Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chapter 52-Cousins Once Removed

We are starting off with the house tour


Dining Room

Living Room

Party Room

Spencer's Room

Katherine's Room

Starr's Room

Back Yard  Ok house tour finished back to the story.

As usual Starr slept in and was going to be late for class, so Katherine went to wake her up and this is what she found.  That was the last straw, Katherine had enough of Starr and the way she manipulated poor Spencer.  It was bad enough when Starr was flirting with Spencer just to get him to do her work, but now she was sleeping with him too.

It broke her heart to see them lying together because she knew Starr didn't love him but she did. Spencer was infatuated with Starr and he thought the sun rose and set on her.  If Starr said jump, Spencer asked how high?  The whole scene got Katherine sick because she knew what would eventually happen.  Starr would be off after some new hot piece of action and Spencer would be heart broken yet again.  Well heartbroken until Starr needed something from him than she would be back.

Why couldn't he see she was not the one for him.  He was such a sweet, loving and caring man who needed someone who appreciated him and someone who truly loved him.  This was a train wreck waiting to happen and Katherine did not want to witness any more of it.

She picked up the phone and called Jules, her father.

Katherine: Dad why do I have to share this house with her!  I hate, hate, hate her!  You know she doesn't take any of this seriously.

Our first day here Spencer and I went straight to work,

but Starr had other ideas, she thinks this just a big game!

There have been nights when she doesn't even come back to the house, I haven't a clue as to what she does out there all those hours.  All I know is that she has been found outside of her classes in her sleeping bag.

Those are the days I look forward to because when she is home she is a slob, leaves her dishes around and throws her clothes all over the place.  She thinks I'm her maid or something and that my sole purpose in life is to serve her.

She never does any of her assignments and she is always asking poor Spencer to complete them for her and somehow she passes all her test.

Yet this is not the worst, I was trying to study and she threw a bonfire party right from our house without even asking me if I minded. Loud music, people everywhere, they were all super juiced and then the party got a little bit wild.

Starr and another girl decided to go skinny dipping which made several others take all of their clothes off and start running around completely naked.

They must be corrupting Spencer because he sat back and enjoyed the show!

I didn't get any sleep that night because the party was still going strong at the break of dawn.

Please Daddy next semester can I transfer or move into the dorms.

I know we are the Woods and we don't have the same kind of money the Landgraabs have.

Cousin Wolfie was generous enough to help with the tuition and I will always appreciate everything he has done for me, but I am miserable living here.

Alright Daddy you are right, we are halfway through and at least Spencer is here I like him.  I just wish he would stop pining away for Starr, all she does is use him.  I'll bear with it for a little while longer but after we graduate, I am keeping my distance from Starr.

If she was going to have to live in that house she was going to try and talk some sense into Spencer. He had to have some kind of self respect for himself, maybe he just needed someone to tell him that he deserved better.  Katherine decided that person was going to be her.

Katherine:  We have been sharing this house for a while now and I hope you don't mind but don't you think that its time to let Starr do her own work.  She is taking advantage of your good nature.

Spencer: You don't understand she isn't taking advantage, I want to help her.   She is a very talented artist and those are the classes where she excels in.  I just help her get by on the other classes.

Katherine:  You know as well as I do that its dishonest and its considered cheating.

Spencer:  I don't take any of her tests, that she does on her own and she still passes everything.

Spencer: I do get as much as I give with Starr. I thank you for your concern but I know what I'm doing and I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of.  I really need to get ready for class, talk to you later.

Katherine sat there still bewildered that Spencer wouldn't even listen to logic.  They say love is blind but in Spencer's case it was deaf and dumb too.  Her conscience should have felt clear, after all she did try to help him.

Katherine: Oh Spencer why can't you see that she is not the one for you, you need someone who will love and respect you.  You need someone more like me.

As she spoke the words, she realized for the first time why all of this was bothering her.  Her own feelings for Spencer were more than friendly, but he was in love with Starr who couldn't care less for him.

Katherine did made one big mistake, she thought Starr was still out from the night before but she wasn't.  Starr usually sat on the floor of the living room while sketching, most of the time behind the staircase where no one could see her.

When Starr heard her name being mentioned she stopped sketching and started listening.  She heard the entire conversation and now she knew how her cousin really felt about Spencer.  Well if that bitch thought she was going to get her claws into Spencer she had another thing coming to her. Tonight she planned on rocking Spencer's world and tomorrow she would crush Katherine's.

First she asked Katherine to do her a favor, to wake her up early the next morning as she had an early class and than she called Spencer to her room.  When he arrived she was in her lingerie waiting for him.

She asked him to join her on the bed and it wasn't long before she was all over him.  She knew the day would come where she would have to do more than flirting with him to keep his interest and she was ready to give him the night of his life.   Now that Katherine was on the prowl and ready to stake her claim, this became a priority.

This might have been the first time they woohooed but it wouldn't be the last.  Maybe Spencer wasn't the life of the party, but he was another man in the bedroom.  She thought about asking him to move into her room but he used the word "love" way too much.  Starr was used to having him around and she didn't want to see him with another girl especially Katherine, but she couldn't say that she was in love with him.  Loving him or any man was completely out of the question, she had plans for her life and they didn't include settling down with a husband and raising kids.  She wanted to travel and see the world and she sure as hell was going to.

The true highlight of the whole night was knowing that Katherine was going to walk into this bedroom in the morning and figure out what they did the night before.  She really wished she had her camera with her for this was a Kodak moment.  The look on Katherine's face when she found them would be priceless.  No one messes with Starr McIntyre.

To be continued.....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chapter 51-The Prodigal Returns

Time went by and before anyone knew it was the twins birthdays.  First was Lauren than Robin.

Lauren as a toddler.

Robin as a toddler.

The happy faces from the celebration soon changed as this day took a tragic turn.  Chris' time was up and Grim arrived to collect his soul.  Chris went willingly as he knew he would be joining Rose. Had it not been for her, he would have never had a second chance to lead a full life.

Chris left behind an estate worth billions including controlling interest of Landgraab Industries.  His last will and testament stipulated that 51% of the stock would belong to all legal and blood heirs of the Landgraab family.  Each family member would control their own 2% of the stock and the remainder would be under Wolfie's control. Chris had already named Wolfie as CEO and he would retain that position until he decided to step down.   At that time Wolfie would appoint another family member as his successor.  No family member is allowed to sell their shares to anyone outside of the family and all transfers would have to be approved by Wolfie.

The funeral arrangements were discussed the next day.  Sandi mentioned to her father that Denny was living in Aurora Skies and they might want to include him.  Even though he never knew his grandfather, Denny might want the chance to pay his last respects.  Wolfie agreed that Denny should be notified and given the option to attend.  Sandi picked up the phone to call her brother but Wolfie thought it best for the news to be delivered in person by him.  Denny may recognize another man as his father, but it was Landgraab blood running through his veins.

At the Goodfellow house:

While Denny was playing with his daughter Cory he received a phone call from Sandi.  She let him know that she was coming over with their father as they had some news to tell him.  When he hung up he went to look for his wife.

Denny: My father and my sister are on their way over here.  They are reaching out to me which is a good and it will help our plan.  In order for this to work, I need to be on friendly terms with both of them.

Gretchen: Dear this is bad timing, Johnny is on his way over here.  You were supposed to give him his travel plans.  He needs to be on that plane to Egypt first thing in the morning.

Denny:  You are right they can't see Johnny, we have to get word to him.  Call him up and tell him to go out and do something until they leave.  I don't care what he does as long as the warlock doesn't see him.

As Sandi talked with Gretchen who she already knew, Wolfie tried to bond with his son.  He always regretted agreeing to the adoption so easily because Pip always interfered when Wolfie tried to contact Denny.  He was led to believe this was a friendly agreement just for legal purposes and that a relationship was still possible.  The thought that Denny didn't want a relationship with his bio dad did cross Wolfie's mind.  He already knew how Sandi felt about Dahlia, but Wolfie still tried to reach out to his son anyway.

The last time Wolfie heard from the Goodfellows is when they asked for money to help pay for Denny's education which he sent without a second thought.  After that phone numbers were changed and all letters were returned. He thought he would never see Denny again, but now that Denny was an adult and Pip was no where to be seen, Wolfie gave this one last try.

Wolfie: Last night your grandfather passed away.  I know you never knew him in life but we are having a service and if you would like to attend you are more than welcome.

Denny: I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sorry I never had the chance to meet him.  I would like the opportunity to say goodbye.

Wolfie:  I think my father would have been proud to see what a fine young man you grew into and I hope now that we are all living in the same city that we could get to know to each other better.  Pip is the man that raised you and I would never try to take his place, but you still have plenty of family here.

Denny:  I would appreciate that more than you know.

Denny introduced his father to his wife and daughter as he pretended they could all be one big happy family. This did not change anything, he still felt the same hatred for the father and the family that rejected him.   Denny may have seemed to be on friendly terms but he continued to purchase as much stock in Landgraab Industries as he able.

By the time Starr's birthday arrived.....

Denny had wormed his way into the family.

The prodigal may have returned but his dark secrets of the past were always were always right behind him.  He was too arrogant to believe he would ever have to answer for his crimes, but no one, not even the Don can escape karma.

Time for Starr to make a wish.  She wisely didn't tell anyone what she wished for and that was to run into Giancarlo again now that she would be old enough.

Oh well time to open the birthday presents to see if anyone gave her a decent outfit to wear.

Starr as a young adult.  Due to the fact that her grades were not good a trait was chosen for her. Spencer was able to do her homework and assignments, but he wasn't able to take her midterms and finals.  Doesn't matter because Starr always seems to land on her feet, she was given the perfectionist trait.  Not too shabby.

Generation #5 Artistic, Eccentric, Party Animal, Photographer's Eye and Perfectionist.

Lifetime Wish-World Class Gallery


Unfortunately Spencer couldn't take her University Aptitude Test so she had to do them herself.

Again Starr landed on her feet and she will be majoring in Fine Arts, that was if her social calendar allowed it.

University was going to be a blast!  This Starr was sure of.   There would be a party to go to every night, and she was going to attend them all.  No parents to stop her, she was on her own to do whatever she pleased.  All of this would have been perfect, if she didn't have straight laced little Mary Sunshine with her.  Four years with Katherine was going to be hell.  At least Spencer would be there, he was just as much fun as Katherine which doesn't say much for him, but at least he served a purpose.   She still had the ability to con him into doing anything she wish.  All she had to do was flirt a little and he was putty in her hands.

Katherine: We aren't the best of friends, but lets try to make the best of this.  As long as you are quiet we will get along fine.

Starr:  Quiet, sure yes I'll be quiet in the mornings when I'm nursing a hangover. Don't worry I won't disturb you, but I might want to throw a party or two.  I hope you don't mind.

To be continued......

Bonus shots:

Valerie I don't know what to do with you.  I give you one of the best looking sims I ever created to have babies with and you are always a wolf, which means you are not getting pregnant.  Caleb may have to wait for some babies.

Everybody into the pool!

Sorry for the walls being down on this one but this caught me by surprise.  I know this is a real danger when you change baby boys in real life but this is the first time I seen it in game.  I don't know if anyone else knew but it was a first for me.  Robin's hygiene bar was red after this as was Sandi's and there was a puddle on the floor.

I didn't mention it before but both babies are witches.

A small memorial for Chris: