Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chapter 6-Hello Out There In TV Land

I gave the news to Kellan and Eliot in private and without the television cameras on.  There was no need to televised any of these guys hearing this news on camera and I didn't care what the producers said.  If they had a problem with it, I would just direct them to my cousin, Wolfie.  I was never the one to pull strings, but on something like this,  Chelsea Would.

Neal was the first one to wish me a good morning and pity he was already dressed.  I must have slept too late this morning so I better get myself an alarm clock.  The sight of Neal in his undies always makes it a good morning and I can certainly tell he is as happy to greet me as I am to greet him.

Marcus came over next and alright Marcus you are getting with the program!  Don't worry Marcus you can shackle me up anytime and believe me when I tell you, I won't break free.

I was playing some video games and Simeon decided to join me.  I just wish he was sitting closer to me so I could take control of his joystick.

Oh Clayton I love the way your mind thinks, you are always willing to come here and flirt a bit which is all he likes to do.  Nothing wrong with that at all and a girl can get used to it.

For some reasons the producers decided to send me their suggestions for group activities.  Something about them not trusting my judgement and the FCC being on their backs.  They wanted us all to watch our first episode together on TV that night which was not a bad idea.  So I conjured up some popcorn and I invited them all to the living room and we all watched the show together.  Neal and Zack were the first two there and they sat on the couch beside me.  Marcus and Simeon were on the love seat and the rest were gathered around the room but we were all together.  It was kind of sweet and we all loved our first episode.

Afterward I was hungry so I went to the buffet and picked up something special, Ceil.

Cody tracked me down and was the first to ask for a slow dance and oh boy did he have some moves. I would rather be doing the horizontal mambo with him.

Neal come over to throw some compliments my way and he is indeed learning early.  Flattery will get him everywhere.

I don't know what came over me but when Clayton came over talking about raising a family, something happened and I thought of him as ignorant.  I'm usually fine with all the guys but something just snapped.  Ceil was probably shocked by my outburst too.

In the end I apologized and he was ready to forgive and flirt.

I ended the day by shooting some hoops with Zack.  I have to hand it to Zack, he really knows how to score.

Ok the time of the day that I hate the most, which one of these hunks will have to go home, and as I get to know all of them better it gets harder and harder to do this.

Holding 1st place is Neal with 44.50626

Slam dunking his way into second place is Zack with 40.41875

Cody waltzes his way into 3rd place with 40.17188

Clayton and all his sweet talking keeps him in 4th place.

Simeon comes in at 5th place with 31.94062.

Ceil comes in at 6th place with 31.75375

Heath comes in at #7 with 26.81604

Marcus is in 8th place with 21.00625

Marcus is the one that has to go home and that makes me the only genie in the house.  Its a shame because I really could have gotten into his ideas.

Chapter 5-Hot Dog

I was still not happy with having to send two more of my boys away, however I still had 10 left in this house for me to drool over.  I was headed downstairs for breakfast, when I four of my boys came to say good morning.  I think I will stay up here and have some Wheaties and Lucky Charms this morning. Neal, Ceil, Cody and Eliot sound like the breakfast of champions to me and they are soooooo magically delicious.

The producers suggested a group outing and I thought taking all of my boys to the festival was a great idea.  We all groups out and somehow all eleven of us actually fit into my car.  It was a tight fit and I really enjoyed that bumpy ride.

Ok time to calm down now, we are out in public. The paparazzi should be around and I certainly don't need any more Chelsea Would headlines in the tabloids.  If there are I might have a blue haired police officer and a blonde rock star hijacking me home.  That is not happening until after I get my prize.

Simeon, Neal and I joined a hot dog eating contest.  Normally I wouldn't enter a contest such as this as I have to watch the waistline but I have been having such a craving for some footlongs ever since the show started.

Simone was actually the winner and he was given the title of Top Dog.  As he was cheering his victory Neal and I discussed the temperture which was rising.

The rest of the day we all had some fun in the skating rink until it got dark and it was time for me to gather my boys into the car and go home.

When we did get home we had one of those unfortunate incidents that usually happen on these shows.  Heath decided to berate my ignorance and he growled at me.

I grabbed one of the newspapers on the floor and hit him over the head with it.  Did he really think I didn't know how to control a werewolf.  My father, brother and sister are all werewolves and my mother and I certainly know how to handle the situation.

He did apologize and we talked about Art and all the galleries he would take me to if he was the winner.  Knowing how werewolves sometimes cannot control their emotions I forgave him.

Well the day was over and I had to send two more home tomorrow morning.  This was the last double elimination, so at least that was a good thing.  I couldn't bare to let anymore go and I really wish I didn't have to but I did.

Neal jumped into the 1st place up from third with 42.10626

Simeon jumped into 2nd place with 33.94062.  This was up from 6th place from last time.

There was interactions with both Neal and Simeon on the day, but I think when they jumped into the contest with her it did wonders for their score

Ceil dropped to third place with 33.75375

Clayton dropped to 4th place with 33.3125.

Heath did save himself from disaster by chatting about art with her outside the house and he now has 5th place with 28.81604.

Zack dropped two places to 6 with 27.91875.

Cody dropped to 7th place with 27.34375

Marcus stays in 8th place with 23.00625

Kellan stays in 9th place with 15.73125

Eliot stays in 10th place with 11.905

So now I have to find a way to tell Eliot and Kellan.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chapter 4-Cooling It Down

Sending Nomo and Klaus home was much harder than I thought.  Yes I thought this was going to be all fun and games but I never thought about elimination time.  Having to tell anyone that this was the end of the line for them was not fun or a game, I didn't want to hurt anyone. I did think about having some fun with all of them but I never counted on finding a way to let them down easy.  I was searching for a way to lessen the blow, but there was no way of doing that.  Now I have 12 men in this house and I would have to go through the same thing 11 more times and the last one would be the winner.  The winner yes one of these men would be the winner.  Now that I met these men and I realize there is a lot more to them than just handsome faces with killer bods, I started to wonder how would I really feel about the winner.  I guess I better go back to my television show and I will think about this tomorrow when I have to do this again.

Kellan mentioned that he was going to the gym and I was feeling the heat just thinking about it.  I think I'm starting to put on some weight, maybe I should go work out a little too.

Clayton stopped by and flirted with me a bit, and yes it was getting steaminghot in here.  I'm going to the pool.


This is when I decided that water balloon fights would be the thing for us to do today.  That should cool things down a bit.I had to chose 3 of them at a time, with 12 guys that would make 4 games. The first game was Ceil, Clayton and Cody.  My side won of course.

Game #2 was Simeon, Neal and Marcus and guess what!  My side won again!

Game #3 was Zack, Heath and Kellan.  Either I'm starting to get really good at this or they are letting my side win.

Game #4 was Eliot, Conifer and Elias.  And what a surprise my side won yet again!

Neal and I talked about art a bit, he seems to have the same passion for it as I do.

I guess these guys are starting to know my interests as Heath decided to discuss his favorite artist with me and I rather enjoyed the conversation.

Later on Zack challenged me to a game of hoops, and than it was lights out for the house we all had to go to bed and I was faced with the horrible decision of sending two of my boys away the next morning.

Ceil is still in 1st place with 34.75375.

Clayton stays in second with 31.70625

Neal moves up from 5th to 3rd place with 31.63125

Zack moves into 4th place from 7th with 30.66875

Cody is down from 3rd to 5th with 30.09375

Simeon is in 6th place with 28.94062 down from 4th place.

Heath went up one notch to 7th place with 19.51875

Marcus comes in at #8 with 19.08125

Kellan comes in at #9 with 18.48125

Eliot is at #10 with 14.655

Elias comes in at #11 with 13.59375

Conifer came in at 7.517499

You would think this would be easier today, but its harder.  I'm going to miss my Soldier boy Elias and my sweet little Conifer. Now how do I do this without hurting them.