Friday, July 15, 2016

Chapter 79-Whose Fault is it Anyway?

A girlfriend? Did he actually bring a girlfriend with him? This was supposed to be a weekend just for the guys. No girls were allowed. He understood why Cassidy wanted a girlfriend but he should have left her behind where she belonged. Shanta was pissed at him because he made sure she wouldn’t be around but Cassidy just had to bring that Javiera person with him. Didn’t Cassidy realize that girls would come and go but best friends last forever? Bae couldn’t even believe his best buddy didn’t even tell him that he was seeing someone. They always told each other everything that happened in their lives but that was until now. Cassidy never said one word about her.

“It’s nice to meet you Bae,” Javiera said as she extended her hand to shake Bae’s hand. “Cassidy has told me so much about you.”

Bae paused for a moment as he didn’t want to shake her hand. He didn’t know why but there was something about her that he just didn’t like. After a few moments had passed, reluctantly he grasped her hand and obliged. “I wish I could say the same as Cassidy has not said anything to me about you” Bae answered.

“Bae I’m sorry to surprise you like this but I couldn’t wait for the two of you to meet each other. She is majoring in Oceanography, we met in Marine Biology class,” Cassidy answered.

“Cas told me you will be joining us as soon as you graduate,” Javiera said.

“That was the plan Cassidy and I had talked about. We planned on studying together.” Bae said.

“Well now there will be three of us studying together,” Cassidy said.

This day seemed to be getting better and better for Bae. Now she was going to study with them! Bae knew it would be difficult as Cassidy would be ahead of him but now there would be two of them ahead of him. There was still a year and a half before Bae left for university so maybe Cassidy would come to his senses by then and dump her.

“Why don’t you call Shanta and the four of us can go sailing?” Cassidy asked.

Shanta was still angry at him because he told her that he was unable to go to her party which was later on that night. Wasn’t this an ironic turn of events. His girlfriend was angry at him and Cassidy brought this bimbo with him. Since she was around there really wasn’t any reason why he shouldn’t go to Shanta’s party.

“Maybe tomorrow we can do that as today is Shanta’s birthday,” Bae said.

“It’s her birthday. That is wonderful but why weren’t you planning on spending the day with her?” Cassidy asked.

“She is having a party later on,” Bae answered.

“She didn’t invite you?” Cassidy asked.

“Yes she did and she extended the invitation to you also but I didn’t accept as we planned to hang out together,” Bae said.

“Sure it would great to finally meet Shanta. Maybe than the four of us could make plans for tomorrow together” Cassidy said.

Shanta wouldn’t have a reason to be angry at him as it would make her happy that he showed up. That would get Cassidy away from Javiera for the evening too and maybe Bae could talk to him without her around. A double date sounded like a good idea for tomorrow too. The girls would probably chit chat with each other and he could spend time with Cassidy. He called Shanta to tell her that he reconsidered and would be attending the party after all. She was happy to hear this and she wasn’t angry with him any longer. Bae thought at least one problem was solved. Little did he know things were about to get worse than they were before.

Later on at the party:

Shanta was thrilled that Bae changed his mind and would be attending the party after all. She loved Bae with all her heart but sometimes she worried as he was always sending her mixed signals. Every weekend they would go out and he was always sweet to her on their dates but the minute he talked about Cassidy or the future he always seemed distant. She would always start to worry about their relationship during those times but then he would do something sweet and she would forget all of her worries. It was just like with this party he said he wasn’t going to come but in the end he didn’t disappoint her and he showed up.

“Happy Birthday Babe” Bae said as he entered. He gave her a kiss and he handed her a package. “I have a little something for the prettiest girl in Isla Paradiso.”

She smiled and blushed, “You didn’t have to as you being here is just the present I wanted tonight.”

“I hope the invitation for Cassidy was still open because he will be here soon?” Bae asked.

“Well of course it is. I know you two are best friends and as I said the more the merrier” she said.

Things changed as soon as Cassidy walked in as Javiera was with him. Bae couldn’t believe he brought her with him and Shanta noticed that Bae’s attitude changed as soon as they arrived. Shanta was gracious and greeted her guests but she was not happy at all. Everything became clear to her the minute she found out that Cassidy brought a girlfriend home with him this weekend. The only reason that Bae showed up was because she was here and this weekend was no longer just for the guys. She was sure that if Cassidy had come home alone as Bae expected him to he wouldn’t have come to the party. For now she wouldn’t say anything as she didn’t want to cause a scene. This was her party and she would be damned if anything was going to ruin it.

After the party ended and all of the other guests left, Bae stayed a little longer to say goodnight to his girlfriend privately. This is when Shanta decided it was time to confront Bae with her suspicions. “Bae, I think we need to talk,” she said.

“I wanted to ask you something also,” he said “Would you like to go out and we can double with Cassidy and that girlfriend of his?”

“So now I’m ok to be included in your weekend plans?” she asked “What made you change your mind and decide to come after all? You were so adamant that this weekend was only supposed to be for the guys.”

Bae didn’t know what to say as he didn’t want to lie but he knew if he told the truth she would be upset. “Um… well…”

“Ok how about if I make this easier on you,” she said. “Did you change your mind because Cassidy brought Javiera with him? Is that the only reason you showed up here tonight and asked me out for tomorrow?”

“Well yes and no.” Bae answered. “Javiera coming may have been the reason I changed my mind but I’m glad that I came.” He looked deeply into her eyes and said “you looked beautiful tonight and you know how much I like you. You’re my girl and this is where I should be.”

“So that does mean the only reason you came was because of Javiera and not because I was important to you!” she yelled at him.

Bae seen the look on her face and he knew she was hurt. He felt bad and he didn’t know what to do to make her feel better. “But you are important to me,” he said “There isn’t any other girl I want to be with.”

“That’s right another girl is not the problem but you will toss me aside for your friend,” she yelled. “Bae just leave and come back when I am as important to you as your friend!”

Bae walked away feeling guilty because he knew she was angry and hurt. He decided to go to talk to Cassidy like he always did when he had a problem. However when he went there Cassidy was preoccupied.  He was too busy being all lovey dovey with Javiera so he walked away without saying anything. Bae figured she had to be a witch because she cast some kind of spell on his best friend. Cassidy was not the same person anymore as it was clear she had changed him.

He was still upset when he arrived home but his spirits picked up a little when Cheech ran up to greet him.  

He seen that his mother baked some chocolate chip cookies which were his favorite. Comfort food is exactly what he needed and Mom always seemed to know when he could use some. When he walked into the dining room he saw that both of his parents were waiting for him. This was strange because they usually watched TV until they knew he arrived home safely and on time.

“Thanks for the cookies Mom,” he said. “I really needed them tonight.”

“Your mother and I need to have a talk with you,” Mickey said as Bae sat down at the dining room table.

“Sure what about,” Bae said.

“I’m sure you noticed that your mother has not been feeling well lately,” Mickey said.

“Yes I have. Mom you said you thought it was a stomach virus. Is there something else wrong?” Bae asked.

“No Bae everything is fine,” Chrissie answered. “In fact the doctor has given me a clean bill of health.”

“There is something that you need to know,” Mickey said.

“I’m going to have a baby so you are going to have a little brother or sister very soon,” Chrissie said.

Things were already bad enough for Bae and he thought that coming home would make everything better.  Now he had to deal with the fact that his parents were still doing it which is something he never wanted to think about. “Great.  Perfect ending to a perfect day ” Bae said with very little enthusiasm as he placed both elbows on the table and held his head with his hand.

“Are you ok with this?” Chrissie said. “Your father and I hoped that you would be happy to welcome a new member of the family but you look as if you just lost your best friend.”

“I didn’t lose my best friend yet,” Bae said, “but I think I did lose my girlfriend.”

Mickey looked at Chrissie and she didn’t need to read his mind to know that her husband thought it best for him to handle this situation. She went upstairs to rest and left father and son alone to talk.

Bae told his father everything about Shanta’s party, Cassidy, Javiera and he didn’t leave out any details. His parents never used their mind reading abilities as they didn't need them.  They always were able to read him like a book but they never judged him and would always help him out with all of his problems.

“Son, you do realize that all relationships are based on respect, honesty, trust and communication. You made a promise to Shanta which she trusted you to keep. Shanta was willing to compromise for you but you were not willing to do the same for her” Mickey said.

“Cassidy coming home was very important to me” Bae said.

“Shanta knew that which is why she was willing to work with you on this.  Your promise was very important to Shanta. Don’t you think you could have made some time for her and kept your promise?” Mickey asked.

“I didn't think about that at the time but now everything is a mess. I really do like her and I feel guilty about hurting her,” Bae answered “I want to keep seeing her but I don’t know if she will.”

“Then you are just going to have to consider her feelings more and convince her that you want to stay in this relationship” Mickey said.

“How do I do that?” Bae asked, “She hates me right now.”

“If she is this important to you the only thing you can do is be sincere and honest when you talk to her” Mickey said. "Just speak from your heart as that is all you can do."

Bae went upstairs to bed but could hardly sleep as the events of the day went through his mind. He paced the floor of his room the entire night.  If only he knew that Javiera was coming he would have never broken his promise to Shanta and Shanta wouldn’t be angry with him. He couldn’t even talk to his best friend because Javiera was always clinging and hanging onto Cassidy. She even had to show up at that party tonight and she caused a whole bunch of trouble. Now he had a mess to clean up and it was all Javiera's fault.

To be continued………