Babies R Us

There are certain couple in the game who have achieved mortality for various reasons and they better be eternally faithful.   As time goes by these very loving couples are having more and more babies. Not all of the children will make it into the story but I would like to keep a record born in the game.  Only the immortal couple in the game will be recognized here.

Holly and Emmett Wood
  1. Rose (Emmett is adoptive father)
  2. Jules
  3. Verne
  4. Marty

Wolfie and Abby Landgraab

  1. Sandi (Abby is adoptive mother who raised her from a baby.  Twin brother Denny does not count as he was not raised by either of them)
  2. Valerie
  3. Tyrone
  4. Eddie
  5. Ebony

Caleb and Hope McIntyre
  1. Trevor
  2. Ryan

Starr and Nick Slayer

  1. Chrissie
  2. Taylor
  3. Kevin
  4. Alicia
  5. Frisco

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