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Chapter 55.3-Caleb and Hope's wedding pt 2

Dylan stood there in disbelief, trying to figure out what his brother just said.  How in the world could he ever dream of forsaking his powers especially in the dangerous occupation he choose for himself. His powers helped him to sense a dangerous situation and has kept him one step ahead with many of the suspects he investigates.  Let us not forget that only a wooden bullet can kill him and even if that ammunition is loaded, he is fast enough to out maneuver it.  Caleb is also a guardian and a protector for the mission, the fate of the universe is depending on him.  The reason they chose him was due to the fact that he was immortal and trustworthy.  Dylan would do anything for his brother, but not this.

Dylan: Did I hear you correctly.

Caleb: You know you did.  So are you going to help?

Dylan: I understand where you are coming from, I was separated from Sandi for 12 years.  I know how it is to desperately want to be with the woman you love but you are unable to.  I thought I would never see her or you again.  You know I would do anything for you, but this I can't.  If you are human you will be more vulnerable at your job and you will lose your edge.  For your own sake, I can't help you.

Caleb: I'll ask Holly than.

Dylan: Holly won't do it and you know as well as I do why.  You should also cross Amy and Ronny off your list too.

Caleb:  Well than there is Delilah or Lenora.  You know me well enough to know I'll find another option.

Dylan:  You do have another option a very obvious one.  There are plenty of vampires in this room and all are related to your wife.  Have you thought about turning her?

Caleb: That is not an option.  I would never consider to ask her to change for me.

Dylan: Why wouldn't you?  She comes from a family of vampires, and you already told me her mother was once human.  You should talk to her before making any decisions either way, she is your wife now and anything you do affects her.  If you still want my help after you talk to her, I'll do it.

Caleb: You do have a point, I should discuss any changes with her first.

Dylan: Good because I think we have some wedding things to do now.

While filming the show, Hope and Lenora grew friendly and the wedding cake was a gift from Lenora who baked it herself.

Next all the single ladies lined up for the bridal bouquet toss to see which one of these lucky ladies would be the next bride.

Hope looked for her sister and tried to throw the bouquet Grace's way, but she was hiding behind Erin and Starr.  Starr seen the bouquet coming her way and instead of grabbing it as she didn't want that thing, she knocked it into the other direction and it landed right in....

Grace's hands.  (Jonas can thank me later)

Dylan knew he had to take this situation with Caleb into his own hands and he thought it best to beat his brother to the punch.

Dylan: The night is almost over and I haven't danced with the bride yet.  May I have this dance?

Hope: How can I deny an offer like that?

Dylan: I have a confession to make, I really wanted to speak with you alone for a moment.  Caleb is going to talk to you tonight about an idea he came up with and he asked for my help.  He wants a potion to become human.

Hope:  Now why on Earth would he even consider such a thing.  I would never ask him to change for me.

Dylan:  It was something in the wedding vows, til death do you part.  Someday he knows I wont be around for him and when he heard those words he knew losing you would devastate him.  What worries me is his job, his powers protect him from harm and as a human he is more at risk everyday.
Can you please try and talk him out of this?

Hope: Between us he has another option, one that I was already considered and decided upon.  I was getting ready to talk to him this about tonight.

Dylan:  Thank you so much for understanding.  It pleases me to know I have a lovely new sister-in-law who I know will always be there for my brother.

Caleb: I have been waiting for this all day, is this all for me.  I didn't think you could be more beautiful than you were today.

Hope: Sandi took me shopping at Simtoria Secrets.

Caleb: Remind me to thank Sandi later, right now I have other things on my mind.

Hope: We need to talk first, I hear you want to be a human.

Caleb: My brother talks to much, I was going to tell you in the morning.

Hope: He is worried about you especially with your job, you will be taking more of a risk everyday.

Caleb: It's a risk I'm willing to take.

Hope: It's not a risk I'm willing to take.

Hope: I want you to know I had already made a decision before Dylan talked to me.  I never ever want to leave you, I want you to turn me.

Caleb: I can't ask you to do this just for me.

Hope: You are a very big reason for this, but you are not the only reason.  I do have a whole family I do not ever want to leave and I was considering this before we even met.  Now are you going to do this, or do I go to Dylan for a potion.  I'm sure Dylan will be more than happy to oblige.  I would rather it be you.

Caleb: Are you absolutely sure about this?

Hope: More than you will ever know.

Caleb: You ok?

Hope: I'm perfectly fine

Caleb: Good because I'm feeling a bit frisky now.

Caleb: I don't know when I have ever been so happy.

Hope:  I hear something downstairs, were you expecting someone today.

Caleb:  Starr decided to spend a few extra days in Monte Vista and I'm not expecting anyone.  I'll go downstairs to check.

Caleb didn't realize he was going to get the surprise of his life when he did go downstairs.

As the most unexpected visitor let herself in.

Caleb: Valerie what are you doing here?

Valerie:  I've come to apologize and ask your forgiveness.  I made a big mistake and I want you back.

Caleb: Valerie you are standing here pregnant with another man's baby and you are honestly asking me to take you back.   Do you even realize how pathetic you look right now?

Caleb: I'm sorry to tell you that I have moved on and I would like you to leave your key on the way out.

Valerie: You don't mean that.

Hope: Caleb are you coming back upstairs.  Oh I'm sorry I see we have company.  We haven't been introduced, I'm Caleb's wife Hope.

Valerie: You got married.

Caleb: Yes I did.  Don't worry Hope, Valerie was just leaving.  Valerie the door is right over there, use it.  My second thought, don't worry about leaving your key, I'm changing all the locks today.

Caleb: Now that she's gone, lets go back upstairs.

To be continued.....

Author's note-I would like to thank Jazen for use of the Gruber family and they will be making a few more appearances in the story.  I loved the way she dressed both Hope and Cora for the wedding. She did and excellent job with that.  Here is a link to her story and it is definitely recommended reading.

Thank you to Sweetnightingale for the wedding cake photos.  Here is a link to her blog and look for Lenora as The Bachelorette, which is off to an excellent start.

Starr will be living with Caleb and Hope until they have their first child, than she will be moving to her own house.

Bonus Shots:

Some Photos from the couples wedding album:

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Chapter 55.2-Caleb and Hope's Wedding pt 1

The last two weddings in this family ended up in disaster simply because these kids did not believe in what they called "silly superstitions" and Abby had enough of that.  If they were so silly why was Dylan kidnapped and Caleb heartbroken by her own daughter.   Caleb found someone new and he was moving on with his life and Abby was going to make sure everything went as planned.  If he wanted to go anywhere near the bride before the wedding, he was going to have get past her and that was not going to happen.

Abby also ordered Dylan to cast good luck charms on both Caleb and Hope as she was leaving nothing to chance this time or any other time after this. Dylan did as he was told as he knew that he should not argue with his mother-in-law when it came to silly superstitions.

Cora and Grace helped Hope get ready for the wedding and Cora couldn't believe what a beautiful bride her daughter was.   How did this happen and where did all the time go by, it seemed like just yesterday both of them were little girls, but somehow they both grew into beautiful women. She had no idea how she would get through this day, as tears were already coming to her eyes.

Grace: I have a wedding gift to give to you.  It's not from me it is from Jonas.

Hope: That was so sweet of him, let me read the card:

Dearest Hope,

Would like to congratulate you
and wish you luck as you start your new
life with your new husband.  I hope Caleb
knows what a lucky man he really is.

This is just a little something for a romantic
evening.  A bottle of champagne and some

All My Best,


Davis:  The limo is waiting for us downstairs, its time to leave.

Hope:  I'm ready to go

Davis: Something I want to tell you first.  Are you sure this is what you want to do, you don't have to go through with this.  Just say the word and we are outta of here.

Hope:  I love Caleb and I have never been more sure of anything in my life.

Davis:  Just remember if anything at all goes wrong at any time, you mother and I will always be here for you.

Hope:  I know that Dad and I love you for it.

Davis: Just one more thing before we go.  You look beautiful.

The guests from the Going Solo community have started to arrive, Vuneca's Wind Solo.

Shafer249's Deliliah Burnbright

ShaliANel's  Morrigan Seaworthy

HollyhocksFluff's Aurora Borealias

Sweetnightingales's Lenora Atherton

The Groom and his Best Man take their places.

Holly and Emmett arrive next with their youngest son Marty.

Wolfie and Abby

Cora, the mother of the bride

Now its time for the bridal party to enter

The Bride's brother and Sister, Erin and Carter.

The Groom's Niece and the Bride's Uncle,  Starr and Nick

The Groom's Sister-in-law and his partner, Sandi and Jules.

The Groom's Niece Lauren as the flower girl and The Groom's Nephew Robin as the Ring Bearer.

The Bride's Sister Grace as the Maid of Honor.

Here comes the Bride.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man, Caleb McIntyre and this woman, Hope Gruber, in matrimony.

If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold your peace.

The couple has written their own vows.

When I was approached to do a reality show, I thought sure why not?  It should be fun and I had some vacation time coming to me.  It was a crazy impulse that I thought wouldn't amount to much except a free vacation.  Than I met you and I knew this was much more than a free vacation, I fell in love with you in an instant.  It wasn't until you confessed your love after you turned the cameras off that I realized this really was my reality.  I promise to love, cherish and remain faithful to you for the rest of my days. This is the solemn promise that I make to you today.

I, Hope Gruber, take you Caleb McIntyre, to be my husband,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish;
from this day forward until death do us part.

With this ring I thee wed.

When I agreed to do this show I was running away from my problems and little did I know at the time I was really running to the solution.  I was a shell of the man I once was but the minute our eyes met I became whole again.  Love at first sight I always considered to be a myth, there wasn't any way I thought it ever could happen to me. The thought of a life without you is inconceivable to me and I plan to spend my days making you as happy as you have made me.  You are my Queen.

I, Caleb McIntyre, take you Hope Gruber, to be my wife, 
to have and to hold from this day forward, 
for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, 
in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; 
from this day forward until death do us part. 

With this ring, I thee wed.

Those which the Almighty Forces of PG and Jazen has joined together, let no sim or bad story progression curve balls put asunder.

In so much as Caleb and Hope have consented together in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same before the Almighty Forces and the Entire Going Solo Community, having given and pledged their troth, each to the other, and having declared the same by the giving and receiving of a ring, I pronounce that they are husband and wife.

You may seal the promise you made today with a kiss.

May I present to you for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs.  McIntyre.

Dylan seems a bit emotional.  I expected Holly to be emotional but not Dylan.

Davis seems pretty emotional too.

Caleb:  Dylan I need your help, it is about the wedding vows I made today.

Dylan: Bro, don't worry you everything is fine, you two belong together.

Caleb: I'm not questioning my feelings or Hope's, it is the death do you part I'm having trouble with. She is human and I'm not, someday that part will happen and I'll never be able to deal with that.  Will you use your hocus pocus powers to make a potion to turn me human.

To be Continued.....

Author's Note: The reception and Honeymoon will continue on the next update.

Bonus Shot:

Why do all my sims think of pools at the same time?  Does this happen in anyone else's game?