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Chapter 63-Viva Las Vegas

Starr's life changed drastically when she started dating Nick but that change didn't compare to the one she faced now.  Chrissie was a living, breathing little person who's every single need was totally dependent on her.  She never really wanted children yet her maternal instinct did kick in and she found herself loving this little baby more than she ever dreamed she would.   The thought of hiring a nanny did enter her mind, but passing on her responsibilities to others was something she did in the past and she was not going to do anymore. Like it or not she was a mother and she intended on doing this job herself no matter how inept she was for it.

 Luckily Chrissie turned out to be a very quiet baby who rarely fussed.  She slept most of the time and sometimes even had to be woken up for a bottle.  This suited Starr just fine as she was able to work on her art while Chrissie amused herself with her toys or just fell asleep.

 The baby seemed to bring Starr closer to Nick and it became impossible for Starr to imagine a life without Nick in it.  She was in love with him before the baby was born, but she never admitted it to him or to herself.  They were already living as a family and she knew it wouldn't be long before Nick asked her to marry him again.  She never planned on ever marrying anyone but that was before she met Nick.  Every time she thought about the future she always pictured Nick in it and she knew if he ever left her she would be devastated.

 As the family arrived for Chrissie's birthday, Starr took notice of all the happily married couples around them.  Caleb and Hope, Spencer and Candace, Davis and Cora, Grandma Holly and Grandpa Emmett, Grandpa Wolfie and Grandma Abby and of course her parents.  All of them had very strong relationships and you could see the way they looked at each other with love.  She knew Nick looked at her that same way and as she thought of Nick she smiled and started to reconsider her options.  She decided that she was ready for this step and she planned to talk about it with Nick, It would have to wait for tomorrow as it was time for her little girl to have a birthday party.

 Chrissie blew out the candles and grew into a beautiful little toddler.  She had Sandi and Wolfie's blue eyes and blonde hair like both her parents.  Both Starr and Nick were proud of their pretty little girl.

Generation #6-Traits-Heavy Sleeper and Loves the Heat.

It wouldn't be a party without Wolfie picking up his guitar but this time he decided to serenade his wife and it seemed to sweep her off her feet. Nick was watching and this gave him an idea.  A little romantic gesture like that couldn't hurt and maybe it would start to warm Starr up to the idea of marriage.  He always felt that the day would arrive that Starr would change her answer someday but he was growing impatient and had to at least try everything possible.

That next night Nick surprised Starr by hiring a babysitter.  He told her to get ready because he was taking her out for dinner and a little dancing afterward.  The party animal inside of Starr might have been tamed a little but it still lived inside of her.  He purchased a ring for her a long time ago as he hoped that some day she would let him place it on her finger.  He decided to bring it with him just in case she surprised him and said yes.

The dinner was beautiful and very romantic, Starr tried to bring up the subject of marriage again but something always happened.  The waiters would arrive to take orders or serve food, one of their cell phones rang or they ran into someone so she decided to wait until they got to the club to tell him that she loved him and she wanted to become his wife.  As she was about to tell him, Nick decided that was the exact moment to get up for karaoke.  The way this night was going she was never going to be able to get the words out.

Trying to be Wolfie Landgraab was something Nick knew he couldn't do and he was probably going to look like a fool.  However he loved Starr and he would do anything for her including embarrassing himself by singing off key in front of a crowd of people.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay, would it be a sin?
If I can't help falling in love with you

Starr was overwhelmed as this was unexpected and so romantic.  It was almost as if he knew what she was thinking about.  Nick knew her well and was even able to finish her sentences before she got the words out, so it shouldn't surprise her that he already knew what was on her mind.  

This is something Nick would not normally do but yet in front of all these people he professed his love for her and she was in complete awe that he would do this.  Well she couldn't let him do this alone she had to go up there and sing with him.

Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you

Starr: I'm not just singing a song, I'm serious.

Nick:  Are you saying what I think you are saying?

Starr:  I have been trying to bring this up all night, but we were always getting interrupted.  My answer is....

Nick: I haven't asked the question yet.

Starr: You have asked it a million times.

Nick: If the answer is different this time, we are going to do this right.

Nick:  Some men might wish upon a star for love but my wish is for a Starr.  A beautiful fun loving Starr with a fiery personality and one that I love very much.  Starr McIntyre will you marry me and make all of my wishes come true?

 Starr was never the hopeless romantic and she wasn't swept away that easily, but who couldn't be swept away by a romantic proposal such as this.  The couple decided not to wait any longer as they already wasted too much precious time and they decided to elope that very night. Starr made a quick call to parents to pick up the baby as they had something very important to do.  

Planning a big wedding was not in Starr's game plan either, if she was getting married it would be something fun and different, something that was her.  They headed off to Las Vegas to be married that very night.

 They ended up in the Blue Hawaii wedding chapel in Las Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator in the Jailhouse Rock Room.  

Starr was able to find a dress she thought appropiate for the occasion and fix her hair in time for the ceremony.  Nick was speechless as he would never forget how beautiful she looked on their wedding day.

Elvis: Do you Starr promise to love Nickolas tender, never step on his blue suede shoes or leave him lonesome tonight.  Will you forsake all others and promise that he will be your one and only teddy bear for as long as you both shall live?

Starr: I do

Elvis: Do you Nick promise to love Starr tender, never be a hound dog or leave her at heartbreak hotel.  Will you forsake all others and always be her Hunka Hunka Burning love for as long as you both shall live?

Nick: I do

Elvis: Now for the exchange of rings.

Starr: I Starr McIntyre take you Nickolas Slayer to be my husband.  With this ring I thee wed.

Nick: I Nickolas Slayer, take you Starr McIntyre to be my wife.  With this ring I thee wed.

Elvis: With the authority vested in me by Graceland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.  What the King has joined together, let no hound dog or suspicious mind put asunder. You may kiss your bride.

Mr. & Mrs. Nickolas Slayer

To be continued.......

Author's Note-I would like to thank Littleminxundr for the Simton Ministery 24h Wedding Venue that she made for me on request. 

This wedding was not supposed to happen this soon, I really wanted Chrissie to be older but I gave into their wishes.

Starr's Wants:

Nick's Wants:

And yes later on we will take care of the vampire wants.

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Chapter 62.3-Don Denny's Demise

Denny arrived at Wolfie's house with the intentions of giving his father a choice that he thought would be fairly simple.  His father could grant Valerie permission to sell her shares or a silver bullet in the head, the choice was his.  No matter which choice Wolfie made, Denny would walk out of there satisfied.

Jules watched as Denny entered Wolfie's house as 24 hour surveillance had been set up on him.   Caleb, Sandi or Jules knew every single move that Denny made and they were waiting patiently for him to slip up.  

Jules called Caleb and Sandi and told them to get there ASAP.

Denny:  I think we have some unfinished business to discuss, it would be wise if you reconsidered your decision and gave my sister permission to sell her shares.

Wolfie: I have already made my decision so we have nothing further to discuss on the matter.

Denny:  I think we still do, "Dad"   I'm accustomed to getting my way and I do not like when people make it difficult.  When this happens I have no other choice but to deal with the problem myself.  We can make a friendly deal or we can use other methods that might be a little messy but necessary.

Wolfie: When you say "other methods" do you mean the same method you used with Starr?  What a man you are beating on a girl after you make sure she cannot defend herself.  Oh wait a minute you didn't even do that, you had one of your goons do it for you.  No I'm not making a deal with you and if you feel the need to deal with the problem, bring it on!  Be a man and try to do it yourself this time.

Denny:  I intend to deal with the problem myself, but do you really think I'm that stupid that I would even try to overpower you? You're not only a werewolf but leader of the pack, an alpha wolf.   I know you would over power me in a heartbeat. That is why I brought this and yes it’s loaded with silver bullets. Now you either give your permission to Valerie or I place one of these babies in your head, and I will not stop there.  When your lovely wife and little Eddie arrive home I have one for each of them too.

Jules was listening to the whole exchange but when he seen Denny draw the gun he knew he couldn't wait any longer for backup.  Wolfie was in trouble and he had no choice but to go in and handle this on his own.  Caleb and Sandi were on their way and would be there in the matter of minutes.

Jules: POLICE!  Drop the gun Denny!

Denny pays no attention to Jules as he has been waiting for this moment for a very long time.  He looked at his father with pure hatred and he pulled the trigger.  Jules ran at lightning speed to knock Wolfie out of the line of fire and ended up taking the bullet himself.

Wolfie:  NO JULES!  NO!

When Sandi arrives in the room next and sees that Jules has been shot. She tries to radio that an officer is down but reaches for her gun instead.  

Wolfie:  Get out Sandi he has silver bullets loaded.

Denny: Oh how fatherly of you, always picking the wolf girl over me.  Well it looks as if I can take care of both of you now.

Denny picks up his gun and aims it at his sister as Sandi aims her gun in Denny's direction.  While Wolfie is pleading for Sandi's life a gunshot is heard.  

Caleb was right behind Sandi and the minute he seen Denny pointing that gun in Sandi's direction, he shot to kill without a second thought.

Caleb: Police.  Drop your weapon.  Oh I guess I was supposed to say that before I shot the bastard.

Wolfie: I was under the impression that you did.  

Sandi: So was I.

Wolfie: Sometimes even the good guys have to work outside of the law, especially if the ends justify the means.  He would have killed both of us if you didn't.

Caleb checked Denny but Sandi already knew her twin was dead.  They never really did have that psychic twin thing everyone talks about but she always did find him and she did sense that he was gone.

Jules was wearing a bullet proof vest specifically designed to protect werewolves from silver bullets. He was only knocked out by the force of the bullet and was perfectly fine.

Later that day:

A search warrant for Denny's house was issued and they had enough evidence to arrest his wife Gretchen who was his partner in crime.

As Sandi searched the house she came across a nursery and she found a baby in the crib and a very scared little red headed boy who was named Carson.

Sandi:  I know that you are scared but I am you Aunt Sandi, your Dad's twin and you are going to be safe.

Carson:  Why are the police taking my Mommy away?  Why isn't my Daddy here?

Sandi:  Your Mom is going to be fine but she is going to be away for a little while, we will talk about your Dad later.  I am going to bring you to Grandpa's house so your family will take good care of you and your brother.  I just need to ask you a couple of questions. What is the baby's name and where are your older sister and brother?

Carson:  His name is Brooks and Cody and Wayne are away at school.  Dad said they had to go there because they couldn't do anything right and needed to learn.  I can't go to learn the stuff Daddy wants to teach because I don't have wings.  He is going to teach Brooks someday.

Sandi:  What is the name of the school?

Carson:  Mom and Dad called it Juvie.

Sandi didn't know what else to do but bring the children over to her father's house, no matter what crimes the parents committed these children were family and they were innocent. 

Wolfie and Abby decided to petition the court for guardianship of all four.  Cody and Wayne would have to stay at juvenile hall until their Young Adult birthdays but they still needed a guardian.  Carson and Brooks needed a good home to grow up in and Wolfie decided that he would be the one to provide that as he should have done with Denny when he was a child.

Meanwhile back in Moonlight Falls:

Pip and Dahlia learn the news about Denny's death and are not pleased with Wolfie and Sandi's involvement. 

Dahlia made plans to leave for Aurora Skies immediately.  It was time for a mother and daughter reunion.

To be continued.....

Bonus Shots

Denny and Gretchen's children 3 are fairies and Carson the only human.

Cody Goodfellow

Wayne Goodfellow

Carson Goodfellow

Brooks Goodfellow

All were named by the game.

I'll never understand why my sims continually think of the pool at the same time.