Caleb's Bachelor Challenge

For this challenge I will be following these rules.  I will be making the following changes:

I will increase the meet and greet to 3 days, so no one will be voted off until day #4.

Any interaction on free will, whether friendly, mean or romantic is allowed.  I will be playing hands off.

As you all know Caleb is a vampire and although a refrigerator is not allowed he will have one in his room only and he will have plasma fruit in his inventory.  His room will be off limits to all the ladies until a winner is determined.  To keep things fair I will not direct him to drink from any of the contestants but if this is done on free will it is allowed.

I will make sure that all have the No Jealousy and Above Approach LTRs.

I will not be controlling anyone except for needs especially before a one on one date session.

Move Out time will be changed to Noon, and I will be using Master Controller to determine relationship score.

Good Luck to all of the ladies.

Prologue-Lets Do This.
Chapter 1-Meeting the Ladies
Chapter 2-Uh Oh! Here Comes Trouble
Chapter 3-You Vampire You!
Chapter 4-Are You Really Trying To Win This Thing Or Not?
Chapter 5-Check Mate
Chapter 6-Lets Get Physical
Chapter 7.1-The Finale pt 1
Chapter 7.2-The Finale pt 2
Chapter 7.3-The Finale pt 3

Cast of Characters

The Ladies (In order of their first appearance)  I would like to thank their creator's for allowing me to use them in this fun challenge.

Crystal Light by PinkSparkles3475

Cody Moore-Arroyo by Vuneca

Kazzata Cashingale by Rawla

Peyton Yevari by HollyHocksFluff

Vixen Wood by Shafer249

Rebecca Lee-Ann Abbott by SOnet104

Lenora Atherton by Sweetnighingale

Siobhan De La Rosa by ShaliANel

Hope Gruber by Jazen

Chandell Scott by Littleminxundr

And of course Our Bachelor

Caleb McIntyre

Stay tuned for The Wedding!

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