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Chapter 71-I Object!

How she was going to tell Dimitri to leave without hurting his feelings was the only question on Chrissie's mind.  She knew there wouldn't be an easy way to say or do this but it was clear to her that it had to be done.  

She felt safe, comfortable and loved sitting there with Mickey's arms around her. Staying with Dimitri only for him to help her end her episodes was wrong and she couldn't do it. Like it or not she had to face the music and seek professional help, even if it meant she would face charges for her actions.  Whatever happened she knew she wouldn't be alone as Mickey promised to stand by her.

She knew that Dimitri would be home soon and she planned to tell him immediately as there seemed no reason to prolong the inevitable.  Mickey wanted to stay with her to provide moral support but she insisted that this was something she needed to do on her own.  Against his better judgment as Mickey did not trust Dimitri he did agree to leave, but he did tell her to call him if there was any trouble as he would be there in an instant. She gave him a kiss goodnight and promised she would see him tomorrow.  He was still worried about Chrissie being alone with Dimitri as he was sure Dimitri was not going to walk away quietly.

When he stepped out he realized in his haste to talk to Chrissie earlier today, he left some papers he needed to grade at the afterschool center.  He knew he had no choice but to return there to retrieve them.  

About 15 minutes after Mickey left, Dimitri arrived home and found Chrissie waiting up for him.  He was able to tell that something was off with her and that he needed to move fast.  He almost blew this whole scam with the old man so he couldn't waste any more time.  He had to marry the little twit immediately, and he planned to use any means necessary to do so.

Dimitri:  I didn't know you would still be awake, I thought you would be in bed by now.

Chrissie: I waited up for you as we need to have a serious talk.

Dimitri: Can it wait as I have something I want to ask you and this is important.

Chrissie:  No, I'm sorry it can't because I am having a difficult time finding the right words to tell you this as I don't want to hurt you.  I'm sorry Dimitri, but I think it best if we both went our separate ways.  I think we should break up.

Dimitri: Break Up?  I bought you a ring today and I was just about to ask you to marry me and you want to break up?

Chrissie:  I'm sorry but I believe it’s for the best for both of us.  I'm sure you will find another girl who is much better for you than I am.

Dimitri: I don't want another girl!   I want you and you will marry me whether you like it or not!

 Chrissie:  I can't marry you as I don't love you.

Dimitri:  I don't know who turned you against me but this stops here.  Chrissie I have things for you to do and you are going to do them.

Chrissie: Yes Dimitri.

Dimitri: We are leaving this house tonight and we are going to find a wedding chapel. When you are asked if you will take me for your lawful wedded husband your answer will be I do.  Your punishment will be dealt with on our honeymoon for this whole breakup idea, and you will accept your punishment willingly.  Do you understand me Chrissie?

Chrissie: Yes Dimitri.

Dimitri:  Now that’s my good girl.  Now go upstairs and pack our bags, make sure you pack your sexiest lingerie and my leather belt as we will need that.  I always told you there would be punishment if you tried to leave me.

Chrissie: Yes Dimitri.

 Dimitri:  Well hop to it, I don't have all day.  Break up, yeah like I would ever let that happen.

At the Afterschool Center:

Mickey arrived to pick up his papers and found Ronny Landgraab on the floor. 

He immediately called for an ambulance and tried to administer CPR but it was too late. Ronny had passed away from a heart attack.  

Uncle Ronny as he insisted Mickey call him was a well respected man that he looked up to.  Chrissie loved him so and he knew she was not going to take his passing well at all.

After the paramedics transported his body to the morgue, Mickey needed to call Chrissie so she could inform the family of their loss.  Telling her this news at this particular time was not going to be easy but the family had to know.  He tried her on his cell phone but she didn't answer.   He didn't have Chrissie's parents or grandparent’s number but this information had to be in the address book Ronny kept in his desk.  As he went to look for the phone numbers he found two envelopes on the desk that worried him.  One said police evidence RE: Dimitri Bautista and Dahlia Goodfellow and the other was addressed to Chrissie.  Mickey didn't like the one labeled police evidence and since the envelope was not sealed he opened it up and found the recording.  He played the recording and couldn't believe what he heard, Chrissie was in trouble.  That bastard was using hypnosis on her and he planned to make her kill herself.   There was nothing wrong with her and she never had one of those episodes that she worried about.  It was all Dimitri and his manipulation. He needed to contact the police and find her at once before Dimitri could harm her in any way.

He called the police department and asked to speak to Sandi or Caleb McIntyre immediately as it was an emergency, luckily they were able to contact Caleb who dispatched a car to Chrissie's house and one to the afterschool center.  He told Mickey to let the police handle this but there was no way on Earth anyone was going to keep him from Chrissie when she was with that maniac.  He left the afterschool center as soon as the police arrived and drove as quickly as he could to Chrissie's house.

When Mickey arrived at the house no one was there but he found brochures on the desk for the Up all Night Wedding Chapel.  He knew Dimitri was putting his plan in motion and he needed to stop that ceremony immediately.  As he was going out he received a text from Chrissie, all it said was "Help Me"  Mickey took off in a flash.

At the Wedding Chapel:

Chrissie didn't understand anything that was happening to her.  She wanted to break up with Dimitri but now she found herself walking into a wedding chapel with him. She tried to say no and get away but she couldn't control her own actions. She felt as if she was watching herself from afar and she was unable to help herself in any way.  She was able to send a text to Mickey asking for help and she prayed he would be able to find her and stop this whole thing.  She actually signed the papers for the marriage license, even though she didn't want to. Why couldn't she say no or stop herself?  She wanted to but couldn't.

Dimitri didn't like the idea they had to wait for morning to get the license.  Time was of the essence as something had happened to make him lose his grip on her; the hypnosis was not working like it usually did.  She was coming out from under his control and there wasn't much time before he would lose it altogether. He got the license as quickly as he could and he rushed them over to the wedding chapel.  Something changed that made her want to break up with him, and it had to be the same reason his was losing his control over her. Whatever it was he had to get the control back and they had to be married.  He had no choice but to get physical with her and he would take care of that the minute they got back to the hotel. That little bitch was going to find out what happened when he got angry.

They sat waiting for their names to be called and when they were tears came to Chrissie's eyes.  She prayed that she would find the strength in her not to go through with the ceremony but every time she opened her mouth to say the words nothing came out.

As she heard the minister say the words "Dearly Beloved" she hoped and prayed that something would stop all of this.

Mickey arrived outside of the chapel and rushed right in.  He said he was there to be a witness for the Slayer/Bautista wedding and asked to be directed to the room.  As he opened the door he heard the minister say the words he was hoping to hear.

Minister: If there is anyone here present who can show just cause why these two may not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Mickey: I object!

Dimitri: What the fuck are you doing here?  You just made a big mistake!

Minister: Young man, what is your reason for your objection.

Mickey:  I'm in love with this girl and I know she is in love with me.  If you allow me to talk to her for a moment.  I am sure she will understand why this wedding cannot go on.

Dimitri:  Just go away and we will pretend that you did not say anything.

Mickey: Chrissie, you have to listen to this.

Mickey just clicked on the recording and Chrissie heard the whole conversation between Dimitri and Dahlia every last word.  It was then that she totally snapped out for under Dimitri's control.  She almost married this monster, a monster who wanted to kill her for her money.  She never had one single episode, that monster made her believe that she was a monster.  And to think that less than 24 hours ago she was worried about hurting HIS feelings!  How could she be so dumb!  All she could think about was getting away from him but first she had something she needed to do.  She needed to get even!

Chrissie:  May we get on with the ceremony?

Dimitri: Why yes my dear, I knew you wouldn't see it my way.

Dimitri put a smug look on his face as he was ready to claim victory and Mickey stood there in disbelief.  How could she still want to marry him?  As Dimitri moved closer, Chrissie made a move as if she was ready to kiss him but instead when he got close to her she let him have it and kneed him right in the cojones.  Dimitri fell to the floor in dire pain as Mickey started to laugh.

Chrissie: You miserable bastard.  I hope you rot in HELL!  Come on Mickey, lets get out of here!

On the way home Mickey had to give her the sad news about Uncle Ronny and needless to say Chrissie was devastated.  Chrissie asked that Mickey bring her to her parents house as she needed and wanted to see them. When they got there they learned that the security tapes at the afterschool center showed Dimitri walking away from her Uncle at the time the pain hit for the heart attack.  Her Uncle could have lived if he had received medical attention in time.  Was there no end to this nightmare?

Chrissie decided to move back in with her parents as there were many painful memories of Dimitri in that house and she knew she couldn't return there.  Mickey offered to bring Cheech over and pack up Chrissie's belongings.  Starr and Nick placed the house up for sale immediately.

The funeral was planned for the next day and friends and family would gather to pay their respects to Ronald Emmett Landgraab, a man who devoted his life to the education of the youth and one who gave up his life to protect the family’s mission.

To be continued....

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chapter 70-It's a Heartache

Spending an afternoon shopping with Taylor, was always something that Chrissie always looked forward to but not today as she expected her sister to talk endlessly about her new boyfriend.  It seems that cousin Chelsea was doing a little matchmaking while she spent her time on "The One"   Chelsea asked one of the bachelor's Heath Black to deliver a message to Taylor.  What he didn't know is that message was a secret code between the two girls for "Here's a hunk for you.  Enjoy!"  Chelsea could have never predicted that the two would fall head over heels in love at first sight, but that is exactly what had happened.

The two sisters stopped for lunch and again the topic of conversation was how happy Taylor was with Heath.  Her every waking thought was of Heath and she went on and on about the little things he would do for her.  

Every night he would stop by with a bouquet of flowers and occasions like their 1 week or 2 week anniversary did not go unnoticed. Her face lit up when she talked about him and she was practically glowing. 

Anyone including Chrissie could see that Heath looked at Taylor as if she were the only woman on Earth.

When Chrissie returned home she wondered why Taylor was always the lucky one who got everything perfectly right from the beginning.  Chrissie never had that type of relationship with Dimitri. At one time Chrissie thought she had, but the events of a cold snowy day made her realize that she really never did. When she first met Dimitri all she could think about is finally she had a boyfriend and that was the most important part of it all, she had a boyfriend.  In the beginning she had to admit that he was all hearts and flowers, but those days are long gone.  She now questioned everything about her relationship with Dimitri as she knew she didn't love him as she should, but she also knew she couldn't leave him.  Dimitri stood by her during all of her episodes, he promised he would help her end all this.  If he would do that all for her she couldn't leave him, but she also knew that her heart belonged to another.

With Mickey it was different because he wasn't just a potential boyfriend, he was someone special and she knew it.  When he first arrived in town they immediately became good friends, who she loved to spend time with.  She felt a connection to Mickey and it was a connection so strong that it drew her closer to him without her even realizing it. That snowy day she almost kissed him and she would have if Dimitri didn't interrupted. The temptation to kiss him was still strong so she avoided him at work.  She had no choice but  to be strong and restrain her.  She was a horrible person who did horrible things and Mickey deserved someone so much better than her.  She had to keep avoiding him for his own good, but when the doorbell rang it became apparent she couldn't avoid him any longer as.....

Mickey was on the other side of the door.


Dimitri:  What in the world are you doing here?  You know it’s not good for us to be seen in public.

Dahlia:  Face it, I don't trust you.  I want this situation taken care of and besides if there is any money to be made on this deal, I want in!

Dimitri:  There will be no money to be made if we are ever found out.

Dahlia: You are driving that girl to suicide so you can inherit her money.   I'll sing like a canary if I don't get my fair share.

Dimitri:  You will be implicating yourself if you do.

Dahlia: Hmmm.... It's you they will really want and I will hand you over to them on a silver platter.  I don't have to remind you that her family carries a lot of influence, and I don't only mean the Landgraabs.  Her father’s family is very influential as her Uncle is in the Top 1% in Barnacle Bay and they are very protective of their own. I'll strike a deal to get off with community service or my sentence will be light but you will get life in prison with no parole.  Please refresh my memory,  how many years do you vampires actually do live for?

Dimitri: Ok I get your point, Chrissie is loaded.  I will cut you in.

Dahlia: Hopefully you won't mess this up, like you did years ago in that park.

Dimitri: That is because I didn't do the job myself.  I hired an incompetent and of course her bitch of a mother had to come and ruin everything.  Had she only stayed human, life would have been so much sweeter.

Dahlia: Well Starr did not stay human and that potion didn't kill Chrissie.  Your plan failed. Can you please tell me what the plan is now?  I hope this one is better and will work.

Dimitri:  Indeed this is a better plan and I am handling it myself.  You know what they say if you want a job done right, do it yourself.  I have been using hypnosis, she thinks she is going out turning vamps on her own and she can't stop herself from doing so. She has a lot to learn about being a vampire; those vamps she is turning are going willingly. She doesn't have it in her to do it against their will not even under hypnosis. She doesn't have that power yet nor is she aggressive enough to acquire that ability. They want eternal life and when she offers it, she is doing them a favor, but alas she doesn't know that.  I'm using that to my advantage.

Dahlia: And how is this going to make her commit suicide.

Dimitri: I promised her that I would help her stop this madness inside of her and I indeed will as I am controlling her mind and actions with hypnosis.  I will command her to pick up a pistol loaded with a wooden bullet place it against her head and then pull the trigger as this will be the only way she can stop herself from doing these heinous acts.  This will happen, after we are legally wed and I command her to write a suicide note.

Dahlia: And just what is the reason for her to go over the edge in the note?  Turning Vampires? Shouldn't that come naturally to your kind?

Dimitri:  Yes she will need more than just turning vampires.  I will anonymously inform the board of education about her activities at night, saying that she is unfit to be teaching children.  It’s the only reason I let her keep her job.  This should also close down that afterschool center she works for also, which I will sell at the first chance I get.

Dahlia: So you thought of everything.

Dimitri:  Indeed I have, I think it’s probably time for me to make arrangements to marry that sweet little imbecile.  I can't wait to see the expression on her bitch of a mother's face when I call her "Mom"

The two laughed and made arrangements for a rendezvous or two while they worked on their evil plans for Chrissie.  Neither of the expected that they shouldn't have been discussing any of this in a public place because their view of the table behind them was blocked.

This same restaurant was a favorite of Ronny Landgraab and only did he hear every word as clear as a bell, he always carried what he called his recording gadget and he had every single word recorded.  

He tried to walk out without being noticed, but it was too late both Dimitri and Dahlia seen him walk away from the table.

Dahlia:  Isn't that Wolfie's brother?

Dimitri:  Yes it is that is Chrissie's Uncle Ronny.  Damn!  Damn! Damn!  We shouldn't have been talking here.  I'm going to follow him and find out if he knows anything.  I will take any steps needed if damage control is necessary.

Meanwhile at Chrissie's:

Mickey: May I come in?  We really need to talk.

As Mickey walks in Cheech walks up to sniff him.  Mickey extends his hand to allow Cheech to sniff him again and then he starts to pet him and he rubs his belly.

Mickey:  Oh look at you!  You must be Cheech.  Your mommy has told me so much about you and you are a good doggie.

Chrissie:  Well that he is and he has taken to you quite easily, unlike Dimitri.

Mickey:  I have been trying to talk to you for days now.  If I didn't know better I would think that you were avoiding me.

Chrissie:  Not avoiding you, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Mickey: I have been thinking too.  Something happened between us and I know you felt it too.  I seen it in your eyes.

Chrissie:  That shouldn't have happened; I'm not a free woman.

Mickey: Oh yea that is right, there is Dimitri to think of. For months you have been depressed and crying on my shoulders because of the miserable way he treats you.  Tell him to go take a flying leap.

Chrissie: There is more to this than you understand.  I'm not the person you think I am.

Mickey: You're a wonderful person who deserves to be happy.  If you give me the chance I will treat you with respect the way you deserve to be.  I promise you we can be happy together.

Chrissie:  You don't understand, you deserve a girl better than I am.  I do horrible things and you do not know what I am capable of.

Mickey: I know you well enough to know that is not true.

Chrissie:  But it is true.  I have no control of my actions and I hurt people. I shouldn't be saying any of this, I have already more than I should have.  Dimitri is going to help me end all of this.

Mickey: Shouldn't be saying what?  Chrissie you can talk to me.  You should know by now that you can trust me. 

She looked at him and knew right away there was nothing she couldn't tell him.  He always listened to her and never judged for one minute. He clearly loved her as much as she loved him, so he deserved to know truth.

Chrissie:  I go out at night and I find victims to pass the vampirism curse to.  This wouldn't be so bad if I knew for sure the victims wanted the curse but I don't.  It’s been done in my family before, my father and my uncles they have all done that but my mother and aunts wanted to be turned.  I don't want to go out at night and I don't want to do this but yet I can't stop myself.  I can't be with you as I might hurt you.

Mickey:  Why don't you let me make that decision for myself?  I am sure you will never hurt me physically but if you send me away you will break my heart.  Something about all of this does not sound right to me, you are not that type of person, you are the most loving caring and friendliest person I know.  Haven't you talked to your family about any of this? 

Chrissie: No I'm afraid to.  I don't want them to know what I am.  I was going for professional help but Dimitri said I shouldn't.  He said I could lose my job if I did, he said he would help me.

Mickey:  Why don't you let me help you!  I'll stand beside you and I will take care of you. Together the two of us can handle anything.  I love you Chrissie and I know that you love me.  If you can look me in the eyes right now and tell me that you don't love me.  I will go back to Isla Paridiso and never bother you again.  Now go ahead look me straight in the eyes and say it.

Telling lies was something Chrissie could never bring herself to do and she knew she couldn't look him straight in the eyes and say those words.  This is when she noticed that Mickey was looking at her the same way Heath looked at her sister as if she was the only woman who walked the face of the Earth.  Dimitri never looked at her that way.  

She felt that same magnetic force pulling her closer to him and this time their lips did meet.  His lips were so tender and she could feel his love for her the more they kissed. There was no denying anything after this, she loved him and he knew it.

At the Afterschool Center:

Ronny needed to call Caleb and Sandi so they could arrest that bastard at once before he had the chance to hurt Chrissie.  He also wanted to make a copy of the recording for Chrissie and he planned to give the original to the police for evidence.  As he finished he labeled each of them, one said "Give to Chrissie Slayer" and the other said "Give to Police-Evidence RE:Dimitri Bautista & Dahlia Goodfellow"  He also made a note for the police with the date, place and time of the recording.  He was about to call the police when he heard a noise downstairs so he went to investigate.

Ronny:  What are you doing here?

Dimitri:  I seen you at the restaurant and I was hurt that you didn't come to say hello to me. Now I hope I didn't do anything to upset my future Uncle.

Ronny:  Don't you ever call me that!  I deeply regret the day my niece ever set eyes on you.

Dimitri:  Such harsh words and we are going to be family.  I plan to propose to Chrissie tonight.  I do hope you can come to the wedding in fact why don't you be my best man.

Ronny:  That is not going to happen, you will be in jail before that wedding happens. You messed with the wrong family.

Dimitri:  In Jail?  Surely you jest?  Old man you have a lot to learn but there isn't enough time to teach you.  I'm sure you and your niece will have an eternity to spend together. Don't even think of grabbing for that wand.  I'm a helluva lot faster than you old man and I will knock it out of your hands before you know it.  Your magic is useless against me.

Ronny:  You son of a bitch you are not going anywhere near my niece again.  We are all onto you, as soon as Caleb and Sandi get here they will know the truth.  You....  STAY AWAY FROM CHRISSIE!

In the end the stress proved too much for the old man heart and Ronny felt pressure build up in his chest which traveled to his back and shoulders.  He was having trouble breathing and he knew he had to get to a hospital.  He grabbed his chest as he fell to the floor.

Ronny: Am..bul....ance, please.  Please 

Dimitri turned around and walked away, leaving the old man on the floor.

Dimitri: Hasta La Vista baby.  Your niece will join you soon enough.

To be continued......

Author's Note-I would like to thank Sweetnightingale for use of Heath Black.  If you have not read her stories please use this link to check them out as they are awesome.  Also if you are looking for awesome LP Video, please use this link to her You tube Channel.