave her father in law the biggest hug she could as she kept telling him it was not his fault.

Wolfie had one more difficult thing to tell both of them.  He understood fully well if they did not want anything to do with Valerie anymore, but he and Abby simply could not abandon their daughter.  He wanted to make them understand while they do not condone Valerie's crimes, she is their daughter and she needs their help. Wolfie had already hired the best legal representation he could find and he and Abby were planning on visiting her as soon as she was allowed to receive visitors.  At the present time she was only allowed to see her lawyer but he was trying to pull some strings to arrange a visit. He hoped that since both of them were parents they would understand and both Lenora and Tyrone did.  

As if that was not enough there was another situation with two of his Granddaughters and again Wolfie took complete responsibility for this.  Why did his family have to pay for his mistake of choosing the wrong groupie one night after a show?  He doesn't regret the mistake or he would never have had his daughter Sandi, but why doesn't Dahlia take her frustrations out on him instead of his grandchildren.  They were lucky not to lose either Chrissie or Aurora but his brother Ronny was not so lucky.  His brother did not have to die for his mistake, but yet he did.  He hoped that the police would catch both Dimitri and Dahlia so that he could rest easily knowing his family would be safe from those two.

Meanwhile back in Moonlight Falls:

Dahlia knew the police were looking for her and Dimitri was nowhere to be found.  She went to the one person who would always help her, Pip her husband. To say they had a loving marriage would be a total lie, if truth be told they hated each other but they could not divorce as that was simply against the Fae's code of honor.  No matter what they did to each other they had no choice but to stick together.  Today Dahlia knew this would be hard as Pip advised her to stay away from Sandi and give up this vengeance for Denny's death.

Pip said it was too dangerous for their business as the Landgraab's were too influential with law enforcement and the risk of exposing their operation was too high.  He didn't enter this line of work for vengeance, it was all about money.  Besides as soon as Denny's children inherited the Landgraab Industries stock from Gretchen, he could continue the job that Denny started.  They would still get justice for Denny by bankrupting Landgraab and using his family company for their purposes.

Denny might not have been his son biologically but he wished that he was. Pip was the one to get Denny into the family and he fit in perfectly.  If Denny didn't rise in the family at the rate he did, Pip would still be a soldier today.  No matter what Pip did for the family, including offing a cop who knew too much, he could never impress the bosses the way Denny did. After Denny died, Pip had his chance and he took over the business but he still needed a legit organization to launder his money. If his plans worked out the way he wanted would be Landgraab Industries and he couldn't wait to see Wolfie's face when he took that company away from him and used it for his purposes.

Pip read the newspapers and already knew why his so called wife was here.  She was in trouble and needed to be hidden from the law.  His wife was a liability and she was more trouble than what she was worth.  Pip told her to stay away from her werewolf daughter and that two bit vampire con artist yet she didn't listen to him.  He was ready to throw her to the wolves but that was until he found out she was pregnant.

The baby had to be that vampire's bastard as he knew there was no way it was his. Many years ago before the Goodfellows adopted Fawn they visited a fertility clinic due to the fact that they could not conceive a child.  The test results showed that Pip had a low sperm count and was unable to father a child. Needless to say he was devastated so they decided to adopt but was unable to get a fairy and they had to settle for a human.  Years later when his wife announced she was pregnant they both just assumed the test results were wrong, but sadly that was not the case.  He was overjoyed when the boy was born but that all ended when the girl arrived as a werewolf.   He knew the twins were not his but he was able to prove to everyone he was a man by passing the boy off as his son and sending the girl to her father anonymously.

Everything was perfect and would have been fine if the Altos did not get involved.  He didn't know what the Altos were after but there was no way he could support another family.  If he had a way to stop their scheme he had no choice but to do so even if it meant that he would have to admit that Denny wasn't his.  Things wound up turning out better because he was able to adopt Denny and able to con some money out of Landgraab.

Well now his wife was pregnant again and lucky for her that she was.  He was going to take care of the Dahlia problem permanently as she had pushed him to his limits.   He couldn't divorce her and she was a liability to the business.  Everyone would think she was hiding from the police so he had the perfect set up to get rid of her for good but that was until he heard about the baby.  Maybe this time if she had the sense enough to only have a fairy he could pass this child off as his own again.  If she didn't, well he would deal with that later.

Back in Aurora Skies one year later:

 "Don't do anything stupid" were the words that Nick once said to his brother and now they were coming back to haunt him.  At the time he thought he understood Davis' anger as Nick also wanted the man responsible for Grace's attack to suffer slowly with pain, but now he knew he never truly understood.   Nick was afraid his brother would get himself into trouble with the law which was the last thing his family needed at that time, but when someone hurts your little girl you lose all sense of reason.  Dimitri almost killed Chrissie twice and he was still on the loose and as an entire year had passed and the police were not able to find him.

Mickey had phoned the police minutes after they left the wedding chapel but by the time the police had arrived Dimitri was gone.  Of course he was gone in a flash as he is a vampire and was fast on his feet, but now Nick had another worry how to protect his family.  That bastard tried to kill Chrissie twice and what was stopping him from doing it again? Starr's Grandfather was already paying for security guards to watch their house, the school where Chrissie worked and the afterschool center but Nick wanted to take every precaution possible.

His views on firearms changed in a heartbeat and even though it was Davis' turn to be the calm brother, Davis helped Nick purchase a rifle.  If Dimitri dared to try anything, Nick was prepared to shoot a round of wooden bullets in him and he didn't care about the law or going to jail.

He put his rifle away in a locked closet in his bedroom.  They still had a child in the house and he didn't want Alicia to accidently find it.  Alicia knew she was not to take anything out of her parent's room and that she needed to respect other people's property but Nick was not leaving anything to chance.  That weapon was for protection and he planned to be very careful with it.

He was surprised to see Mickey's car drive up to the house as his daughter was not home. Mickey had to know this she wasn't because whenever the two were not together, they were talking on the phone.  He would always be grateful to Mickey for saving his little girl's life and he was happy to see Chrissie with a man that respected her.  That didn't mean he wasn't watching because he was.  He knew he didn't really have to worry because Mickey was a respectable young man who treated his daughter like a queen, but after Dimitri he eyes were always open.

Nick: I'm sorry Chrissie is not here right now, she went shopping with her mother and Taylor.

Mickey: Sir I am actually here to have a word with you if I may?

Nick: Sure come on in and tell me what is on your mind.

Mickey knew from the minute he first laid his eyes on Chrissie that they shared a connection but it wasn't until that day in the snow that he knew in his heart that they were destined to be together.  When he heard the recording and knew Chrissie was in danger he didn't care what he had to do to save her as he would have gladly have given up his own life to protect hers. With Dimitri still out there he might still have to and would in a heartbeat.  The past year had been the happiest of his life as he the two were inseparable and he knew that he couldn't live another day without her by his side.  He had been planning this day for a long time and now that it was finally here, he was having a hard time getting the words out.

Mickey:  Mr. Slayer, I want you to know that I'm very much in love with your daughter. She has been the light of my life ever since I met her and I cannot imagine living another day of my life without her by my side.  With your permission I would like to ask her to be my wife and I promise that I will provide her with a loving home and I will do my best to make her as happy as she has made me.

Nick: You do know that I will always be eternally grateful to you from saving my daughter's life and that she is still in danger as that bastard is still out there somewhere.

Mickey: I hope that you do understand that I would do everything in my power to protect Chrissie and make sure that no harm will ever come to her.

Nick:  I do believe you when you say that as you already proven yourself in that area. With not even a thought you tracked Chrissie down and saved her from a very powerful vampire.  Chrissie is very special to me and I can see that she is very special to you also.  I trust that you will never hurt her but just remember if you ever do you will answer to me. As long as my daughter is in agreement which I am sure will be the case, you have my blessing.  Welcome to the family.

Mickey:  Thank you so much Mr. Slayer you do not know how happy I am to have your blessing and I promise you will never regret this day.

Later that Day:

Deciding on how to pop the question was something Mickey debated on for a while.  At first he thought it would be best to take Chrissie to a restaurant so fancy that he would have to waste a week's salary to pay the bill to propose, but decided against it.  Yes it would be romantic but that was not Chrissie as she was more down to earth and preferred a simple lifestyle.  He still had to find the perfect way to propose to her as she was special and she deserved to be treated that way.

She was a nature lover and they spent so much time in the park enjoying each other's company that he thought a picnic would be best.  As she was a vampire he made sure to stop by the bakery and pick up a plasma fruit deep dish cobbler that she loved so much and he purchased a bottle of the finest plasma fruit nectar.

This was still not enough he had to find a way to make it even more romantic. He loved her so much but she was a vampire and she would outlive him. He knew he had to give her a memory that would stay with her long after he was gone.  He made a promise to her father that he would make sure that he would always do his best to make her happy and he planned to keep that promise.  And then one day while walking through the park he found a beautiful fountain and he knew he had the perfect setting.

He was a bit nervous as he got down on one knee but when he saw the look in her eyes and her beautiful smile it calmed him because he knew deep down in his heart that they were destined to be together.

Mickey:  Chrissie, I really hope that you are enjoying this day as I have been planning this for a while now as I wanted it to be perfect.

Chrissie: Every day I spend with you is perfect.

Mickey: There is something I need to tell you.  I have been thinking so much about the future and every time I try to picture myself and where I will be 5, 10 or 20 years from now I always see you by my side.  I fell in love with you the minute we met and I know there is no future for me without you by my side. Chrissie would you do me the honor and make me the happiest man in the universe by agreeing to be my wife?

With tears in her eyes she tried to say her answer but she was so caught up in the moment that she could barely speak.  At one time she never thought anyone would love her but all she needed to do was be patient and wait for the right man to come into her life.  Even though she thought she was in love with someone else, she knew that there was something more to Mickey the first time she saw him.  It took a while for her to realize how much he meant to her, but the minute she did she knew she couldn't stay away from him.

Mickey: Chrissie the suspense is killing me.  You know how much I love you and I want to be with you forever.

Chrissie:  I'm trying to speak but I have seemed to have lost the ability.  I have to admit that I picture my future the same way, you are always in it.  I love you very much and I would be love to be your wife.

He places a ring on her finger that he picked out especially for her.  It was the most beautiful ring he could find as he knew she deserved the best. 

The rest of the night they spent looking into each others eyes as they talked about wedding dates.  Mickey poured them two glassed of champagne as they planned a long and happy life together.

 To be continued........

Authors Note-The proposal was supposed to take place in the balloon but for some reason the game glitched and the propose interaction was greyed out.  It worked for another couple in my game but for some reason wouldn't work for them, which I am not happy about.  At least we have the toast pictures.

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