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Chapter 77-Isla Paradiso

Moving from one house to another is always difficult but uprooting your life to move to half way across the world is a totally different story. There were so many details to that needed to be taken care of in a short period of time. They had to find a new house one that was preferable close to the beach, buy all new furniture, find new jobs, adjust to a new time zone and adapt to a new climate.

Chrissie found out that she did enjoy the warmer weather but being a vampire she was not used to all the sunshine. Mickey grew up in Isla Paradiso so he was used to the sunshine but that was before he became a vampire. Luckily for both of them Grandma Holly made sure to send plenty of that special sunscreen to them on a regular basis. 

The couple did find a house that was walking distance to the beach but far away enough to keep two vampires in the shade. Luckily they fell in love with it as soon as they seen it and immediately put a down payment on it. Chrissie didn’t care about the price as money was never a problem for her. All that she cared about is that this house was perfect for her little family so that was all that mattered. 

Chrissie did appreciate the opportunity to get to know her in-laws better as she had only met them briefly at the wedding. Mickey's parents visited often to spoil their new grandson and Chrissie soon became good friends with both of Mickey's sisters Rose and Donna.

Mickey’s family did welcome Chrissie with open arms which made the situation easier for her as she was missing her own family. She made sure to call her parents every day as well as her sister Taylor.

Taylor and Chrissie had always been very close and they hated to be separated. As luck would have it the separation didn’t last very long at all. Taylor’s boyfriend Heath was reassigned by the FBI and needed to relocate to Isla Paradiso. Taylor who was very much in love with Heath even though they weren’t married yet decided to make the move with him. The two never wanted to be separated but Heath was a werewolf and unable for Taylor to turn. Grandma Holly stepped in again to help her granddaughter and she brewed a potion which would allow Taylor to turn Heath into a vampire.

Grandma Holly may have not been born a witch but she seemed to be getting the hang of this quickly. Whenever her grandchildren needed something she always knew the right spell or potion that would help. It was no surprise to everyone when she was elected as the new president of the witch’s council a position she would remain in for a very long time.

The disadvantages of distance between Chrissie and her family became more apparent when tragedy struck her cousin Matt. She wanted so much to offer her condolences to him in person but she knew she wouldn’t be able to fly out there in time to attend his wife’s funeral. All she could do was send some flowers and write her cousin a letter telling him how sorry she was for his loss. She knew that this would be the first of many times that she wished she didn’t live so far away but she would never regret her decision to move.

Mickey applied to the Accolades Institute of Learning and was accepted immediately. He started his job at the beginning of the next school year so he had time to help with getting settled into the new home.

Chrissie was accepted to work there also but she decided to take a couple of years off as she wanted to spend as much time with Bae as she possibly could. He did have a clean bill of health but she still couldn’t relax after the few health scares he had. If the truth be told she wanted to be there to watch him take his first step and speak his first word. In a way she was still teaching but her class was limited to one very special student. She always knew she would go back to teaching but she decided to return to work when Bae was old enough to attend school himself.

In the meantime Chrissie decided she couldn’t let Uncle Ronny’s legacy die so her and Mickey opened an afterschool program in Isla Paradiso just like the one in Aurora Skies.

When Bae turned 5 years old Chrissie returned to work as a teacher and she knew it was time for her to play her part in the mission. She opened an afterschool ecology club for students who were interested and she taught energy conservation to all of her students.

Meanwhile back in Aurora Skies:

Pip sat at his desk trying to figure out how to handle his latest problem. He was losing territories left and right and only had half of what he started out with. He tried to send messages to the other families that he was not to be messed with but obviously he was still considered to be the joke of the Fae mafia. If Denny was here he would know exactly what to do but he wasn’t so Pip was on his own.

Pip needed to regain control of the Moonlight Falls territory so he called a meeting with his lieutenants. He told them that he intentions even if it meant that had to go to the mattresses. A mob war was something that should be avoided at all cost but Pip seen no other way out. The last war in Riverview was extremely bloody but Pip came out of it as a respected soldier who was able to take a cop down who got in the way. He still owned the gun that he used that day as it was his prized possession. It was locked in his top desk drawer and he showed it off often and meeting such as this.

No one ever gave Pip the respect that he felt he deserved. Even now that he was in charge of Denny’s empire he still had to prove himself to everyone including his own family. At every single meeting he had to remind everyone that absolutely no one crossed him and lived to tell the tale. Not even his wife was able to do that.  If he was going to regain control of Moonlight Falls he knew that he had to be very careful of the people he trusted however Pip did make a mistake.....

as the walls did have little ears.

10 years later in Isla Paradiso:

Being a merman Bae was drawn to the beach and spent as much time there as possible. He enjoyed the sunny days and hearing the sound of the waves as they washed in on the shore. He enjoyed swimming in the ocean as he felt at home in the water. Everything about the ocean fascinated him and he had already made plans to study oceanography at university.

He often ran into another boy who was on the beach as much as he was. His name was Cassidy and he was two years ahead of Bae in school. He had the same love of the ocean as Bae did but Cassidy wasn’t a merman he was a human. The two boys became best friends and did almost everything together especially spending hour and hours on the beach.

Cassidy’s dream was a little different than Bae’s as he wanted to study meteorology along with oceanography. The navy did offer jobs where both oceanographers and meteorologist worked hand in hand together. The two boys planned that some day they would both join the navy and they would live out their dreams. Being older Cassidy left for university first and in two years Bae would join him.

To be continued…..

Authors Note-I would like to thank Mischief the Kitten for the Anders and Hawk Seaworth.  Use this link to read her awesome stories.

The afterschool center pictured is The Bright Beginnings Daycare which can be downloaded off the exchange.

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