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Chapter 82: Get Your Motor Runnin'

**********Disclaimer-Sexual themes are used in this chapter.**********  

The volume of the radio was blasting yet the sound of Bae's off key singing could be heard along with those iconic guitar riffs that Steppenwolf made famous so long ago. Bae was feeling independent, adventurous and ready to take on the world head on. The message in the music just added some more enthusiasm to the first day of his new life. He sang the chorus even louder while he was grateful that no one else could hear him.

Grandpa Wolfie made this mix made specifically for Bae's road trip to university and when it came to music Grandpa was the expert. His Grandfather also arranged for him to look at the fraternity on his first night. Wolfie was a member of that fraternity and was rumored to be quite the party animal in his day. A party was scheduled at the fraternity tonight and Bae was one of the few freshmen who was fortunate enough to receive an invitation. He was sure they wanted him to join but living at the fraternity was completely out of the question.  Bae's main objective was to study oceanography and he was sure that fraternity life would interfere with that.  Everything about the ocean and sea life always fascinated him and he was eager to learn as much as possible.  He did think that he should attend a party or two. All work and no play would make Bae a dull boy and he certainly didn't consider himself dull.   He was hoping he could convince his best friend Cassidy to go with him to the party but that seemed unlikely now.

When Bae first met Cassidy they both had the same hopes and dreams. They made specific plans together for the future.  Bae was the type to plan everything out and disliked anything or anyone who rocked the boat.  Cassidy would be attending university first so he would find a place for them to live while studying.  After university they were both going to join the navy to work as oceanographers.  A monkey wrench was thrown into that plan when Cassidy met this Javiera bitch. She even wormed her way into living in their apartment. Cass was even supposed to be on this road trip with Bae as carpooling was more energy efficient, but Cass suddenly had to leave two weeks earlier because Javiera was already there.  Bae understood why Cass wanted her around she had a great ass and a nice rack.  Who wouldn't want a girl who looked like that?   The problem was that Cass claims that he loves her and now he wants to marry her. How could Cass travel and explore the world with a ball and chain hanging off of his foot?  She changed everything. This was something Bae could and would never understand.  Sadly he had no choice but to tolerate her for Cassidy's sake.  Like it or not, she was a part of their lives.

As the song changed, Bae started to think about the recent past instead of the future. Last summer seemed to take forever as he was anxious to get out on his own, but for his parents it was another story. Every time Bae mentioned university with so much enthusiasm, he couldn’t help but noticed the bittersweet looks on his parent’s faces. They were indeed happy and proud that they prepared their son to start his own journey in life however the reality of letting go was beginning to set in. Chrissie and Mickey did want to help him get settled in but Bae convinced him that it was better they didn’t. They had his baby sister Morgan to take care of and of course all the work for them to move back to Aurora Skies. Chrissie was going through the morning sickness phase of her third pregnancy at the time so they didn't press the issue.

Bae’s girlfriend Shanta also had those same bittersweet looks on her face that his parent had all summer long when he drove her home the night before. They were attending different universities so they were not going to see each other for a while. She wanted to be a nurse so she decided to attend Académie Le Tour in Veronaville which had a better nursing program than Sim State University. Bae promised to call often and visit her on a break which was a promise he intended to keep. Due to the distance between the two universities those visits had to be overnight visits. He had special plans for the sleeping arrangements now that their relationship had moved up to a new level.

The day before Bae promised to spend the entire day with her on his little island. He picked up a radio, packed a lunch and was able to sneak out a 6 pack without his parents knowing.  His father was always warning him to stay away from any kind of booze.  Mermen had a low tolerance for the affects of alcohol and it tended to dehydrate their scales faster.  Bae figured what was the harm a couple of beers could be especially while he was on the island surrounded by salt water.

He wanted to remember everything about this day as he knew he would miss the smell of the salt air and sound of the waves as the floated onto the shore. He certainly was going to miss this place for sure as he wouldn’t see it until next summer. His breaks during the year would be spent with Shanta or visiting his parents in Aurora Skies

She wore this bikini on purpose. It was Bae's favorite and she knew the effect it had on him. His eyes were never off her whenever she wore it and she noticed the areas they always went to.  She really didn’t have to encourage him that much as she already felt his erect motivation when he pulled her close to him.  That motivation was always there whenever they were they were alone but when she pulled away from his advances he didn’t pursue.

Today everything was going to be different and she wasn’t going to pull away. She was ready to give her body and her love to him.  At least she thought she was ready.  She had to be ready. The Sim State university girls would tempt him and they would be more than willing to ease some of that tension for him. This is something she was certain of. She knew she had a very attractive boyfriend who also came from a wealthy family. Bae was definitely a catch and she knew someone would try to reel him in while she wasn't around. It wasn’t as if she didn’t love him or she didn’t want him to be the first. She just knew she had to give him a reason to stay interested in her and it had to be now.

The question in Bae's mind was, why did she have to wear this bathing suit today?  This sexy bikini was always pure torture for him.  All of her bikinis were torture for him.  Considering the limitations she set, he was already planning to spend some time in the water before going home.

He did respect her limitations but that didn't stop his hands from wandering while they were making out.  He was eighteen and had the normal needs most male eighteen year old would have. As his hands started to venture near new and forbidden areas he waited for her shoo his hand away.  It didn't happen.  This encouraged him to go a little further so he slipped his hand under her top. She still didn't stop him.  He caressed her breast and he heard a soft moan of pleasure from her lips when he played with her nipple. Not only was she not pushing him away she seemed to be enjoying it as much as he was.  Could she be ready?  Or did she find a new way to torture him? 

He moved his hands behind her neck so that he could start untying her top but he stopped before he did. He was already at the point of no return but seeing her boobs and then having to.....  He didn't want to think about it but he had to find out if she did indeed wanted to take this step with him.

“This is ok? Are you sure?” Bae whispered in her ears.

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life,” Shanta answered. “I love you, Bae and I’m ready.”

I’m ready were two words Bae was waiting to hear from her for a very long time. He continued to untie her top and he removed it. They made out a little more before he made a woman out of her right there on Bae's very own island paradise.  This was the girl who never let him pass second base but today of all days; she decided let him go all the way home. It might have been a little late in the game for Bae's liking but he was up for extra innings.

He drove her home around midnight and then they had to say their goodbyes to each other.

“I already miss you,” Shanta said with a tears in her eye.

“I’m going to miss you too.” Bae said “but don’t look so sad. We will make this work.”

“I can’t help it. I love you and I won’t be seeing you for a while.” She said.

“I’ll call you tomorrow my little pearl.” That was his special name for her and she always blushed when he called her that. “I’ll come to see you before you know it.” He whispered in her ears and he kissed her goodnight.

Never once did it dawn on him that she professed her love for him quite a few times that day. Bae was quite attached to her but love? No, he wasn’t there yet. Sailing, exploring and adventure were his future plans and were the only things on his mind besides sex.  Love was something that would come later, much later.  If at all.

The next morning the car was loaded and Bae said goodbye to his parents and to his baby sister.  He wanted to hold her but she was a bit fussy that morning.  It was almost as if she sensed that her big brother was leaving that day.  Bae just gave her a kiss on the forehead and waited for her to drift off to sleep.  He was going to miss her but pretty soon there would be another baby in the house for her to play with.

He went to look at his room one last time as his parents would be moving in less than one month. He grew too old for his old boat bed a long time ago but refused to give it up.  He loved his room exactly the way it was and his parents planned to set it all up in his bedroom in Aurora Springs. They knew he would never move there but they wanted him to know there would always be a room for him in their house.  Arrangements had already been made for him to own his own houseboat in Isla Paradiso.  His paternal Grandparents were acting as caregivers while he was away at school. 

Chrissie wanted to cry as her little boy drove away and eventually she couldn't hold back the tears.  The years seemed to go too fast for her and she wished he was still her little boy. Mickey held her hand and stood right beside her as he always knew how to calm her nerves when she needed it the most. It was a very emotional day for both of them and they were both proud of their son.

Bae promised he would drive carefully and he would put the top down when the sun became too strong. Being a vampire she was never fond of the sun but she was worried about Bae dehydrating. Bae didn’t listen to them as he wanted to exert his freedom and driving fast with the top down did look cool. Besides he knew enough to take a dip into any lake or beach that he passed by as he didn’t like the feeling of his scales becoming chapped and flaky. He also knew not to speed too much as he didn’t want to scratch up the car.

Just as soon as he heard Clapton on the guitar, Bae arrived at his destination. This always seem to happen, his road trips always ended as one of his favorite songs started playing. He honked on the horn and called out for Cass while keeping the volume blasting. There was absolutely no way that Cassidy or the whole neighborhood didn’t know that Bae had arrived but he continued to call out to his friend.

When Bae turned around a gorgeous blonde who was passing by caught his eye. She noticed the looks he was giving her and she walked up to introduce herself while the music played on.

“Hi, I’m Layla” she said in a seductive tone while giving him a come-hither look, “I see your playing my song”

Bae just took one look at this hot co-ed standing in front of him and he knew he was going to enjoy the next four years.

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Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018

The Wood/Landgraab family will be back tomorrow to continue their story and their mission.  Meanwhile the current cast would like to take this moment to observe Earth Day with some words of wisdom on the environment.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”-Native American Proverb

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”-Rachel Carson

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”-Lady Bird Johnson

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.”-Thomas Fuller

“Be the change you wish to see in this world.”-Gandhi

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”-Benjamin Franklin

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Sunshine Blogger Award

I'm very proud and happy to announce that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  To view the nomination please click on this link:

"The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community."

There are rules for this award which I will post below:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  • Notify the bloggers you include.
  • Keep the rules in your post.

I would like to thank AdamEve1231 from the bottom of my heart for this honor and for allowing me to join the Willingly Writing Reading Circle last August.  Everyone is very friendly and I have been reading such wonderful stories told in very different styles.   All the stories might be different but one thing they all share is that they are creative and inspiring. 

1. What keeps you going as you write SimLit?  

There are a few things that keep me going but the main thing that keeps me going is I love the Wood/Landgraab family.  I enjoy watching this family flourish and grow.  I'm writing generation 7 but I already have the story figured out to generation 10 and I can't wait to meet these futures heirs.  I have had technical problems a couple of times but I always make sure I have a way to rebuild this family if I need to.   I rebuilt the family about 3 times already and I would again.  Which reminds me, its about time to back up the save files again.

2. Of all the worlds in all the Sims games, which world could you see yourself actually living in (i.e. either because it’s similar to your own hometown or it’s a place you’ve always wanted to live)?

Anyone that knows me knows that once September hits I'm already starting to dread winter.  I hate the winter and I can't count how many times I said "I'm moving to Arizona" especially when a snowstorm is hitting.  I guess any place like Isla Paradiso, Starlight Shores, or Lucky Palms which are supposed to be in the type of climate that shouldn't have winter.  Right now my story is based in Isla Paradiso and I have it set for no snow and I have just a three day winter set.  The season of winter does hit these climates its just that it is not as harsh as the North East.

3. If you could ask any one of my characters (or my Simself) any question, what would you ask? (and if you don’t follow/read my stories, you may replace with another character of your own).

Hopefully I'm not asking something that has already been answered and I just haven't got to it yet. 

Kass seems to have grown up quickly with taking care of her father and his illness.  Due to circumstances she has had to take off more than a summer (at least it seems like more than a summer) and take him to Mexico.  Is this just a temporary set back for her own dreams and will she eventually go to school to start her own life?

4. What’s on your desk (or your immediate writing area) right now?

Is it too late to clean it off?  I guess it is.  LOL. 

  • All of my drugs (Tylenol, Motrin, Prilosec and Pepto Bismal Chewable)
  • 2 bottles of Poland Springs (One full the other half full)
  • Mocha Latte from Dunkin Donuts
  • Box of Tissues
  • Calculator
  • 2 Flash Drives
  • A receipt from Boston Market with a coupon I want to save
  • 2 Pens
  • Eyeglass cleaner with cloth
  • Screen Cleaner for Monitor
  • My Kindle
  • Small Scissors
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Ponytail Holders
  • Bobby Pins
  • Note Pads and Index Cards
  • Keyboard
  • Speakers
  • Mouse and Mouse Pad
  • Monitor
  • Cell Phone with Charger
  • Desk Lamp

5. How do you go about character development, and what part does the game play?

A Race Against Time is the first sim story I decided to write and I have to be honest at first I didn't develop the character too much and basically I was strictly going on the traits.  I would roll for random traits and I would write the character based on those but some traits never showed up.  2nd generation heir Rose has Equestrian as one of her traits and yet I never was really concerned.  Third generation Wolfie rolled rebellious, commitment issues and he is a werewolf.  Since wolf is another term for a womanizer he became a womanizer.  Things started to change later on, 5th generation Starr was supposed to have a completely different story until she randomly rolled the Party Animal Trait.  I used that trait along with an idea of how I wanted her to be and changed the story completely.  Now the traits are dependent completely on the story and they reflect the personality I want the character to have.  If I had been doing this when writing the character of Dylan I would have made him a supernatural skeptic as he is a very powerful warlock who rejects his powers.  He only uses them when asked or his back is against the wall.  On top of it all he has not one clue to what he is doing so even he is surprised at the results.  Recently I have even been influencing genders and life states to coincide with the story I have in mind.

6. How would you describe yourself as a reader?

Basically I'm going to say that I am a slow reader mostly because when I like a story I like to take the time to enjoy it fully.  I like romance and dramas mostly I guess you can say I'm into Chick Lit.  Shouldn't surprise anyone as I have been watching the daytime dramas since 1978 and this reflects into the type of books I will choose.  I would have to say that my absolute favorites are when topics from the headlines and dealt with in the stories.  It makes them more interesting to me.

7. If you could change one thing about your writing, what would it be and why?

I'm afraid the answer to this question could be a book in itself. LOL!  When I review the story from the beginning those first generations make me want to cringe.  I do wish I could start the whole story over but I don't because that is what I wrote at the time.  One big opportunity I missed was in the second generation with Rose.  Everyone in town knew she was looking for a rich husband's yet I didn't have Chris' sisters objecting to the marriage.  If I were writing it now that is how the story would be written.  

I wish I could write descriptions better and dialogue better.  This is something I'm trying to work on.  

8. What is your overarching goal as a SimLit writer or what are you trying to achieve?

I basically want to see how far I can take this story and my main objective is to improve my writing skills.

9. Who is one of your favorite SimLit characters and why?

This question is impossible for me to answer with one character.  I read many Sim Lit stories and each and everyone of them has a character or characters I like.  Its too hard to pick just one so I'm not going to as all of you know which characters of yours that I love.

10. Which of your own SimLit characters is a personal favorite of yours?

This is another impossible question to answer.  My sims are like my babies and how can I choose a favorite.  Its like asking to choose a favorite with your kids, you can't do it.  Ok maybe I'm not a good example of this because I only have one kid but I couldn't pick a favorite among my nieces and nephews.  I love each one of them equally.

11. If you (or your Simself) could spend a day in another SimLit writer’s story, what story would that be and why?

I would consider myself lucky to be living in anyone else's story but it would have to be a Sims 3 story.  One of the things I consider to be the best advantage of living life as a sim would be the fact that I could eat almost anything and not gain weight.  There is counting calories in Sims 4!  

Ok seriously now it would be an honor to spend a day with characters I have grown to love as much as my own.  Again I can't choose just one as there would be reasons for each and everyone of them.

My Nominees:

Please remember that I am nominating all the stories that I love here.  If you are not able to make the blog post or you have already been nominated and posted this before, please do not feel obligated to post.   I just want to mention all of the stories that I have grown to love and stories who also need their day in the sun.

1. @Jazen  For "As Life Goes By" and "Kiss of a Vampire"
2.@Vuneca for "Iron Man Going Solo"
3.@AdamEve1231 for "Kassopeia Fullbright Series"
4.@Friendsfan367 for "The Benders"
5.@Simcraft81 for "O raj's Journal" and for your wonderful videos on youtube
6.@Illusie for "Drifter Challenge:The Keller Family"
7.@Carlimact for "Simlings"
8.@Shafer249 for "Sims 3 Stories"
9.@Mischief the Kitten for "Whispers in the Wind"
10.@Eliroc for "Elvira Slayer: The True Story"
11.@Newtothesims for "Solace of Elysium"

My Questions for Nominees:

Again I would like to remind everyone that they are under no obligation to answer.

1.  What inspired you to start writing your current story?
2.  What genre do you tend to read or write about the most?
3.  What book is your most loved favorite of all time that you can re read over again?
4.  Was there ever an event in game that changed your entire story?
5.  Do you have a personal sim game that you play just for fun that is not part of any story?  If so how often do you play them?
6.  With your Sim Lit or Sim characters do you often use naming themes?
7.  If you are playing a legacy how do you choose your heir?
8.  Has there ever been an event in your story that made you smile when writing about it or a sad event that brought you to tears when writing it?
9.  What are your feelings about getting constructive criticism on your story?
10.  Do you have a favorite author who you consider your role model for writing your story?
11.  How do you handle writing blocks?

I want to thank AdamEve again for the nomination and I would like to thank all my fellow Sim Lit authors.

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Chapter 81-Nice Guys Finish Last

“Go home Sandi,” Caleb told his sister-in-law, “I can handle this from here.” The two had been working on solving the Dahlia Goodfellow murder case for many years now and Caleb knew that Sandi was way past retirement age. Dahlia was Sandi’s birth mother and even though they didn’t have a loving relationship, Sandi felt she owed it to Dahlia to see justice served for her brutal murder. Now that Pip had been arrested for the crime, it was time for her to retire. Her age was beginning to show and she owed it to herself to spend her golden years with her husband.

“Not until I see the final nail hammered into Pip’s coffin,” Sandi said. Sandi was a good detective and very thorough with her work. When she on a case she was like a dog with a bone as she wouldn’t give up until the case was solved. Caleb was really going to miss having her for a partner. Sandi was more than just a partner or a sister-in-law to him in fact he had come think of her as his real sister. “I want to see when that ballistic report comes back on the gun” she said. “This is my last case and I want to see it through to the end.

Caleb knew that it was pointless to argue with her as she was stubborn as the day was long but yet he had to give it a try. “You and my brother lost so many years together due to the Goodfellows don’t let them take anymore” Caleb said. His brother Dylan was missing for 12 years and the Goodfellow family were responsible for his kidnapping. Nothing could ever make up for those missing years but Caleb didn’t want these two wasting one more precious second together. “With the gun, the testimony of Tennille and Pip's own henchman he is going away for a good long time,” Caleb said, “It’s an open and shut case he will not wiggle his way out of this one.”

“I already put in my retirement papers but I want to wait for that final ballistic report to come in. I don’t know why but my sixth sense is telling me that I need to be here when it does.” Sandi said. Caleb knew that it was pointless to argue with a werewolf's sixth sense.

“It should be here any minute now and as soon as it comes in you are out of here.” Caleb said.

“I promise the minute I finishing reading that report I will leave this place for good,” Sandi assured him.

“If you don’t I will throw you out of here myself, bodily if I have to,” he said.

“No you won’t.” she said. “You are too much of a gentleman to throw an old lady out on her keister,” Sandi explained. “And I’m not just any old lady. I’m the old lady who taught you everything you know on the art of sim fu so you won’t be able to.  HI-YAH!” Sandi said as they both laughed.

A few minutes later there was a beep on Sandi’s computer that served as an alert to when he received a message. The message was from forensics with the ballistic report.

“If that is it,” Caleb said, “Start clearing off your desk, Detective. And that is an order.”

“Bossy today aren’t you?” Sandi answered back with a laugh.

Caleb walked around the desk and stood behind Sandi.   He looked over her shoulder to read the message as he was as anxious to read it as she was.

Now Sandi knew why her sixth sense told her to stay as neither one of them ever expected to read those words on the report.  Many years back Caleb told Sandi the story of how he was abandoned. This was a tale that was not shared with many people at all in fact Sandi was sure only her, her husband Dylan, and Caleb’s wife Hope knew of it. At the age of 5 in Riverview, Caleb’s mother brought him to a mall and told him to wait for her but she never returned. Caleb was found by a police officer named Trevor Wilcox who brought him to the group home that he met Dylan in. The officer took a special interest in Caleb and would visit him often. One day the visits stopped and Caleb learned it was because Officer Wilcox was killed in the line of duty while working a mob war. That was Caleb’s main motivation to become a police officer to stop the families involved in that mob war and to continue the good work that Trevor had started. We had already stopped one of them but now it appears that we are going to stop them both. Caleb never dreamed he would ever find the actual gunman who murdered his mentor and she could only imagine the thoughts going through his mind.

Caleb stood up and slammed his fist on his desk and shouted, “I’ll kill that fucking son of a bitch!” He stormed out of the room as he slammed the door. Sandi was alarmed as she never seen her brother-in-law act this way. No matter what situation he was in he always kept his cool and handled the situation without letting his emotions get in the way. Even when force was needed to be used Caleb always knew how much to use and when it was absolutely needed. That is what made him a natural at his job.

Sandi started to run after Caleb when she realized this was a situation she couldn’t handle alone. She picked up her cell phone and hit the speed dial for Dylan. She told him to hurry up down to the station and to bring Hope with him. She made sure to tell him that everyone was physically fine but that there was an emergency that she needed their help with.

Caleb locked himself in the interrogation room as really just needed a little while to absorb it all and most of all calm down. Pip was denied bail and was transferred to Simcatraz to await his trial. Luckily for Pip he was far out of Caleb’s reach when the rage hit as even Caleb didn’t trust his self control at that moment. For years he had wanted to get justice for his mentor’s death and ironically that gunman had been right under his nose all the time. Pip was never going to see the light of day with all the evidence they had against him for sure. How could he have not seen this one coming at all had him second guessing himself and his ability at his career?

Sandi sniffed around the station for Caleb until she was finally able to figure out which room Caleb was in. The door was locked so she knocked several times but all Caleb said was that he needed to be alone. Caleb was the type who knew how to take care of others during their time of need but found it difficult to accept help when he needed it. Dylan and Hope soon arrived Sandi filled them in on the recent events. Dylan decided to knock on the door and try to talk to his brother.

“Bro open the door let’s talk about this” Dylan shouted to the closed door.

“I should have guessed that Sandi would call you right away,” Caleb said.

“Sandi is worried about you as am I,” Dylan said. “Hope is here too and she is also worried. Why don’t you open the door and come home with us?” Caleb didn’t answer his brother at all. “Bro you know how much I hate to use magic but I will.”

“I just need some time by myself” Caleb yelled back.

“No that is not what you need. You need the love and support of your family, “Hope yelled back. “Come on hun just open the door for us.”

“Stand back” Dylan said to the women. Dylan rarely used magic but his undeveloped powers never failed him when he needed them the most.

Tears to Fears, Fears to Tears

Cheers to Jeers,Jeers to Cheers

Now we know Four is the score,

 All we need is to Open that door!

Sparks flew from Dylan’s wand towards the door. He walked up to the door and turned the knob. The door opened without any problem. Yep he magic never failed him whenever he needed. As he stood there ready to walk into the room he knew this was not his job to do anymore. Dylan was old and wouldn’t be around much longer but Hope would always be there for Caleb. Dylan looked at Hope and stepped aside.  He held the door open as he motioned for her to walk in.

"I don't want to talk about it," Caleb said.

"We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to," Hope explained. "I just don't want you to be alone right now.  It's times like these that family sticks together to support each other.  You have done it for everyone in both of our families and now you need to know that we are here for you."

"Why?" Caleb asked.  "I don't deserve it.  I should have known all along that Pip was the one.  I can't even do my damn job correctly."

"And how could you have known that?" Hope asked.

"Isn't it obvious!" Caleb snapped back.

"You had no reason in the world to suspect that Pip was the one to kill who shot Trevor." Hope answered.

"Are you sure about that?" Caleb asked sarcastically.  "My brother doesn't even like to use his powers yet they work for him."

"Hold on there one minute.  Are you blaming the fact that you didn't use your powers?" Hope asked.  "Mind reading is a power that can be abused if not handled correctly.  It's so easy to cross that line between right and wrong with an ability like that.  That is why none of us use it and it's an invasion of privacy.  You said yourself that the only time you use that ability just a tiny bit is to determine when someone is lying to you while you are questioning them. "

"So instead I was a nice guy who respected Pip's right to privacy.  He was free all this time causing trouble for MY FAMILY when I should have put him in jail a long time ago. You know what they say about nice guys,"  Caleb said.

"Stop talking nonsense!  What happened to Trevor was tragic and you found his murderer no matter how long it took.  How many others would have just left the case dormant after a while? You seen it through until the end.  You are one of the best detectives on this force. You inspired your own son to follow in your footsteps and it wasn't because of your powers.   You solve your cases using your own brain and skills. All the supernatural powers in the world pale in comparison to your skills and knowledge." Hope explained.

"I don't feel like the best detective right now," Caleb said "I still feel as if I should have done more."

"I know this had to be difficult to learn so maybe you should take some time off until the shock wears off.  You do have some vacation time accrued so why don't we go to Roaring Heights to spend some time with our grandchildren?" Hope asked.

"Hey we could use a vacation and would like to see the kids too" Dylan said as he walked in with Sandi.

"Why not after that we head on over to Isla Paradiso," Sandi said "Chrissie just found out that she is having a baby girl and I'm sure we would all love to spend some time with Bae."

"This does sound like a great idea," Hope said "The four of us on a long vacation.  What do you say hun?"

Caleb thought about it for just a moment and he knew he wouldn't be able to do his job correctly with these feelings of doubt and anger inside of him.  He also could use a vacation since he would always be a workaholic.  Seeing all the kids would be good for him and he definitely wouldn't regret spending some extra time with his brother.

"OK you convinced me.  All of you are right.  I need some time away from here." Caleb said.

Caleb's vacation turned into a very long and much needed leave of absence.  He needed the time off for himself but it also was for family emergency reasons. Trevor had just turned Carissa and she wasn't handling the change well and she felt very ill.  She needed to rest and Trevor welcomed the extra help with the kids.

It was about time that they spent some quality time with the kids anyway.  Aiden was already a teenager and the two little ones Ava and Ashley were growing up faster than they could imagine.

The four of them decided to go to Isla Paradiso right after they received word that Chrissie just delivered a healthy baby girl who she named Morgan. Bae was already accepted at Sim State University in the fall and wanted to join the Navy as an oceanographer after he graduated.  He wouldn't be moving back in with his parents so they thought it best for Morgan and themselves to move back to Aurora Skies to stay out of the hot Isla Paradiso sun.  Bae did promise to visit his parents as often as possible while he was traveling.

They stayed until Bae graduated high school and they spent the summer there until Bae left for university.  While Chrissie & Mickey was busy packing Sandi and Hope fussed over the baby and two brothers spent the day relaxing. Thankfully they had a large supply of vampiric sunscreen that Holly made on hand.  It was decided that Chrissie and Mickey would move in with Sandi and Dylan as their house was already willed to them.

By the time they finally arrived home Caleb had cooled down and was ready to go back to work again.  The time off did him good and he realized that skill and knowledge is more important than supernatural powers could ever be. This was something his brother knew already and it was about time that he learned the same lesson.  Science was always Dylan's preferred source of magic.

Caleb sat at his desk waiting for his new partner to arrive.  He was already missing Sandi and he knew he would never find another partner like her.  It was ironic that those two became so close when they hated each other when they first met.  Now he didn't know how he would do this job without her.

Taylor's boyfriend Heath walked in and shook Caleb's hand.  Caleb noticed the difference in him right away as Taylor must have turned him.

"So what brings the FBI down here to our station?" Caleb asked.

"You mean formally of the FBI,"  Heath said.  "Taylor and I talked it over and we decided to move back to Aurora Skies.  That meant I needed to leave the FBI and I joined the Aurora Skies PD.  Meet your new partner."

Caleb did like Heath so he knew this would work out but he was still the new guy. "So partner,” Caleb said with a smile on his face as there was no way he would go easy on the new guy especially a new guy who was dating his niece. "Would you mind telling me when you are going to make an honest woman of my niece instead of just shacking up with her?"

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Author's Message

I know that I haven't updated this story in quite a while but it has not been abandoned.  Right now a situation has come up with my job which has taken up most of my free time.  Starting in April I will have more spare time on my hands than I know what to do with as I will be taken that month off to relax and recuperate from the ordeal which has taken over my life.  A Race Against Time will be returning in April as I am looking forward to writing the story again.  I do apologize for the long absence.

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Chapter 80-I've Just Seen Paradise

The sun was rising and Bae didn’t get one wink of sleep. He knew today was going to be difficult and there was only one thing that would allow him to think straight. He got dressed and left for the beach. His parents were still sleeping and he didn’t want to wake them so he left them a note. With him being a merman they understood he needed to be near or in the ocean water as much as possible. As long as he left word as to where he would be they were fine with him leaving early in the morning. He ran down the stairs, filled up Cheech’s bowl with food and out the door he went.

It was still early and the beach was quiet and deserted. Bae always found this time of the morning to be comforting at the beach because all he would hear was the sound of the waves as the softly hit the shore and the call of the seagulls made as they flew high above. The water was calm this morning and he jumped in for a morning swim. As the salt water hit his scales his legs they transformed into a tail and he was able to swim faster. He swam and he swam and before he knew it he was far deep into the ocean.

He used this time to think and he knew what he had to do today. His Dad was right he should have never broken a promise to Shanta and he knew that no matter what he needed to talk to her today. He wasn’t sure what words he would use but hopefully he would find the right ones to make it up to her. If only he could use Grandpa Emmett’s time portal to go back and change things he would. Grandpa Emmett would give him the speech about how the time portal was not to be used frivolously for our own purpose so that was out of the question. He really did like her and still wanted to see her so this was something he knew he had to do regardless of Cassidy being home for the weekend. At this point Cassidy visit didn’t mean the same to him anymore as he seemed to be joined at the hip to this Javiera witch.

Bae knew that he couldn’t put this off much longer so he swam in and planned to go straight to find Shanta. He started to swim back to the beach he seen that someone was there. As he got closer he knew exactly who it was. Cassidy was there and this time Javiera was not with him. He tail transformed back into legs and he walked out of the water and straight over to his best friend.

“I was looking for you and I had a feeling you would be here,” Cassidy said.

“How did you know I would be here?” Bae asked.

“This is where you always come when you have a problem. I seen you walk away last night and I could tell that something is wrong.” Cassidy said.

“I had a fight with Shanta last night.” Bae answered.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Do you want to talk about it?” Cassidy said.

“No, I’m going to try and fix that today.” Bae said. “Cas how long you been seeing this Javiera?”

“A few months now. We first bumped into each other in class and we started studying together and then we started dating.” Cassidy said.

“So it’s not that serious yet? I guess that is why you never mentioned her to me.” Bae said.

“No Bae it’s quite the opposite. It’s hard to explain because I never thought I would ever feel this way about a girl. The more I get to know her the more I want to be with her.” Cassidy said.

“Then why did you wait until now to tell me about her?” Bae asked. “I consider you to be more like a brother to me than a friend. In the past we always told each other everything but all of this just came out of the blue. I’m beginning to feel as if I don’t know you anymore.”

“I’m sorry for surprising you like this but I’m kind of surprised by all of this myself. One day I thought I had my whole life figured out the next I found this wonderful woman who changed everything. Now I can’t imagine a life without her in it.” Cassidy said.

“But if you just met her a few months ago. Don’t you think you think this is going too fast?” Bae asked.

“You just don’t understand. I think about her all the time and when I look in her eyes I feel like I've just seen paradise. I know you really haven’t had the time to get to know her but when you join us I’m sure you what a wonderful person she is.” Cassidy said.

“I guess we will see about that when I get there but right now I have to go find Shanta.” Bae said.

Meanwhile back in Aurora Skies:

Age was catching up to Sandi and everyone was suggesting that she retire and spend more time with her husband. They had so many years already stolen from them but wasn’t ready to retire from the police force yet. Sandi never liked to leave a job undone and she had one case that was personal so she had to solve it herself. Years ago her birth mother Dahlia Goodfellow was found beaten to death and even though Sandi never liked her she felt compelled to bring her killer to justice. The name on the top of the suspect list was Dahlia’s husband Pip but Sandi and Caleb were never able to get solid evidence on him for the murder or any of his other criminal activities. They knew he was the joke of the mob so it was only a matter of time before another family eliminated him one way or another.

A fairy named Claudio Morrera was brought in for selling firearms illegally and he was believed to be part of the Goodfellow crime family. He wouldn’t answer any of Sandi or Caleb’s questions until he met with his lawyer.

When his lawyer arrived he advised Claudio that another family was ready to take over Pip Goodfellow’s last territory Aurora Skies. This family was willing to give him protection to anyone who turned on Pip. If Pip was in jail for an indefinite period of time there was no way hold onto Aurora Skies as he was already having trouble. Claudio told his lawyer that he would be willing to cooperate if he could work out a deal with the police. Claudio happened to be one of the goons that carried out the order from Pip to kill his wife Dahlia so he had something to offer them.

Sandi and Caleb spoke with the DA and they were able to agree to a deal which would give Claudio a lighter sentence instead of immunity due to the fact that one of the crimes Claudio admitted to was murder. Claudio accepted the deal as this other family promised him protection in prison and a whole bunch of money after his release.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Pip Goodfellow and Sandi went as she wanted to be the one to cuff Pip and read him his rights. This man not only killed her biological mother but he was the one who abandoned her on a doorstep as a baby and led her twin brother into a life of crime. The idea of Denny’s life turning out differently if Pip didn’t raise him was always on Sandi’s mind and she always blamed Pip and Dahlia for keeping her twin brother away from her and her father.

While they were searching the house Tennille entered the house with her new husband Jared Newman. She hadn't visited for a while and she just came to pick up the last of her belongings before moving into her new home.  Even though they never met Sandi knew that this girl was her sister.

Tennille walked straight up to Caleb, “What is going on here?”

“I’m Detective Caleb McIntyre and we have a search warrant for this house. You are Pip’s daughter he is at the police station. You might want to call a lawyer for him” Caleb said.

“What has he been arrested for?” Tennille asked.

“The murder of our mother.” Sandi said. “Dahlia was my biological mother so we are sisters. The best advice I can give you now if you want to help your father is to get him a lawyer.”

“I don’t want to help my father,” Tennille said. “That man killed OUR mother. I overheard his conversations ever since I was a kid but he was all I had until I got married. I’ve read all the newspaper articles and I know what this family has done to yours. You have reasons to hate our mother and I respect them but I don’t. All I ever wanted was my mother to be in my life and I don’t even have any memories of her. I doubt anything I know would be anything more than hear say in a court of law but I would be willing to testify against my father if it would help. In fact I do have some information that will help you. You might want to check out that top drawer of the desk in his office. There is a gun in there that he always bragged about. He claimed to have killed a cop with that gun in Riverview. I’m not an expert in law but I believe there is no statute of limitations on murder.”

Caleb was listening and he immediately went to the desk in the office and found the gun and bagged it as evidence.

Sandi looked at this girl differently and she knew that she was an innocent in all of this.  Sandi suddenly remembered about Pip and Dahlia adopted daughter Fawn and how she testified against the Goodfellows in the custody case for Denny's children.  "Did Pip ever hurt or neglect you?"

“No not physically but I grew up without my mother.  He treated me well and always bragged about having a fairy daughter of his own,” Tennille said.

“I wish I would have known how you felt long before now. I would have reached out to you earlier. I may not be able to give you your mother back but I am your older sister,” Sandi said.

Back in Isla Paradiso:

Bae knew exactly where to find Shanta. If she wasn’t at the Sweet Water Pool taking in the sun she was at the cafe with some of her friends. Sure enough that is exactly where she was at the cafe. He was happy that she was there because that was a special place for them. The first time he asked out for a date was in the cafe and he asked her to go steady here also. He hoped that the sentimental memories of this place would work in his favor.

She was sitting by herself reading a book when he walked over.

“Babe, mind if I join you?” Bae asked.

“Don’t Babe Me!” Shanta said in a loud and angry tone. “What you are not with Cassidy today? Isn’t his visit more important than anything else?”

“No it isn’t,” Bae answered. “Please Shanta can we talk about all this?”

“What more is there to talk about? I know where I stand in your life and I have this selfish need to be important in my boyfriend’s life.” Shanta said.

“That is where you are wrong as you are important to me,” Bae explained. “I’m here today with you because I don’t want to lose you.”

“Maybe you should have thought about that before” Shanta said.

“You are right I should have thought about that before. I made a promise to you and I admit that I was 100% wrong for breaking it. When I see that look on your face last night I couldn’t believe that it was me that hurt you like that. If there was anything I could do to change that I would but I can’t. All I can do is apologize and hope that you can somehow forgive me.” Bae said.

“Cassidy is going back to school isn’t he? How do I know you won’t toss me aside again when he comes back?” Shanta asked.

Bae looked straight into her eyes and said, “I have always been honest with you about everything. I give you my word that I will never break another promise to you ever again.”

He did indeed sound sincere to her and it was hard for her to stay angry at him. She smiled at him and said, “I think I can give it another chance.”

Bae kissed her and asked, “It’s still early and we have the whole day free. What would you like to do?”

“Why don’t we just hang out at the pool for a while,” she answered.

They spent the rest of the day together and Bae felt as if he had a new appreciation for her. He really liked her and he already knew he would be asking her to the prom next year. As much as he knew that he liked Shanta he still didn’t get what Cassidy said earlier. All afternoon he tried to see that same amazement that Cassidy described when he looked into Shanta’s eyes but he didn’t. Bae decided just to let things be and enjoy the rest of the afternoon with his girl. Maybe he would see paradise in her eyes another day or at the prom.

After Bae took her home he went to the beach as it was a hot day and his scales were starting to bother him. The sun would be setting soon so he needed to get there right away. He turned and looked at the mighty deep blue water of the ocean with its shimmering waves and he felt as if he had just seen paradise.

Authors Note:  I would like to thank Pinksparkles3475 for Jared Newman.