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Chapter 67-Rise and Shine

The alarm clock rang Chrissie rushed to silence it quickly as she was afraid that it would wake up Dimitri. He told her many times not to set it and she could have sworn that she didn't.  She specifically remembered bringing it into the spare bedroom yesterday and she had no clue how it was back.  

Dimitri did not like being disturbed in the morning nor did he like the idea of her working. Chrissie always wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little girl and he just didn't understand what the job meant to her.  She heard him yawn and start to move around as the alarm did indeed wake him and she prepared herself as she knew he was going to be livid.

 Dimitri:  Chrissie how many times do I have to tell you not to set that alarm clock.

 Chrissie:  I'm sorry, Dimitri.  I didn't mean to wake you.  I was sure it was in the other room.

Dimitri: I seen you bring that damn thing in here last night and set it.  I told you to get it out of here, obviously you didn't. I can't figure out if you are just plain stupid or insane!

Chrissie:  I don't even remember doing that.  All I remember is bringing the clock into the other room.

Dimitri: Well you did. Are you calling me a liar?

Chrissie: No of course not, I would never do that.  As soon as I finish dressing for work, I'll bring the clock downstairs and I promise it will not disturb you again.

Dimitri:  Well it better not, you know how much I hate coming in second to that stupid job of yours. Sometimes I think you care more about those whiny snot nosed brats than you do for me.

Chrissie:  You know that isn't true.  You know I love you.

Dimitri:  You sure have a funny way of showing it.  I have to be woken up at this ungodly hour and then I have to spend the whole day by myself.   You should be here taking care of me instead of other people's brats.  I do not even understand the reason you feel it is necessary for you to work?  You have enough money to keep us living in style forever; there is absolutely no reason for it at all.

Chrissie:  I don't teach for the money, I enjoy my work.

Dimitri:  If you loved me you would be here with me, instead of doing God knows what with God knows who.

Chrissie:  Now you know I love you and I have always been true to you.

Dimitri: How do I know that?  All you ever do is lie to me.

Chrissie:  I promise you are the only man in my life and that I will make more time to take care of you.

Dimitri:  You come straight home after work today; I'll be waiting for you.

Chrissie: I have to do something after work today; my Uncle says he needs to discuss an important business matter with me.

Dimitri: Another excuse, who are you really meeting?

 Chrissie: My Uncle Ronny.  I'm telling you the truth.

Dimitri: Well you come straight home after that meeting.  Look at me Chrissie; you have things you need to do for me and you will do them.

Chrissie: Yes, I'll come straight home after that.  I promise.

Dimitri: Now that is my good girl.

Later on that day:

Providing knowledge and guidance to children was Ronny Landgraab's mission in life and one that he took pride in.  As a child he knew he wanted to teach and he planned to do so until the day he died. He accepted a teaching position at Aurora Skies Preparatory School after he graduated from University and now he was a principal.  He also assisted the witch’s council to teach young warlock how to develop their skills and he also was owner of an afterschool center.

Ronny knew he was not getting any younger and the time to get his affairs into order was now upon him.  As Ronny preferred mature women he had only one son, Kenton Landgraab who would inherit the bulk of his estate.  There were a few personal items with sentimental value that would be left to various family members including his brother Wolfie.  It was the afterschool center that he was concerned about most as he needed someone with the same passion for teaching as he did to run it and there was only one person who came to mind, his niece Chrissie.

When Chrissie arrived Ronny explained his intentions, she was honored that her uncle would entrust her with his life's work.  While she did not want to even think about her Uncle's passing she made a promise to him that she would take care of the afterschool center with pride.  It wasn't until she received the full tour that she realized Dimitri would not appreciate her taking on more responsibilities.  As it was he didn't even want her to work at the job she already had, but how could she disappoint her Uncle who was counting on her to continue his work after he was gone.  She truly loved working with the children and she wanted to do this, but she feared Dimitri's reaction to this news.  She was thinking about the best way to break the news to Dimitri when she literally ran into Mickey.

Chrissie:  My apologies, I should have been paying more attention to where I was going.

Mickey:  No worries about that.  Is everything ok?  You don't look like yourself today.

Chrissie: I just have a lot on my mind right now.

Mickey: Do you want to talk about it?

Mickey knew what the problem was right away; it was that boyfriend of hers again. When Mickey first met her he instantly liked her as she was so friendly with a smile that could brighten up the darkest day.  He was about to ask her out when he learned that she was already taken.  He chalked it up to his bad luck again; so many failed relationships in Isla Paridiso and now the first girl he really liked in his new home already had a boyfriend.  If he couldn't date her, he was happy to have her as a friend. As he got to know her better he started to notice there were many days she was troubled and needed a someone to talk to. To his dismay Dimitri was always in the center of it all and in the end Chrissie made up excuses of why she was to blame and not him.  He always wondered if Dimitri knew how lucky he was to have Chrissie in his life and how on Earth he could treat her so badly.

Chrissie: I just had a talk with Uncle Ronny and he wants me to work here and some day take over running the center for him.

Mickey: I think that is wonderful news, you are perfect for the job.  I usually come here after school is out to help out myself.  Your Uncle has set up a wonderful place for the children.

Chrissie: I agree I love this place and I always wanted to help out here after the school day was finished myself, but Dimitri doesn't like me being away from him so long.  I love my Uncle and I am honored that he would trust me so much and I can not disappoint him, but Dimitri just won't understand.

Mickey:  I've seen you with the children and I know how much you love teaching.  Your Uncle chose you for this job for a reason and it’s obvious this is something you want to do.  If Dimitri really loves you he will understand that and accept it.

Chrissie:  Maybe I just need to make more time for Dimitri and then I can show him my life can include both my work and him.  I'll just have to show Dimitri more attention.

Mickey:  Chrissie there are only so many hours in a day and only so much you can do. Dimitri should be happy for you right now.  I know if you...

Mickey stopped himself from finishing that statement, there was no point in talking about "ifs" as Chrissie wasn't his girl she was someone else's.  If she was his, he would shower her with love and spend the rest of his days making her happy.  That was just a dream that he had to accept would never come true and he would have to watch her live her life with someone who didn't appreciate her.

Chrissie: If I was?

Mickey: Nevermind Chrissie.  I think I better be getting home now, but if you need to talk more I'm only a phone call away.

Chrissie knew deep down that Mickey had a point but she was not going to admit it. She loved Dimitri and she thought Dimitri loved her in his own way.  

She knew he wouldn't be happy when she told him and she was expecting him to get angry, but his reaction to the news was worse than she feared.  Instead of yelling and shouting he completely shut down.  He wouldn't talk to her, wouldn't look at her absolutely no reaction at all.  The quiet was deafening and you could cut the tension with a knife. 

Chrissie went to bed and she made sure that the alarm was downstairs in the office and nowhere near the bedroom before she drifted off to sleep.  With the way Dimitri was feeling now she did not want to chance a repeat of this morning’s events to happen again tomorrow.

While she was sleeping, Dimitri opened the door and he placed the alarm clock on the end table by her side of the bed after he set it.

Dimitri: Sleep tight my darling.  We will continue this in the morning.

To Be Continued........

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chapter 66-Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Sitting in her bedroom Chrissie tried to drum up some enthusiasm for the night ahead of her but it just was not going to happen.  Here she was the head cheerleader, president of the student council and the homecoming queen yet she was the only girl in school who didn't have a date for the prom. She knew exactly what to expect from tonight as this happened at every school dance, all of her friends would be on the dance floor having fun while she watched from the side lines hoping that anyone would ask her to dance.  Thankfully graduation was just around the corner and this was the last time she had to suffer this humiliation.

To add some insult to injury, in the very next room her little sister Taylor was joyfully preparing herself for the dance.  She was fussing over every little detail making sure her hair, dress and make up was perfect.  Unlike Chrissie, Taylor had a date and was looking forward to this for weeks. She had been seeing Alvaro Kincaid for quite some time now and Chrissie was expected to tag along with them and play the role of the proverbial third wheel. She really wanted to stay home tonight but her father said that Taylor was too young to be out that late on her own and only agreed to let her go if Chrissie was there. Usually her mother stepped in on Taylor's behalf, but something about her mother's own Prom night and Taylor reminding her of herself made her agree with Dad on this. Chrissie felt she didn't have a choice in the matter, if she didn't go Taylor would be disappointed and Chrissie couldn't do that to her sister.

Cheech walked into the room and she gave him a big hug.  He was her loyal companion and he sensed that she needed some cheering up.  The one part of graduating and heading to university that upset her the most was leaving him for 4 years as dogs were not allowed. She was already missing Cheech and she gave him another big hug.  

Chrissie: Oh Cheech!  At least I know you will always love me.

Starr was passing by and heard the last statement made by her daughter,

Starr: What do you mean by that? We all love you.

Chrissie: No Mom, I don't mean you, Daddy or Taylor; I know you guys will always love me as I will always love all of you.  I just wish that someone.... anyone would ask me for a date and sometimes I feel I will never find anyone to love me.

Starr saw the look in her daughter’s eyes and wished she had some magical words that could take that pain away.  When she was smaller all she had to do was kiss the boo boo and all the pain was gone but those days were over.  Chrissie was growing into a beautiful young lady and she truly was a catch for any young man, she just had to wait for the right one.  

Starr: Not everyone can be like your Grandma who finds her true love in high school.  It took years before I knew your father was the one for me.  When we met love was the furthest thing from my mind, but your father was persistent and I fell in love with him. You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you so there is plenty of time. Someday when you least expect it and when you aren't looking for love, he will walk into your life and you will meet the one.

Chrissie: Mom, I don't want to go on that TV show.

Starr: That is not something I expect you to do.  Your sister would, but not you.

Maybe her mother was right and she would meet someone at university, she wasn't sure of anything and somehow she had to get through this night.  She got herself dressed and unfortunately her mother the photographer just had to take pictures so they could remember this God forsaken night forever.  

She put a fake smile on her face and posed for pictures with Taylor and Alvaro.  She wondered how much more humiliation one person could be forced to endure in one night? She didn't know the answer but she was sure she was about to find out.
Later on that summer:

Summer was almost over and it was soon time for Chrissie to leave for university. During these last few weeks she spent as much time with Cheech as she possibly could as she was going to miss him terribly. 

She was walking him in the park when she noticed a man was following her.  At first she was worried but she had Cheech with her and no one was going to hurt her with Cheech around.  He started to approach her and Cheech started to growl, the closer he got the more Cheech growled.

Dimitri: Miss Can you call your dog off.  I have been enchanted by your beauty all day and I just wanted to talk to you.

Chrissie felt herself blushing as couldn't believe that this fine looking man was not only talking to her but paying her compliments. She commanded Cheech to calm down but he was still on guard as he took an instant dislike to this man.

Chrissie: I'm sorry; I'm not sure what has gotten into him today.  Cheech is usually a friendly dog.

Dimitri: Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dimitri Bautista.  And you are?

Chrissie: Chrissie, Chrissie Slayer.

Dimitri: A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.  I was wondering if you would do me the pleasure of having dinner with me this Friday night.  Maybe a movie afterwards?

Chrissie: You want to go out?  With me?

Dimitri: Well yes I would, that is if you are not busy.  I'm sure a beauty such as you must already have a boyfriend.

Chrissie: No, I actually do not have a boyfriend at the moment and I would love to go out with you on Friday night.

Dimitri: Until we meet again my queen.

Cheech started to bark and he went to attack Dimitri after he seen Dimitri kiss Chrissie's hand.

Chrissie: Cheech no!  Bad Dog.  I'm sorry; I really do not understand why he is acting this way.

Dimitri: its ok he probably needs more time to get familiar with me, and I do hope I will get that chance.  I will call you tonight.

Later that night and every night after that, Chrissie waited for Dimitri's call and they spent hours on the phone.  He was in her thoughts from the moment she woke up in the morning until she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep at night.  Even her dreams were all of Dimitri and how someday she would marry him and they would live happily ever after, he had become an obsession.   While she was at university he would send her flowers every day and visited as often as he could.   He promised to wait for Chrissie to return home if she remained true to him.  She stayed away from mostly everyone at university and refused all other boys who did ask her out for dates.

4 Years Later:

When she returned home she told her parents that she accepted a job offer at Aurora Skies Preparatory School and that she wanted to move out to live with Dimitri.  Nick was not a happy camper about this whole situation.  According to him there was no man alive who he would ever consider suitable to date one of his daughters but there was something about this Dimitri that just rubbed him the wrong way.  Starr was in agreement with her husband on this, Chrissie was getting into this relationship way too fast.  Even though Starr was no longer a wolf she never lost her sixth sense which told her that Dimitri was trouble.  She knew better than to forbid her daughter from seeing him as that would be the quickest way to drive her closer to him.  She did try to explain to her daughter to keep her options open and that she didn't have to fall for the first guy who interested in her.  There were plenty of men out there and if she closed her mind she might miss out on the perfect one.  All of Starr's warnings fell on deaf ears as Chrissie was sure she already met the perfect one.

The next day she met with her Uncle Ronny who was principal at the school.  

Chrissie:  Thank you for the job offer, but are you sure you didn't show any favoritism, Uncle.

Ronny:  I assure you that I would hire anyone with your school record at this very school and your grades at university.  You got this job on your own merit but you will always be one of my favorite nieces.

Chrissie:  Well you know I always wanted to be a teacher and I do hope I will be able to start an afterschool ecology club to help with the family’s mission.

Ronny: My dear of course you are able to and my brother has already donated money from Landgraab Industries to support it.

Chrissie: I can always count on Grandpa Wolfie's support.  Can you show me around now?  I'm dying to jump right into work.

Ronny: I do need to ask you to wait a couple of minutes before we go inside and I assign you a class room, as I am waiting on another new teacher to show up.  He just called me a few minutes ago asking for directions and he is running a little late.  He just relocated from Isla Paridiso and is new to Aurora Skies. 

Ronny: Oh here he is now.

Ronny: Chrissie I would like to introduce you to Mickey Seaworthy and Mickey this is my niece Chrissie Slayer.  

Chrissie: It's wonderful to meet you and welcome to Aurora Skies.

Mickey:  I'm very pleased to meet you and now I am sure I am going to love it here.

To be continued.....

I would like to thank ShaliANel for Mickey Seaworthy; here is the link to her Sims 4 blog  and her Sims 3 blog  where you can read her awesome stories.

Bonus Shot:

Chrissie was not supposed to be happy about the prom so I couldn't use this in the story, but I had to show this picture anyways