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Chapter 75-Parenting 101

The pregnancy symptoms kicked in right away as Chrissie was constantly tired and had no energy at all.  She seemed to have a bionic nose that could detect any smell from far away and odors that never bothered her before made her feel queasy and nauseous.  They call it morning sickness but it to hit her at any time of the day.   The nausea was so bad she prayed for it to go away, but sadly that was not the case as the nausea lingered on and was always there.

Mickey was a nervous wreck but didn't want to show it as he figured the last thing she needed was to see him panic.   Whenever she would clutch her stomach he knew exactly what to expect next she would cover her mouth, gag and make a mad dash to the bathroom.   Mickey brought her damp cloths to wipe her forehead and he reassured her that all of this was temporary and would soon pass.

He would bring her ginger ale, dry crackers or anything she asked for.  In the morning it was a breakfast of ginger tea and dry toast always served to her in bed.  He gave her a backrubs to relax her, held her when she needed comfort and gave her some space when she wanted to be alone.  He did indeed feel helpless while he watched her suffer so he did anything he could to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

Chrissie needed to rest often and she took frequent naps.  Mickey would watch her sleep and think about their future as he knew they couldn’t live in this house forever.  Chrissie’s parents insisted they live there for as long as they needed because that sadistic vampire who tried to kill his wife not once but twice was still out there somewhere.  He even tried to kill Chrissie as a child so the baby that she carried was also considered to be a possible target.  He did make a promise that he would do anything in his power to keep his wife and child safe from that monster no matter what measures he had to take.

Meanwhile at Wolfie and Abby’s house:

A surprise was waiting for Wolfie one day after he finished recording his newest song.  All four of his grandchildren from his eldest son Denny were waiting for him to arrive home.  Many years have passed since Abby and Wolfie petitioned the court for guardianship and there was a bitter custody battle.  It was a battle Wolfie was determined to win as he would not repeat the mistake of allowing the Goodfellows to raise his flesh and blood ever again.

The two oldest Cory and Wayne were already influenced to go into a life of crime and were sentence to live in a juvenile detention center until they became of legal age.  Once their mother Gretchen gave her consent to the guardianship, Wolfie pulled some strings and the two were transferred to a military school.  The two have been on the straight and narrow ever since.  Cory is now living in Riverview and is working as a fashion designer.  Wayne travels a lot due to his band touring as he inherited his grandfather’s talent for music. 

The youngest Brooks doesn’t have any memories of his father and the only memories of his mother were on visiting day at the prison.  His grandparents were the only caretakers he ever knew.  He lives in Appaloosa Plains and eventually became a veterinarian who specializes in race horses.

The only child who was not born a fairy and still lives in Aurora Skies is Carson.  He graduated law school and is now working in the Aurora Skies district attorney’s office. 

Wolfie: This certainly is a surprise; it’s not often that I see all four of you together. 

Carson:  Grandpa Wolfie we received some bad news from the warden at Simcatraz.  Our mother passed away last night.

Wolfie:  I’m sorry for your loss.  You shouldn't have to worry about the funeral arrangements as I will make sure that is all taken care of.

Cory:  Wayne, Brooks and I flew in as soon as we heard the news.  We have some legal issues that we need to take care of first and we have all made these decisions long before now.

Wayne:  We knew our mother was not well so it was only a matter of time. However she did send every one of us letters and in each she says that she is grateful that you and Grandma Abby gave us a good life and so are we.

Carson:  One thing she stresses in each letter is that the shares of Landgraab Industries that she inherited from Dad never end up with the Goodfellows.  While she was in prison they tried to make her sign them over but she always refused.

Brooks:  Mama never trusted them and neither do we.  That is why we have all legally changed our names to Landgraab as we should have no ties to the name Goodfellow nor do we want them. 

Cory: Carson drew up all the legal documents and they have been signed.  We have been discussing this for some time now and we decided that this should be something we would all do together as a family.

Carson:  Grandpa we are signing over all 49% of Landgraab Industries back to you.  Our father obtained them with malicious intent and we all know the events that transpired on the day he died.  Despite our father’s actions you took us in and gave all of us a good life that we would have never had otherwise.

Wolfie: All of you are my grandchildren just like Starr and Chrissie.  I wanted to take care of all of you and give you a good life.  I’m honored that you are taking the Landgraab name as that is your birthright.  The shares are another story; do you know how much money those shares generate?

Carson:  The money doesn’t matter to us but you, Grandma Abby and the love that you gave us does.  We all feel that this is the right thing to do and we intend to do it.  Mama also knew and she was fine with our plans.  She said that she made plenty of bad choices in her life but giving you and Grandma Abby her support in the custody battle was the best choice she could have ever made. She told each of us all that she was proud of the way we turned out, but not proud that we were better off being raised with someone other than herself.

Wayne:  You made it possible for Cory and I to be released from juvie and I can’t begin to tell you what it was like in there.  Without you and Grandma, I would hate to think about what would have happened to all of us.

Wolfie:  I’m glad that your Grandma and I did get to raise you and we are proud of the people you have become. I only wish I would have had the same opportunity with your father so that maybe he would have never turned to a life of crime.  Of course I can’t be sure look what happened with your Aunt Valerie.

Carson:  Aunt Valerie is another subject I needed to bring up.  As you know I am not permitted to work on her case but I am keeping tabs on the situation.  I don’t think her appeal is going to help her any.  We are all going to have to face the fact that the evidence against her is overwhelming and she will be in Simcatraz for a very long time.  

Wolfie:  Your Grandmother is already troubled by this whole mess; she is not going to be happy about this information.  Grandma and I will have to make arrangements to visit your Aunt after the funeral of course.  I will start notifying the family at once as I’m sure that they will be there to show their support.  I want each and everyone of you to know that you will always be members of a large and loving family and we will all be there for you whenever you need us.

Two weeks later at Simcatraz:

Visiting this place always depressed both Wolfie and Abby.  It was dirty, dark and gloomy and both of them hated the idea that this would be the place that Valerie would have to call home.  

They did have one advantage as they were always ushered through the back and was able to visit their daughter in one of the interrogation rooms. When the news of Valerie’s crimes hit the press the tabloids had a field day with the story.  The paparazzi that followed Wolfie Landgraab caused way too much commotion as they all wanted to get a picture of the rock star and his jail bird daughter.  Finally the warden had no choice but to grant special visiting rules for the Landgraabs to avoid the uproar and pandemonium.  Even with the special visitation the Landgraabs had to follow some rules.  They had to make appointments and their visit must be approved by the warden.  They had to follow a strict dress code and dress conservatively and modestly.  No denim or any colors that resembled prisoner attire were permitted to be worn.  They needed to remember not to wear anything that couldn’t pass through a metal detector as they would be search before they could enter.  All they were allowed to bring in with them was their identification and quarters for the vending machines as Valerie might miss her meal.  

A female prison guard escorted Valerie into the room and she would remain outside guarding the door for the entire visit.  It was clear that Valerie had some trouble as she was sporting a shiner.  Being a wolf she could hold her own but sometimes someone else would get the better of her. Life in prison was not easy and Valerie hated every minute of it.

They would be allowed to hug or touch once at the beginning and the end of each visit, but no physical contact was allowed during the visit.  Seeing Valerie like this always brought tears to Abby's eyes as no matter what Valerie did she was still her baby girl.

Valerie:  Is there any news about when you are going to get me out of this hell hole?

Wolfie:  From what I hear it doesn't look good for your appeal.

Valerie:  Daddy you promised I would be out of here by now and yet I’m still here.

Abby:  That is not what your father promised.  He promised to help and he hired you the best defense attorney he could find. 

Valerie:  A lot of good that did me.  That so called shark you hired turned out to be nothing more than a jelly fish.  He wanted me to plead guilty.

Wolfie:  He said that was the best course of action to get you a lighter sentence.  You were guilty and there was plenty of evidence to support that.  You didn’t give him much to work with.

Valerie:  Ughhhh!  I can’t believe I came from a family of such imbeciles!  Daddy there are other ways you could have arranged for my release!

Abby: Your father did everything he possibly could.

Valerie:  Oh puh-lease!  You can’t tell me you are that dumb that you believe his bull shit!

Wolfie:  Now listen here I will not have you talking to your mother like that.  Your mother has been worried sick about you being in this place and so have I.

Valerie: If you were so worried you would get me out of here.  Anything can be arranged for the right price especially when you have your connections.  You pulled strings for Denny's brats.

Wolfie: That was different.  The crimes they committed were no where near as serious as yours and let us not forget they were minors.  They were in juvie and they weren't released.  They finished their sentence in a military school instead.

Abby:  You can’t be suggesting that your father break the law just so you can be released from prison.

Valerie: You are damn right I am!  He would do it for his precious Sandi or the Golden Boy but for me nothing as usual.  It’s just like when we were growing up they got everything and me NADA!

Wolfie:  There were no favorites among any of you.  We gave all of you a good life and anything you ever wanted.  Maybe we gave you too much as you seem to be acting like a spoiled brat!  Where you ever got this idea that we preferred your brothers or sisters over you I have no idea.  We taught you right from wrong but it’s a lesson you didn’t seem to learn.  Now you want me to break the law so I can get you off with a slap on the wrist.  Well that is not going to happen. 

Valerie:  It figures you would say that.  I should have expected this.  I have seriously had enough with both of you.  Maybe I can get myself out of her with my dividends for my Landgraab Industry stock.  You can use that.

Wolfie: You no longer have any stocks in Landgraab Industry.  I had to pull them back as I have with most of the family stock. 

Valerie:  You pulled them back?

Wolfie:  After the hostle take over attempt I pulled most of the family stock back and only the heir apparents have shares.  Your Grandfather's will gave me the right to do this if I feel it is necessary. After you tried to sell your shares to Denny, I didn’t think they were that important to you. 

Valerie:  Well where is the money going to?  What's the matter you don’t have enough to line your pockets you need that too?

Wolfie:  I’ll tell you where that money is going to YOUR CHILDREN!  Do you remember them?   Jackson and Mariah?  Do you even remember their names?   We have a relationship with them how come you do not?  I know they haven’t been here to visit you because they want nothing to do with you!  Thankfully they have good fathers who take care of them and I have made sure that are well provided for.  I set up trust funds for them as I have for all of my grandchildren.  I can’t believe the nerve on you to accuse your mother and I of favoring your brother and sister, but you forgot about your own children?

Valerie:  THAT’S IT!  I have had enough of the two of you!   Don’t you even think of coming back here unless you arrange for my release!  I don’t want to see either of you anymore as I get sick just looking at the two of you.  Just get out of here and I won’t be accepting any visits from either of you.

Wolfie:  Now that you had your say, I am going to have mine.  You had every opportunity to make a good life for yourself. You never wanted for anything because we gave you everything you needed. We gave you a good education, bought you a nice house to live in, you married three good men that you let slip through your fingers and you have two wonderful children who have neglected.  Some people would be jealous of the life you had and yet it wasn’t enough.  You threw it all away for this Shane person and this senseless revenge against your brother. 

Your mother and I will always love you whether you want to believe it or not. I will not break the law for you and you are going to have accept your punishment.  I will have your lawyer call you if there is any more information you need.  You want us to go we will and we won’t be back until you change your attitude.

There was not much more for Wolfie and Abby to do or say at this point as Valerie was not listening to a word they had to say.   All they could do is walk away and leave their daughter behind to pay for her crimes.  They really did try to teach all of their children right from wrong and somehow four out of the five learned that lesson.  Both were quiet on the ride home as neither one of them knew how their sweet little girl grew up so angry, vindictive and full of hate.  They never favored Sandi, Tyrone, Eddie or Ebony over Valerie but she somehow convinced herself that she was not as important to them.  Nothing could be further than truth as they indeed loved and cared for each and every one of their children.

When they arrived home the portal was in front of their house and they expected to see Grandma Holly and Grandpa Emmett.  

When they walked into the house they were surprised as Victor, Abby’s father was waiting for them.  He lived 4000 years in the future and served as a caretaker in Holly and Emmett’s house.  He preferred to spend all of his time there and rarely did he come to the past. 

Abby: Daddy what are you doing here?

Victor: Isn’t it obvious I have come to see my daughter and her husband.  It looks like something is wrong by the looks on your faces.

Wolfie: Victor we do love to see you but I’m sure you already know what the problem is and that is why my Grandparent’s sent you here.

Victor:  Living in the future does have its advantages. Yes I do know about Valerie and the horrible visit you had today.  Your Grandparents and I knew that both of you would be going through a hard time and you needed some support.

Abby: I don’t know how this happened or how I failed so badly with Valerie.  Something has gone terribly wrong with my baby girl and I don't know how to fix it.  What I want to do now is take that time portal and do it all again but this time better.

Victor:  Well my sweet Abigail, you know that is possible as we do have to ability to travel through time but this is strictly against the rules of the mission.  I do assure both of you, if you turned that clock back you wouldn’t do anything different as you haven't done anything wrong.  You loved each and every one of your children with all you heart, and you did a much better job at parenting than I ever did.  When they were little you helped them make their choices until it was time for them to make their own.  They all became adults and your job was finished.  You gave them the knowledge they all needed to live respectable lives.  Valerie made some very bad choices which neither one of you had anything to do with.  After you knew what she did you helped her even though you didn’t condone her actions.  You aren’t going to abandon her or stop loving her even after that blow out at the prison today.  You will be back there when she needs you and she will need you again no matter what she said to you today. What you have done is exactly what good parents would do.

Abby still had tears in her eyes as she hugged her father and Wolfie stood there silently while thinking about everything his father-in-law said.  Victor was right the Landgraabs did the best for all of their children.  They raised five children and four grandchildren and Valerie was only one of them.

Victor:  I do hope it is ok for me to hang out here for a couple of days?

Wolfie: Of course Victor, you are always welcome here.

Victor:  I wasn’t able to attend the wedding so I want to see my Granddaughter and meet her husband.

Abby:  I will call and let them know that we are on our way.

Victor:  Let me change first as these clothes will not be in style for another 4000 years.

A little later on at Starr’s house:

Victor was happy to be reunited with his grandchildren as he had not seen them in a long time.  Chrissie and Taylor were little girls but now he seen that they had grown into beautiful women.  He had not met Alicia yet and he adored his little granddaughter.

Victor did not come empty handed as he had a few gifts.  The one for Mickey made especially for him by Holly and the card on the gift simply read:

When the time comes you will need this potion.  No one will have to tell when but I promise you that you will know.

He handed Chrissie a package which was a gift from him to the baby.  By accident he kept referring to the child as his new grandson and even used the name Bae.  Chrissie realized the child she was carrying had to be a boy as neither her nor Mickey told anyone the chosen names.  

The gifts were opened later and Mickey did receive a potion which was labled:
"Potent Cure"

Chrissie opened the gift to find the cutest little sailor suit for a toddler along with a toy shark and a toy boat.

To be continued…….

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Chapter 74-The Gift Of Life

Weddings do take a lot of time to plan and there is so much work to be done. For months that was the only thing on Chrissie and Mickey's mind, but after the last dance and all the guest have gone home it’s time for the newlyweds to start the next chapter of their new life together.  This is a new and exciting chapter of their lives that they would write together as husband and wife.  Their future is bright and full of promise and no matter what happened they knew they would always have each other.

The very next morning they woke up in each other’s arms for the very first time as a married couple. Chrissie never really knew how good it felt to wake up with someone she was in love with until Mickey kissed her and said "Good morning Beautiful” instead of..... She didn't even want to think about that anymore as it was part of her past and Mickey was her future. They stayed in bed for as long as they could and they showered together as they didn't want to leave each other not even for a minute.

Their plane to Hidden Springs was to take off later that afternoon but they still had to stop by Mickey's apartment and pick up the last of his belongings.  It had already been decided that Mickey should move into Chrissie's parent’s house just for the time being as Dimitri was still at large.  Dimitri is a powerful vampire who knew exactly how to use his abilities and powers which put the couple at a disadvantage.  Chrissie is a vampire who rarely used her powers and they couldn't take a chance that Dimitri would move too fast for Mickey.  They hoped that the police would eventually catch Dimitri, but that hope faded with each and every passing day. Wolfie still had 24 hour security protecting the Slayer house, the school where the both Chrissie and Mickey worked and the afterschool program that they owned.  Eventually the couple wanted to move into their own home but for now they decided to play it safe.

They arrived in Hidden Springs later that evening and went out for a romantic dinner after they settled into their hotel room.  They went to check out the spa which was the main attraction of this resort and made plans for a longer visit the next day. Throughout the dinner neither took their eyes off each other and they blocked out everything and everybody as they only thought of each other.

In public they would hold hands, embrace, kiss and they looked like a couple of lovesick puppies.  Back in their hotel room when they cuddled in each other’s arms as they whispered sweet nothing in each other’s ears.   That is what they did when they weren't making love which was as often as possible. 

They were typical newlyweds and they acted exactly the way typical newlyweds usually do.

Chrissie did receive a visit from her cousin Chelsea who continued to live in Hidden Springs after she finished her season on "The One."   Chelsea had married Neal and they had a baby girl named Catalina.  This was a surprise to the whole family as no one ever expected that girl to settle down.  Chelsea and her husband planned to attend her cousin's wedding but when Catalina was running a temperature they knew they couldn't leave her. The two couples enjoyed spending the afternoon together and Chelsea gave them an open invitation to visit their house before leaving to go home.  It was an invitation that Chrissie was very willing to accept as she did missed spending time with her cousin and she wanted to see the baby.

Meanwhile back in Aurora Skies:

Moving out of Moonlight Falls was difficult for Pip but now that he has officially lost that territory back to the Altos, he didn't have any choice but to move his operations into his own turf.  He still had Aurora Skies and Riverview firmly in his back pockets but some of his other territories were being threatened.  One of his shipments was hijacked going into Sunlit Tides and he knew he had to put an end to it before he lost that one next.

Losing Moonlight Falls was a devastating blow to Pip and he knew that if he didn't make a move now things would only get worse.  No one was taking him seriously and he needed to make some changes and the first one would start at home.

He made a promise to his wife that he would protect her from the law if she provided him with a fairy child that he could pass off as his own and she did.  

She gave birth to a baby girl named Tennille and the court of the fae recognized Pip as her legal father.  No one would ever suspect she actually that she was the bastard child of a vampire.

His wife slipped back into her old ways of screwing around and everyone knew it.  If he wanted respect in business he had to make sure that no one including his own wife was able to make a fool out of him and get away with it.  He sat down and tried to figure out what his options were.  He couldn't divorce her as that was against the code of honor but he couldn't stay with her either if he wanted to be taken seriously as a business man.

He wondered why he had to be the unlucky one who was caught with her all those years ago.  She willingly opened her legs for anyone with a hard on but as luck would have it he had to be the one that her parents caught her with. According to the code of honor anyone who deflowered a young maiden was bound to make her an honest woman out of her.  An honest woman of Dahlia, now that was a laugh as her virginity was long gone by the time he banged her. In the end her reputation didn't matter as the elders enforced the laws at her parents request, and like it or not he had no choice but to marry the whore.

Divorce was not possible as he respected the fae laws more than the judicial ones. Loopholes and shyster lawyers might work in a court of law but not with the fae court or the elders.  He was stuck with Dahlia until death do they part and that is when he knew exactly what to do.  They were indeed going to part and death would be the reason, her death.

He picked up the phone and called a couple of his goons and gave them strict orders. He needed to send a message that no one including his wife crossed him so the news of her death needed to be very public.  He ordered them to kill her and leave her body where it would make the most headlines, Aurora Skies. Her werewolf daughter and that vampire cop were still looking for Dahlia on a number of charges including the attempted murder of a Landgraab heir. Anything that involved the Landgraab family always made headlines so he knew this would.

Pip walked over and picked up his daughter, from now on it was only going to be the two of them.  He finally had a child that he could call his own as the two bit con artist who sired her didn't know of her existence and most likely didn't care. His wife was the only other person who knew the truth and she was going to be silenced forever.

Back to Hidden Springs:

The vacation time was drawing to an end by the newlyweds were still enjoying every single minute of their special time together.  Chrissie did want to visit with her cousin one more time before they left and she asked her husband if he minded.  Of course Mickey agreed as he wouldn't refuse her anything.  She called her cousin who was more than happy for the company as Chelsea's husband had to attend a witches council meeting.

However when they arrived at Chelsea's house there was a change of plans.  An emergency meeting of the genie's guild had just been called and one that was mandatory for her to attend.  She was about to call for a sitter when Mickey and Chrissie arrived.

Chrissie: There is no need to call a sitter we don't mind staying with the baby.

Chelsea: This is your honeymoon and you shouldn't be babysitting.  Don't you have more "exciting" things to do?  That is what we did on our honeymoon and it isn't over yet.

Chrissie:  I don't mind really in fact I think I would enjoy it.  We are both teachers and we love to spend time with children.

Chelsea: If you are sure you want to than I won't call the sitter.  She's in the nursery and it’s almost time for her to fall out for the night.  The bottles are in the fridge and the diapers by the changing table.  I shouldn't be long and Neal will be home soon.  If you have any trouble just.....

Chrissie: Relax I got it covered, just go to your meeting.  We will be fine here.

Chrissie and Mickey walked into the nursery and seen the cutest little genie playing with her toys.  She had chubby cheeks and a giggle that just made you feel happier the more you heard it.  

Chrissie picked her up to start playing with her just to hear that little laugh again. Mickey watched his wife and noticed she how much she loved taking care of this child and how everything just came to her naturally.

Mickey: You are really good with her.

Chrissie:  She is adorable and you know how much I love kids.  I want to ask you something love.

Mickey: Let me guess beautiful, you don't want to wait to have one of our own anymore.  This little sweetheart has convinced you of that.

Chrissie:  You always know what is on my mind.  So what do you say let's try for one now?  My parents house is big enough and we will be living in our own soon enough. Money is also not an issue either.  Would you please give it some consideration?

Mickey: We wanted a family and I do not see a reason why we should wait. I bet she will be pretty and look just like her Mom.

Chrissie: The baby could be a he who looks as handsome as his father.

Mickey:  I say we start trying right away and find out which one of us is right.

Chrissie: You know Mister we might have to try many times before we get pregnant.

Mickey: This idea is sounding better and better the more we talk about it.

Back in Aurora Skies:

A call came into the station house about a gruesome discovery, the body of a women was found and it was evident that she was beaten to death.  Sandi and Caleb were dispatched to investigate the crime scene. As soon as they arrived they both recognized the victim immediately.  It was Dahlia Goodfellow, Sandi's biological mother.

For over two years they had a warrant for Dahlia's arrest for the attempted murder of Chrissie Seaworth among other charges.  They wanted to find her alive in hopes that she would be able to give them some information on the whereabouts of Dimitri Bautista but now that would not be possible.  Dimitri and her husband Pip were already at the top of the list of suspects.

Sandi did have to take a minute as she had mixed emotions.  From the day she found out that Dahlia was her biological mother she never liked her or wanted anything to do with her. Dahlia tried to kill her Granddaughter on two occasions, and Sandi had every reason possible to hate this woman.  Yet there was something about this that made this case personal as Dahlia was the woman who gave birth to her. She was never going to mourn her, but Sandi felt as she had to do something.  Sandi decided to work on this case herself to find the murderer of the woman who gave her the gift of life.

As soon as the couple arrived home from their honeymoon they did indeed try for a baby.  They tried and tried again and each and every month it was the same test results, negative.  Chrissie  became more and more depressed with each negative result.

They had been married for four months now and they really weren't trying long and she knew that she shouldn't get depressed so easily.  She couldn't help it though as all she truly wanted was to start a family with the man she loved.  Mickey did his best to keep her spirits up as he knew it would happen she just needed to be patient.

And than one morning she took the test and screamed at the top of her lungs for her husband to come into the room.  

Chrissie: Mickey its blue!  The strip is blue!  I'm sooooo pregnant!

Mickey rushes in picks her up into his arms and twirls her around as they kiss.  In just a few months they were going to pass on the gift of life to their child and the two couldn't have been more happier.

They spent the rest of the day making plans and choosing names for the new addition to their family. Morgan for a girl and Bae for a boy.

To be continued........

Authors Notes:  I do have better pictures of the two babies to share with everyone. This is a better picture of Tennille.

As you can see she looks like Dimitri.

And this is a better picture of Chelsea and Neal's daughter Catalina.

One more baby picture to share, Nick and Starr had another who will probably not be mentioned in the story.  His name is Frisco.